A Comparative Analysis Of Studds And Its Competitors In The Last 5 Years

Riding a two-wheeler with a sturdy and advanced helmet becomes necessary for every rider. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration consistently creates a campaign to make people aware of using safety accessories like helmets while riding a two-wheeler. Today, you can see various people wearing Studds helmets and gear while riding. The company established itself as an industry leader in the Indian two-wheeler gear market and captured a large market share. 

Do you know who are the competitors of Studds Accessories Ltd and how they are performing? Whether it’s listing status or business operations, there is a difference which every investor must know between Studds and its competitors. This comparative analysis examines the Studds competitors’ performance in the last five years.

Details Of Studds And Its Competitors

Before we move to the comparative analysis of Studds Accessories, let’s look at its competitors. Investors planning to buy Studds unlisted shares should understand the company’s performance better than its peers. Here are the quick details of Studds and its competitors:

Studds Accessories Ltd

Studds Accessories Ltd. is the largest two-wheeler market gear manufacturer in the world, started in 1972. The company is headquartered in Faridabad and manufactures more than 7 million helmets every year. Studds Accessories is not listed on any stock exchanges in India and is considered a privately held company. 

Retail investors can only buy Studds accessories pre-IPO shares via online trading platforms in the grey market. The company is focused on increasing its market presence in the Indian two-wheeler helmet segment by expanding its manufacturing units.

MT Helmets

MT Helmets is a Spain-based helmet designer and manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. It is also one of the biggest competitors of Studds Accessories and offers certified helmets in an affordable price range. MT Helmets is not listed on the stock exchanges and allows investors to invest via its unlisted shares.

Axor Helmets

Axor Helmets is an Italy-based two-wheeler gear manufacturer that captures the market share in the global market. The company is known for its innovative and ride-safe helmets. Axor was founded back in 2015 and created a large customer base in India. It is an unlisted company with a diversified business model that helps it earn revenue while keeping the cash burn minimum.

LS2 Helmets

Another competitor of Studds Accessories Ltd is LS2 Helmets which is based in Barcelona and manufactures helmet and two-wheeler accessories like jackets, gloves, etc. The company has the third-largest market share in India. However, Studds Accessories keeps an eye on the fastest-growing Indian gear market before an IPO which gives LS2 a tough competition.


Tiivra is a home-grown brand founded in 2022 and is considered the prominent competitor of Studds Accessories due to its fastest-growing presence in the market. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and offers a wide range of helmets, gloves, arm sleeves, etc. 

Quick Comparison Of Studds & Its Competitors In The Last 5 Years

If we compare the performance of Studds with its competitors in the last 5 years, there is a difference in their revenue and other financial metrics. The total revenue of Studds Accessories increased over the last five years from Rs 3,972 crore to Rs 5,064 crore in the last financial year. However, its competitors’ total revenue was largely affected in FY 21-22 and dropped approximately 13% YoY.

Besides this, Studds Accessories managed a positive CAGR of 34% despite the economic slowdown due to the pandemic. However, its competitors, like Axor Helmets and Tiivra, reported a slow growth rate in FY20-21 and could not bounce back as expected. Other metrics in which Studds outperformed its peer competitors are EBITDA and EPS, in which it managed to keep it positive due to which Studds Accessories unlisted shares also performed well in the last 5 years.

During FY 19-23, Studds Accessories showed excellent business growth and increased its market share in India’s two-wheeler gear segment. The high Studds accessories share price is one of the reasons retail investors buy Studds pre-IPO shares. Today, Studds’ helmets and accessories are widely used by people, contributing to its business growth.

Invest In Studds Accessories Ltd With Stockify

Studds Accessories Ltd. performed well in the last five years compared to its competitors. Whether its operating revenue or business growth rate, Studds proved its dominance in the two-wheeler gear segment of India. It is the reason Studds Accessories share price consistently increased over the years. 

You can also buy unlisted shares of Studds by using Stockify. Here, you will be able to access the company’s financials and updated market data of Studds unlisted shares price. To start investing in Studds Accessories Ltd pre-IPO shares, contact us now!


1- Who Are The Top Competitors Of Studds Accessories Ltd?

Studds Accessories Ltd top competitors are Axor Helmets, MT Helmets, LS2 Helmets, and Tivra. 

2- Is Studds Accessories Ltd Listed On Any Stock Exchange Of India?

Studds is a private company not listed on any stock exchange yet. The company provides Studds unlisted shares for trading in the grey market. To get complete information about Studds shares, connect with our experts today!

3- What Is Studds Accessories Share Price In India?

As per the recent market data, Studds Accessories unlisted shares price in India is Rs 870 per equity share. It is updated based on the market conditions. You can check the updated Studds share price on Stockify.

4- What Was The Operating Revenue Of Studds Accessories Ltd In The Last Financial Year?

According to the financial statement released by Studds Accessories Ltd, the company’s operating revenue in FY 21-22 was between Rs 100-500 crore. To check the complete financial report, contact us today.

5- How Can I Buy Studds Pre-IPO Shares In India Online?

You can easily buy Studds unlisted shares online by using Stockify. We are the most trusted online unlisted shares trading platform that provides hassle-free trading facilities to retail investors.

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Studds Accessories Ltd competes with Axon Helmets, Tiivra, and more. Read the blog to get a comparative analysis of Studds with its top competitors.


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