CSK To Set Up Cricket And High-Performance Centre In Chennai

The craze of cricket in India can’t be described in words. It is a sport that unites people and is watched by millions of people across the world. Whether it’s the ICC World Cup or the Indian Premier League(IPL), people spend thousands of rupees to support their favourite team in the stadium. One such most loved team and IPL Franchise is Chennai Super Kings(CSK), which produces talented cricketers who also represent Team India in the future.

Recently, CSK announced its plans to set up a cricket and high-performance centre in Chennai that would aim to provide advanced training facilities to the players. It signifies the business expansion of the CSK, which might also benefit in the unlisted share market. If you are an investor and curious to know about CSK’s plan in detail, this blog is for you.

Why Did CSK Decide To Set Up A Cricket And High-Performance Centre?

Chennai Super Kings is the name which different age groups are familiar with today. Former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, leads this IPL franchise. CSK is represented in the IPL by various successful domestic and international cricketers like Shane Watson, Ambai Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Mathew Hayden, etc.

Today, every youngster who wants to become a successful cricketer seeks CSK as the way to connect coaches. To make it possible, Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited also runs Super Kings Academy, trains players and allows them to get in touch with world-class trainers like Stephen Fleming. Recently, CSK decided to venture into various cricket activities and announced its plan to provide top-notch training facilities to the emerging players of Chennai via performance centres and cricket academies. 

Expand Its Academies

The major goal of Chennai Super Kings is to expand the cricket academies in Chennai. Since it is the state that has talented cricketers who need a stage and facilities to polish their cricketing skills, this step of CSK is towards providing advanced training facilities to the different cities of Chennai. As per the article published by The Hindu, CSK already identified the prime location along with a building valued at Rs 70 for the cricket academy.

Business Diversification

Chennai Super Kings has a profitable business model which allows it to earn revenue through different activities. However, the company is working towards its business diversification ahead of its IPO and setting up cricket academies and high-performance centres is part of it. It will benefit the company in the future as it doesn’t need to rely only on the revenue from the IPL tournament.

Improve Financials

CSK is an unlisted company that allows investors to trade in its pre-IPO shares. The financials of the CSK in the unlisted share market depend on its IPL performance and other factors. The interesting fact is that it is the first choice for seasonal investors as CSK share price remained at its peak during the IPL season. 

How Retail Investors Can Benefit From CSK Business Expansion?

Retail investors who are part of Chennai Super Kings in the unlisted share market can benefit from this business expansion. It is expected that the cricket academy and performance centre will start in the next year. So, there are chances that CSK pre-IPO shares perform well in the market. 

If you decide to invest in CSK unlisted shares, you will get various benefits in the future, like access to its IPO shares. As per CSK’s business expansion plans, there is a big opportunity for retail investors to get high returns on investment. However, you should also monitor CSK’s share price monthly. It will help you plan your investment in CSK pre-IPO shares.

Buy CSK Unlisted Shares Online With Stockify

Chennai Super Kings is the fastest-growing company in the unlisted share market, allowing retail investors to invest via pre-IPO shares. Over the years, the financial performance of the company has remained positive, which allows investors to make a high return on investment. If you also want to become a part of CSK’s growth, you should buy its unlisted shares. 

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1- How much does CSK plan to borrow to set up a cricket and performance centre in Chennai?

As per the reports, Chennai Super Kings is planning to borrow a capital of Rs 350 crore for setting up a cricket academy and high-performance centre in Chennai.

2- What are the plans of CSK for an Initial Public Offering(IPO)?

Chennai Super Kings is in the planning phase of its IPO. However, the company does not share any further details regarding its IPO. To stay updated with the latest news of CSK, subscribe to Stockify.

3- How can I check the updated CSK share price in India?

You can check Chennai Super Kings share price online by using Stockify. On our platform, you will get the accurate unlisted share price along with complete financial details of the company.

4- Is it best to invest in CSK pre-IPO shares during IPL?

Seasonal investors mostly prefer CSK unlisted shares. During the IPL season, CSK share price remained high. However, it will be beneficial for you to plan your investment long-term.

5- Does the performance of CSK in the IPL affect its share price?

The performance of the Chennai Super Kings during the IPL affects its unlisted share price. However, there are other factors, like unlisted share market conditions and demand for shares, which might also affect CSK’s share price.

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CSK identified prime land of Rs 70 crore for setting up cricket and high-performance centres in Chennai.
CSK identified prime land of Rs 70 crore for setting up cricket and high-performance centres in Chennai.


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