IXIGO’s Possible Strategies To Raise New Funds Ahead Of Its IPO

Ixigo, India’s online travel aggregator, has been in the headlines for raising new funds before its IPO. Being the top technology company focusing on Indian travellers to plan, book, and manage their trips across rails, air, buses, and hotels, Ixigo has captured the attention of potential investors and new & existing shareholders with its new step – raising new funds prior to its IPO. 

In 2021, Ixigo filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) with SEBI for Rs. 1600 crore IPO. LE Travenues Technology, the parent company of Ixigo, will be raising fresh shares worth Rs. 750 crores. This news of Ixigo has made a splash in the grey market among investors as it is an excellent opportunity for them to invest in Ixigo unlisted shares and earn high ROI. Let’s discuss Ixigo’s possible strategies to raise new funds before its IPO. 

Ixigo’s Robust Strategies To Raise New Funds Before IPO 

Ixigo has successfully created a few strategies to implement to raise new funds from investors before its IPO. Some of the vital strategies used by the company are mentioned below: 

  • For Ixigo, the plan is to grow organically and inorganically. The company will enhance monetization from its current verticals and aims to add more ancillaries (support from people). In fact, the company plans to collaborate with services that will align its strategies. 
  • The company will also be looking at brands that will add more value to the company for its investment and acquisitions. 
  • Strategic partnerships with other companies in the travel industry to access new markets, customers, and revenue streams might be a part of their strategy. 
  • They may attract investments from private equity firms or venture capitalists who recognize the potential growth in the travel industry sector. The investments from these investors will help the company grow. 

Possible Reasons To Raise Funds 

During the Covid pandemic, the Indian travel industry witnessed an economic slump when the government restricted travel to curb the virus. Ixigo was also affected by this step and faced a major downfall in its business. As per Aloke Bajpai, Co-Founder, and Group CEO Ixigo, “Despite the demand dwindling because of the nationwide lockdown and unlock processes, the company was able to sustain itself, and the IPO would be the best outcome for its growth.” To recover the company’s finances and expand its business again, the company took a step to raise new funds before its IPO. 

Furthermore, the funds raised by the company will be used to invest in tech and travel start-ups. However, the primary focus of the fundraising will be on expanding the company’s engineering team, ramping up research and development, launching new products, and acquiring customers. 

Previously, the company had already raised $53 million (Rs. 395 crores) from investors led by Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC. The company plans to raise $750-800 million for the IPO. With this approach, Ixigo has jumped onto the bandwagon of IPO with companies like CarTrade, Nykaa, Paytm, MobiKwik, and PolicyBazaar. 

Future Of Ixigo Unlisted Shares For Investors 

Launched in 2007, Ixigo has a huge customer base of 250 million and future plans to increase this number in the future by going public and expanding its services. Talking about its financial performance, in FY22, the operational revenue of the company was Rs. 380 crores, which increased to Rs. 501 crores in FY23. This shows a positive growth performance of the company compared to last year. 

Further, the launch of the IPO and its strategies to raise new funds will also contribute to the growth, which will significantly be advantageous for the company in the future. As a potential investor, you can diversify your investment portfolio and raise a high return on your investment by buying Ixigo unlisted shares with the help of expert brokers at Stockify. 

Buy Ixigo Pre-IPO Stocks With Stockify

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At what price Ixigo pre-IPO shares are currently trading?

Ans. The current Ixigo unlisted share price is Rs. 96, which was earlier available at Rs. 90 in April 2023. However, the prices of unlisted shares keep fluctuating based on market trends and the company’s performance. 

Does SEBI regulate pre-IPO stocks?

Ans. No, pre-IPO shares are not regulated by SEBI. Still, there are certain rules and regulations that are applicable in the unlisted share market as well, like the DP (Depository Participants) charges for every transaction, lock-in period, stamp duty, etc. 

How do I buy Ixigo unlisted shares in India?

Ans. Ixigo pre-IPO stocks can easily be bought at Stockify. We’re a leading online stock broking platform helping investors buy and sell unlisted stocks of top pre-IPO companies in India. Connect with us to buy today. 

How do I check the daily price of Ixigo unlisted shares?

Ans. On Stockify, you can check the daily price of unlisted shares of different pre-IPO companies. We update the prices of unlisted shares daily based on market trends and the company’s financial performance. 

Why trust Stockify to trade in an unlisted share market?

Ans. Stockify is a reliable online stock trading platform that helps people seamlessly trade in the unlisted share market. We can make your trading experience hassle-free and easy. Let’s connect today.

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Ixigo is planning to raise new funds with its robust strategies before its IPO. How will new funds help the company and investors? Read here.


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