Capgemini’s groundbreaking innovations and achievements in generative AI

Capgemini and Google Cloud have been collaborating for nearly a decade to leverage technologies and innovative solutions for global reach. On April 9th, 2024, Capgemini secured the triple win in three main categories — the Global Industry Solution Partner of the Year award for Generative AI, as well as two other Google Cloud Partner of the Year awards held in Paris. 

In 18 months, Capgemini has accelerated its efforts in the field of Generative AI to solve industry-specific challenges.

What major advancements has Capgemini made in the field of generative AI?

Capgemini invested heavily to leverage the full potential of generative AI and to expand the workforce’s expertise in this field. In 2023, the company created the first-of-its-kind global generative AI Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE). This includes working alongside 18 subject matter experts across strategy, data science, and software engineering to cover various aspects of generative AI applications. The company also hosted global hackathons to generate over 500 use cases on Google Cloud generative AI solutions. Deploying generative AI at scale will maximize value for stakeholders and clients across industries.

Capgemini has also delivered tangible results to its clients across sectors using generative AI solutions. The company enabled Auto Club Group (ACG) to improve its efficiency and productivity using Google Clouds. Previously, ACG used its core insurance processing application. However, with the help of generative AI, ACG was able to not only maintain its long-term cost savings but also improve its carbon footprint.

What do the Top-level Executives think? 

Fernando Alvarez, Chief Strategy and Development Officer and Group Executive Board Member, Capgemini, stated, Over the past year, we’ve expanded our strategic partnership with Google Cloud to unlock and accelerate value creation for joint clients, specifically regarding the vast opportunities posed by game-changing technologies like generative AI.hese Google Cloud Partner of the Year awards reaffirm Capgemini’s strong position as a market leader in data and AI, and our unique integrated capabilities in strategy, engineering and technology which make Capgemini a key business partner to our clients.

Kevin Icchpurani, Corporate Vice President of Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud, remarked, Capgemini has been awarded for its domain expertise in industries such as financial services, automotive, and retail, and for its continued focus in defining and scaling trusted generative AI implementations. Capgemini continues to demonstrate its leadership in enabling strategic digital transformation for joint clients, founded on its deep understanding and excellence in delivering Google Cloud’s leading and highly customizable technologies.

These statements from the higher management highlight the strong partnership and commitment between Capgemini and Google Cloud. The expertise of Capgemini to enable the strategic digital transformation of clients using Google Cloud’s technologies showcases a shared vision between the two companies.

What are the key areas Capgemini is focusing on using generative AI?

Leveraging its expertise in the industry, Capgemini has developed more than 500 industry use cases to implement Google Cloud’s Gen AI that will act as a blueprint for its clients. With the help of the use cases, their clients will maximize the potential of generative AI to achieve their business objectives. The newly launched generative AI Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) is currently focusing on curating ready-to-use cases that will solve challenges in the financial, insurance, retail, and automotive sectors. These will expand across all industries in the next two years. 

Another key area of focus for Google Cloud CoE is to create value, generate revenue for clients, and transform customer experiences. This will not only increase productivity but also improve business efficiency. This will be done by large-scale implementation of generative AI. 

What is the future outlook of generative AI for Capgemini?

According to a Gartner poll, nearly 70% of executives look forward to exploring the potential of Gen AI. The future implementation will lean heavily on attaining customer retention, increasing revenue growth, optimizing cost, and ensuring business continuity. Being the early adopter of Gen AI, Capgemini has a competitive advantage as it has already been leveraging the technology’s benefits for quite some time. 

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Capgemini’s collaborative efforts with Google Cloud to pioneer the advancements in generative AI resulted in three prestigious Google Cloud Partner of the Year awards. This strategic collaboration also led to the creation of a dedicated generative AI Google Cloud Centre of Excellence (CoE) and the development of over 500 industry-specific use cases.


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