Tracing the Last Five-Year Performance of CSK Unlisted Shares

Trace the last five years’ performance of CSK unlisted shares to buy and yield high returns. IPL, or the Indian Premier League, revolutionised cricket with its short format of 20 overs matches for people worldwide to enjoy watching. In this fast world, the craze for five-day test cricket and even one-day, 50-over matches is decreasing yearly. The IPL started in 2008 to have short-duration matches for people to enjoy on the grounds and conveniently at home on the TV. Every year, the viewership of the IPL matches increases to bring significant revenue for the sponsors and other revenues. And Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings, the top IPL team to have won the maximum five finals and played in 10. 

It is the significant reason for the CSK unlisted shares to rise from its debut in the grey market at around Rs. 20 to reach an all-time high of Rs. 215 to trade around Rs. 175. 

Continue reading this blog until the end to trace the last five-year performance of CSK shares, the many factors that influence it, and information on why you should buy it from the reputed online platform to make windfall profits. 

Why is CSK a Unicorn Sports Enterprise?

Chennai Super Kings has generated a revenue of around 30,000 lakh rupees annually for the past many years. India Cements, the promoter company of CSK, is a 75-year-old company and one of the leading cement manufacturers in India. Its managing director, N.Srinivasan, was the former BCCI chairman and ICC chairman. IPL franchisees were formed under his guidance to change how cricket is played worldwide and generate huge revenues. Is CSK generating income and developing cricket at the grassroots levels to play IPL-like formats in most of the districts in Tamil Nadu? Also, they acquired many foreign sports clubs worldwide to increase their revenue stream. CSK’s involvement increases in starting sports academies and building stadiums with all facilities to find and motivate young talent in many activities. 

IPL Matches

One of the most popular IPL teams is Chennai Super Kings, which fills the stadiums for all the matches, and millions watch it on other gadgets worldwide. Also, the recent buying of the Lucknow and Ahmedabad IPL franchisees for a mammoth of 7,100 crore rupees shows the demand for them to increase their valuation. 

Hence, CSK became the unicorn sports enterprise to generate massive revenue from sponsorships, winning matches, stadium collections, and other income streams. The skyrocketing popularity of the CSK team, with Dhoni leading a talented team to make every match electrifying, also makes it a unicorn sports enterprise, the first of its kind. No other IPL franchise, including the Mumbai Indians, owned by the mighty Ambani and winning the cup-like CSK, has a small revenue stream that income streams make the CSK IPL franchise raise its revenue.

Growing Viewership

Gone are the days of watching Dhoni hitting the famous helicopter shot on the grounds from the stadiums and TV. Over 200 million people worldwide watched the recent matches, especially the final game between CSK and Gujarat Titans, with a thrilling finish for Dhoni to lift the cup for the fifth time. It is one of the significant sources of income, as the IPL franchise will get a share of the sponsorships from the increasing number of people watching the matches. BCCI increased the winner and runner prize money from 4.8 and 2.4 crores in 2008 to 20 and 13 crores in 2023. With CSK winning the cup five times and runners up another five times, had won a lot of prize money. The other income CSK needs to increase its unlisted share price includes the following. 

  • Stadium ticket sales as the M A Chidambaram home stadium in Chennai will be a whole house for every match CSK plays in its home ground. Sponsorships constitute around 30% of the revenue, not only getting 50% from the BCCI, but also individual sponsorships because of the ever-increasing popularity of CSK. 
  • Media rights not only from the TV but also OTT platforms and the Jio app watched by millions of people on smartphones and other gadgets to raise the income given by BCCI after taking its share
  • Merchandise sales are another significant source of income, as CSK’s yellow jersey is so famous that it generates enormous revenue.
  • Prize money from winning and being runners up in ten matches and winning more cups will bring more revenue and increase its popularity to tap money from other sources.
  • Revenue from its other investments like stadiums, academies and buying sports clubs worldwide will not only increase income but also the development of sports. 

Tracing the last five-year performance of the CSK unlisted shares

CSK debuted in the grey market in 2018 to trade at only around Rs. 14 for investors to make huge profits with its continuous rise. After touching an all-time high of Rs. 215 in February 2022, the unlisted shares saw a slight correction because people booked huge profits by selling CSK unlisted shares in the grey market. And with most of the people still holding them because of its huge revenue and popularity will only give them good returns in the future. But at the current levels. 170 is still over ten times the initial price, and with many still invested in the best CSK share price, it is one of the best buys in the grey market to make huge profits. 


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How has the performance of CSK unlisted shares evolved over the last five years?

The performance of CSK unlisted shares has shown fluctuations influenced by various factors, such as team performance, market sentiment, and management decisions.

What factors have influenced the fluctuations in CSK unlisted shares’ performance?

Factors such as team performance in cricket tournaments, changes in leadership, sponsorship deals, and broader market trends have impacted CSK unlisted shares’ performance.

What insights can be gleaned from analysing the five-year performance of CSK unlisted shares?

Analysing the five-year performance of CSK unlisted shares can provide insights into the team’s overall success, its ability to maintain fan engagement, and the impact of external factors on its market value.

How do investors interpret the performance trends of CSK unlisted shares for potential investment decisions?

Investors may consider the historical performance of CSK unlisted shares alongside the current market conditions and the team’s  prospects to make informed investment decisions.

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