Bollywood Star Katrina Kaif Joins MS Dhoni’s CSK as Brand Ambassador.

Katrina Kaif has been named officially by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) as their brand ambassador for the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL). With her enormous fan base and captivating presence, this collaboration will increase the team’s appeal and strengthen its heroic connection with fans worldwide. 

Brand ambassadors have become essential for cricket teams these days owing to their role as the public face of the team. Their influence is crucial to the team’s performance both on and off the field since they drive marketing campaigns, secure sponsorships, increase fan involvement, and reach a global audience. 

Katrina Kaif’s appointment as the brand ambassador to CSK was announced shortly after CSK and Etihad Airways signed a sponsorship agreement. Notably, Etihad is endorsed by Katrina Kaif, making this partnership ideal for both parties. 

Getting to know Chennai Super Kings

One of the most popular teams in India is Chennai Super Kings,  well-known in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The franchise is owned by M.A. Chidambaram Stadium and India Cement Limited. With their remarkable performances, this team has dominated the IPL, winning four titles. Furthermore, the franchise owns the record for the most IPL playoff occurrences. In addition, the group has two Championship League Twenty20 championships (2010) and (2014). By transferring its net assets at cost, India Cement approved the demerger of the Chennai Super Kings into a fully owned subsidiary in September 2018. 

CSK does have big guns in their team, including players like MS Dhoni, Moeen Ali, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, and Ajinkya Rahane. These players have not only demonstrated their capacity for hitting winning blows, but they have all been instrumental in helping CSK secure victories that have set the precedence for Chennai Super Kings as Kings of IPL. 

What is the valuation of Chennai Super Kings?

The team is predicted to have a brand value of about s of the current prices, its valuation is around Rs 5,250-5,500 crore, making it one of the most valuable franchises in the Indian Premier League. The team has accomplished a tremendous deal, becoming the first sports company in India to be listed with a stock and earn unicorn status.

A D&P Advisory titled “Beyond 22 Yards- IP’s Evolution meets WL’s Aspiration, an IPL & WPL Valuation report” asserts that the IPL’s ecosystem value has increased to $11.2 billion from $10.9 billion in 2022, a 3.3% increase. Based on an examination of revenue patterns and value distribution, the BCCI receives roughly 60–65% of this valuation, with the remaining 35–40% going to each of the IPL franchises. 

CSK’s Revenue streams and market position.

The sponsorship of CSK is a major source of income. In actuality, 15% and 20% of the business’s income comes from sponsorship agreements with the Chennai Super Kings. This comprises well-known companies who pay CSK to promote their goods and services on its websites, social media accounts, and at sporting events. Gate income and ticket sales provide a noteworthy revenue stream for CSK, contributing around 10% of the franchise owner’s overall earnings. 

Sales of merch goods via CSK are yet another outperforming source of income for the business. Another essential element of the CSK income business strategy is media rights. Approximately 60% of the business’s entire revenue comes from this. It covers the transfer of broadcasting rights to internet streaming services and TV networks. Indeed, CSK will receive 10% of the IPL broadcasting revenue from 2023 to 2027. Additionally, it is projected that CSK will get 620 million dollars annually via agreements for media rights.

CSK share trend

About 2017–2018, CSK made its unlisted market debut and gained popularity right away. Since their launch, CSK pre-IPO shares have continuously been in great demand from investors who keep a close eye on market news. The value of CSK shares peaked in 2022, rising to an astounding Rs 230 from their initial trading range of about Rs 23–28. This spike can be linked to the general excitement that the Indian startup scene was experiencing at the time.

The market performance of csk share has been significantly improved by their recent IPL success. It is logical to believe that there has been a surge in interest in and possible appreciation in the value of CSK shares. The triumph has improved the brand’s reputation and fan base, which is probably why CSK shares are now trading at a premium. 

Furthermore, the addition of the Gujarat and Lucknow franchises to the IPL for the 2023 season caused the share price of CSK on the BSE to soar. The entry of Wanderers Johannesburg into the South African league has improved investor sentiment regarding CSK’s unlisted shares. Post evaluation of these factors put together, as an investor you may feel positively to purchase the company’s shares as a result of the growth in value and share price.  

Your chance to buy CSK Unlisted shares

The market for unlisted shares is unpredictable since market movements cause the price to constantly fluctuate. In the last three years, the price of Chennai Super Kings stock has increased before the IPL season and decreased following its conclusion, depending on supply and demand (which is a key factor in influencing the price of unlisted companies). Due to presumptions that CSK may win the championship again or place among the top 4 as a result of their prior successes, there is a greater demand for unlisted shares. 

When compared to worldwide sports teams, its price-earning ratio (PE Ratio) is superior. Its income from goods sales, royalties, and sponsorships keeps increasing, and it can bring in enormous sums of money in the future. Before the IPL, it may be the best purchase opportunity for csk share if you wish to partake in the company’s success. The CSK Share Price

has generated good returns for its investors and has attracted more to buy CSK’s unlisted shares. You can visit Stockify to buy CSK’s unlisted share prices. Contact our team to know more. 

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Based on their past performance, CSK has been victorious multiple times (in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021). They also hold the highest victory percentage of any team participating in the IPL. It has been observed that the market price of CSK’s unlisted shares automatically increases whenever CSK wins, especially congruent to its rising popularity with the onboarding of Katrina Kaif as the brand’s face.


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