Capgemini Delivers Record Performance in 2023

Capgemini has again done it, delivering a record performance in 2023, which made a lot of news. Capgemini is a French company that started in 1967 by providing data processing and enterprise management. It has offices in many countries worldwide. For over half a century, Capgemini evolved to cater to the many changes in the business world and help over 85% of the corporates on the Forbes Global list. On February 14, the board of directors of Capgemini announced its fantastic result for the financial year ending December 31, 2023. The revenues were up by 2.4%, and the net profit was up by 7% year to year. If you want to invest in Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd in short CTSIL, you should know about it and the detailed results to reap huge profits. 

Hence, in this blog, let us take a deep dive into not only Capgemini’s record performance in 2023 but also his long journey of services and other information to buy Capgemini’s unlisted share price from the reputed online platform to make huge profits. 

All you want to know about Capgemini

For the past half a century, Capgemini has been a global leader in helping corporates adapt to the many changes in business operations to succeed. As of December 31, 2023, it has 340,400 skilled and innovative staff in 50 countries to offer IT services, consulting and outsourcing worldwide. It trades now in the Euronext exchange at 223 Euros, and the CAC component is one of the high-return stocks worldwide. In its journey for over fifty years, Capgemini acquired many top companies to expand its footprint worldwide, enabling corporates to embrace the changes effectively. After leveraging the internet, cloud computing, and others for the benefit of corporations, it is now focusing on GenAI or generative artificial intelligence, which is taking the business world by storm. As per its December 2021 ESG or environment, social and governance policy, Capgemini will continue its progress on corporate sustainability in 2023 and will continue in the future. 

What are the services offered by CTSIL in India?’

Capgemini, headquartered in Paris, France, has its offices worldwide, including in India, to trade as an unlisted share CTSIL or Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd. The previous name for CTSIL was iGate Solutions, which has provided many services in India for many years. In 1967, Capgemini acquired New York-based Gemini Computer Systems to change its name to Capgemini as it had earlier acquired CAP or Center of Analysis et de Programmation. CTSIL also started in India to offer customised application development and maintenance, re-engineering, outsourcing, and other business intelligence services. It has many offshore development centres in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune in India. It provides clients with business, outsourcing, consulting, and technology solutions in all its centres. Also, it provides local professional services, such as IT assistance and support, along with application services for developing and maintaining IT structures for clients in India. 

What is the record performance of Capgemini delivered in 2023?

Capgemini continues its excellent performance year to year as a global leader in providing IT or information technology, consulting and outsourcing services. The board of directors of Capgemini announced the results of the financial year 2023 on February 14, 2024. The company said it has improved the revenue, profits, and cash flow conversion despite the slowdown in the IT industry worldwide. They also showed that the results were based on their global positioning in the industry with agility and resilience. And also because of helping clients with technology transformation and business excellence and transition to a digital and sustainable economy. They confirm they act as per their ESG roadmap through their 2 billion Euro investment announced on July 23 to upskill their employees by partnering with IT majors like Google, Microsoft, AWS and others. The following are a few highlights of the record performance of Capgemini in  the 2023  financial results to increase its value worldwide. 

  • Capgemini continues to increase its revenue even in the brutal 2023 to have a rise of 2.4% Y-o-Y or year-on-year to, reaching 22,522 million Euros.
  • There was a rise of 2.6% Y-o-Y in bookings to rise 23,887 million Euros in 2023 despite tightening the decision cycles to reflect its sustained commercial momentum.
  • The operating margin rose 13.35% of revenue to reach 2,991 million Euros, which is up by over 4% Y-o-Y 
  • The business earnings per share of Capgemini rose by 7 % Y-o-Y to reach 9.7 Euros, and the normalised earnings per share rose from 11.09 to 12.44 euros from 2022 to 2023
  • Capgemini surpassed its target of 1.8 billion euros of organic free cash flow to 1,96 million euros in 2023 to pay 559 million euros as dividends and 343 million euros for acquisitions.

Why and how to buy CTSIL?

Out of the 24 billion dollars that Capgemini earns as revenue worldwide, it earns Rs. 23,000 crores in India for its wide range of services. This is why the unlisted Capgemini share price is trading at around Rs. 12,000 in the grey market. There are many significant reasons for it, including Capgemini trading in Euronext at 233 Euros and because of its excellent financial year 2023 results. Also, the Capgemini directors confirmed the financial targets to increase revenue by up to 3% in 2024 and increase operating margins and organic free cash flow while announcing the results. It is why you should buy the unlisted Capgemini shares from reputed brokers. Find the best broker with enough experience and reliability to buy and sell CTSIL in the grey market. Check out Stockify, the online platform provides unlisted shares for investors to buy and sell top companies pre-IPO simply, efficiently, and quickly. 


The above facts about Capgemini and how it delivered record performance in the financial year 2023 results will convince you to buy the unlisted CTSIL shares from the experienced broker with an excellent track record and earn the trust of the clients to make safe and windfall profits in the short and long term. Stockify is a cutting-edge platform revolutionising the way investors engage with the stock market. With its intuitive interface and powerful analytical tools, Stockify empowers users to make informed investment decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a novice investor, Stockify offers personalised insights, real-time data, and customisable alerts to help you stay ahead of market trends. From stock screening to portfolio management, Stockify provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your financial goals. Join Stockify today and elevate your investing experience to new heights.


What services does Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd (CTSL) offer in India?

Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd (CTSL) provides customized application development, maintenance, re-engineering, outsourcing, and business intelligence services. It operates offshore development centres in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune, catering to global clients.

What was Capgemini’s record performance in 2023?

In 2023, Capgemini achieved remarkable financial results despite global IT industry slowdown. Revenue increased by 2.4% year-on-year (Y-o-Y) to 22,522 million Euros, with an operating margin of 13.35%. Business earnings per share rose by 7% Y-o-Y.

How did Capgemini respond to industry challenges in 2023?

Capgemini showcased resilience by aiding clients in technology transformation and business excellence. Notably, it invested 2 billion Euros to upskill employees, partnering with major IT firms like Google, Microsoft, and AWS.

What were Capgemini’s financial highlights in 2023?

Despite industry challenges, Capgemini exceeded targets with a rise in bookings to 23,887 million Euros and an operating margin increase of over 4% Y-o-Y. It surpassed its organic free cash flow target, reaching 1,96 million Euros.

What is the historical significance of Capgemini in the IT industry?

Since its inception in 1967, Capgemini evolved into a global leader, providing IT, consulting, and outsourcing services. Its acquisition strategy and focus on emerging technologies, like generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) underscore its enduring relevance in business.

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Capgemini’s stellar performance in 2023 showcases unparalleled growth, innovation, and strategic execution, solidifying its position as an industry leader. Check out more on this.


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