Swiggy Launches Affordable Swiggy One Lite: Price, Benefits, And More

Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand food delivery company, recently launched Swiggy One Lite, which is a new and affordable version of Swiggy One Membership. It will offer various customer benefits, including discounts on food and grocery deliveries, exclusive offers, and a special launching discount of Rs 99 for the next 3 months. 

Since it is the lighter program of Swiggy’s One membership program, customers will expect to get the major features at unbelievable pricing. If you are also a Swiggy customer or investor and don’t know about One Lite, we will share its price, benefits, and other details with you.

A Quick Overview Of Swiggy One Lite

Swiggy One Lite is an affordable version of its membership program launched in October 2023. As per the information shared by Swiggy, One Lite is available at a discounted launch price of Rs 99 for three months, in which members will get 10 free Food and Instamart deliveries.

In addition, Swiggy One Lite also offers a 30 percent discount at more than 20,000 restaurants. The pocket-friendly alternative to the company’s membership aims to provide value to customers who haven’t experienced the benefits of the Swiggy One Program.

Benefits Of One Lite Program For Members

Swiggy One Lite program is loaded with perks that will excite its members. The company aims to target those segments of customers who didn’t purchase its previous membership program called Swiggy One. Since the online food delivery giant works towards its business expansion, such programs are a great way to increase the subscriptions and order rates on the platform. Here are the key benefits of the Swiggy One Lite:

  • A three-month membership will offer 10 free delivery on each and every food and grocery item. However, the company decided on a minimum order value, which is required to avail the free delivery. In order to get this benefit, your minimum order value should be Rs 149 for food items and Rs 199 for groceries.
  • The members of the Swiggy One Lite will get up to 30 per cent discount on more than 20,000 restaurants listed on Swiggy. It is above the top of the regular offers, which the members of the program can easily avail.
  • Another perk for Swiggy One Lite members is the additional 10% discount on the Swiggy Genie delivery on all orders exceeding Rs 60.

There is no doubt that Swiggy is working towards expanding its customer base ahead of its IPO. The effect of all the new offers for customers can also seen in Swiggy share price, which surged compared to the previous three months.

Price Of Swiggy One Lite

The price of the new subscription plan of Swiggy One Lite is just Rs 99 for 3 months, which includes quick pick-up and drop services. However, if you are a Swiggy Super Member, you can access this membership for free. Before the new subscription offer, Swiggy offered this program access for Rs 149 for 3 months. In addition, Amazon is also selling this membership at Rs 126 for 3 months, which includes 15% cashback per terms and conditions.

Swiggy’s Vice President of Revenue and Growth Anurag Panganamamula said, “At Swiggy, we’re committed to enhancing user convenience. Our Swiggy One program, which combines multiple services, has already gained immense popularity. Now, with Swiggy One Lite, we are introducing a more affordable alternative to cater to a wider audience.” 

If we talk from the investor’s perspective, there are various benefits of investing in Swiggy, including high long-term returns. However, investors can invest in this company via unlisted shares traded in the unlisted share market.

Will One Lite Program Benefit Swiggy In The Unlisted Share Market?

It is difficult to predict the future performance of Swiggy unlisted shares. However, the One Lite membership program will contribute towards the company’s operating revenue and profit, which might benefit it in the unlisted share market. When the number of members increases, Swiggy will aim to turn this membership model into recurring revenue.

If you plan to buy Swiggy unlisted shares, we suggest you conduct an in-depth research on the company. Stockify will help you at every step as we have updated the company’s data on our website. Here, you can access Swiggy share price, annual reports for different financial years, and the latest updates in the market. Apart from this, our certified unlisted share brokers will also guide you in making a profitable investment. Ready to buy unlisted shares? Connect with us today!


1- What are the benefits of Swiggy One Lite?

Swiggy One Lite offers customers various benefits, including ten free deliveries of food and grocery items. In addition, it offers 30 per cent extra discounts to customers across 20,000 restaurants above the regular offers.

2- What is the plan for Swiggy One Lite?

Swiggy One Lite is the cheapest version of Swiggy One Membership, which charges Rs 99 per month from the customers. The price of its plan is also the same as one membership.

3- How can I check the Swiggy share price online?

You can check the updated Swiggy share price on Stockify. It is the most trusted online unlisted share broking platform that provides access to the share price and other information about the company.

4- Does Swiggy’s business performance affect its unlisted shares?

The business performance of Swiggy may affect its unlisted share price. However, other factors like market conditions and financial metrics can also affect the performance of Swiggy unlisted shares.

5- What is the current Swiggy share price in NSE?

Swiggy is not listed yet on the National Stock Exchange(NSE). However, the Swiggy pre-IPO share price in the unlisted market right now is Rs 348 per equity share. For getting future updates about the company, subscribe to Stockify.

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Swiggy One Lite is an affordable membership program currently available at Rs 99 for 3 months. It includes 10 free deliveries and a discount of up to 30 per cent.
Swiggy One Lite is an affordable membership program currently available at Rs 99 for 3 months. It includes 10 free deliveries and a discount of up to 30 per cent.


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