boAt’s Net Sales For The Audio Segment Increased By 39% In FY23- Is It A Positive Sign For Retail Investors?

The Indian audio and wearable market has seen a high demand in recent years. boAt, a D2C brand, emerged as the top-performing company, recording net sales of Rs 4,000 crore (approx $500 mn) during the financial year 2022-23. The company recorded a growth of 39% in its audio segment, which includes its top-selling products like headphones, earphones, bluetooth portable speakers, etc. 

Since boAt is making a new record in sales, it also affects the company’s performance in the unlisted share market. As a result, boAt share price also recorded a growth in its price, which increased at the time when the company released its sales figures. However, the main question here arises is how it will benefit the retail investors. We will discuss the effects of the positive growth in net sales on boAt unlisted shares.

A Sneak Peak At boAt Net Sales In FY 2023

boAt, which is operating under Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltd, reported a massive growth of 39% in its net sales, which is contributed by the audio segments. As we are well aware of the popularity of boAt’s audio products, it will bring benefits to the company as well as its retail investors. According to the financial report for FY23, boAt claimed that its net sales were approximately Rs 4,000 crore. As per the boAt, the reason behind this growth is the company’s leadership in both audio and wearable segments.

On the achievement, Sameer Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of boAt, said, “Having raised private equity capital over multiple rounds, including from Warburg Pincus, we believe boAt is well positioned and capitalised to continue to make aggressive investments in establishing ourselves as a leading wearables brand in the country, similar to our achievements in the audio category.”

What Does The Growth In boAt Net Sales Signify For Retail Investors?

Retail investors who bought or are looking to buy boAt unlisted shares  should analyse the net sales generated by the company to know its possible impact on boAt shares. boAt’s share price depends on the company’s business performance. In the last three years, the financials of boAt compared to its top competitors remained positive, which gives retail investors an extra edge. The growth of the net sales of boAt in the audio segment will benefit retail investors in the future as high demand in the market allows the company to increase its profit margin.

In addition, boAt also plans to target overseas markets and works towards its global expansion. Apart from an audio segment, boAt will be looking to increase its sales percentage from the wearable space, which includes its smartwatches. Having the largest market share, the company will continuously focus on dominating the audio and wearable market, which will directly benefit its retail investors.

Should Investors Buy boAt Unlisted Shares Before Its IPO?

The company’s officials announced the exact date of the boAt’s IPO. We can expect its IPO in the timeframe of FY 25-26. So, the question here is whether retail investors buy boAt unlisted shares before its IPO or not. Well, there are various advantages of investing in boAt pre-IPO stocks, which are currently traded in the unlisted share market.

First of all, these stocks are less risky and provide a great investment portfolio diversification option. If we talk about the boAt’s performance in the unlisted share market, its revenue, EBITDA, and other metrics recorded growth. On the other hand, boAt share price increased from Rs 770 per equity share to Rs 975 per equity share in the last two months.

The company is doing well in the unlisted share market and is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the next five years. boAt’s focus on “Make in India, Make For India” benefits it in attracting new customers. We suggest you invest in boAt pre-IPO shares and take advantage of the competitive position of the company in the audio and wearable segment.

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1- What is the net sales of boAt in 2023?

As per the financial report shared by the boat, its net sales in 2023 are approximately Rs 4,000 crore. For getting more info about the company, connect with our experts.

2- Which is the highest-selling category of the boAt company?

In FY23, boAt recorded the highest sales in its audio segment. During the last financial year, the net sales of boAt surged by 39% in this segment.

3- When will boAt get listed on the stock exchange?

There is no plan for boAt to get publicly listed. In a recent interview, Aman Gupta clarified they are looking for the timeframe of FY 25-26 for an IPO launch. For the future updates, subscribe to Stockify. 

4- How can I check the updated boAt share price in India?

You can easily check the boAt share price on Stockify. Our experts regularly update the price of boAt share per the current market conditions. Here, you will get the accurate share price of the company.

5- What is the process of buying unlisted shares of boAt online?

The process of buying boAt unlisted shares online is quite simple. At Stockify, you can easily buy or sell unlisted shares hassle-free. For more info, connect with our experts today!

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boAt, D2C brand’s net sales surged by 39 per cent. The company made maximum sales in its audio segment.
boAt, D2C brand's net sales surged by 39 per cent. The company made maximum sales in its audio segment.


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