Expected IPO Size & Price Of Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL)


Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) is considered India’s one of the busiest airports handling international tourists. It is also one of the few airports in India whose unlisted shares are traded in the Pre-IPO market. Per the information shared on the CIAL official website, its board of directors approved the proposal to issue 9,56,43,687 equity shares during the 135th meeting held on 14th February 2023. 

However, these equity shares are only for CIAL’s existing shareholders. After this news, investors were curious about CIAL’s upcoming IPO details, such as price, size, and more. If you have CIAL Pre-IPO shares, you should know the details of the CIAL IPO, which might launch soon. 

Overview Of Cochin International Airport Limited 

Cochin International Airport Limited, also considered the first greenfield airport, was built with the help of public and private partnerships. The state government of Kerala backed this airport and owned around 32% of its stakes. Since its operation in 1999, CIAL has handled flights to all countries, including the Middle East, Colombo, London, etc.

As per rumours, CIAL plans to launch its IPO, which issues retail and institutional investors public shares. It is good news for the investors who have bought CIAL’s unlisted shares and are waiting for its IPO. The lead manager to the IPO issue of CIAL is HEM Securities Limited, and the registrar is expected to be Big Share Services Private Limited.

Details Of CIAL IPO

Here are the expected details of the CIAL IPO: 

CIAL IPO Opening & Closing Date

All the investors who want to know the CIAL IPO opening and closing date will have to wait a bit more. The IPO release date has yet to be disclosed by the company. Retail investors with CIAL unlisted shares can easily pre-register themselves for an IPO and get notified about the release date. Using an online trading platform, you can check the Cochin International Airport share price. 

Basis of the CIAL IPO Offer Price

The company will determine the issue price of the CIAL IPO in consultation with the lead manager, HEM Securities Limited. CIAL management has not disclosed the exact IPO offer price publicly, so it is difficult to say anything about the IPO price in the future. Some factors that will play a vital role in determining the IPO offer price are the Net asset value of the company, basic and diluted EPS, and RONW percentage.

Cochin International Airport Limited IPO Size

Cochin International Airport’s share price in the future depends on IPO size, which is expected to be 18,24,000 equity shares during an initial public issue. The company has not officially announced the total size of the CIAL IPO. 

Why Should You Invest In The CIAL IPO?

CIAL is one of the fastest-growing companies that serve millions of tourists via domestic and International flights. Cochin International Airport Limited makes its unlisted shares available for trading via the grey market. Investors with CIAL unlisted shares can also invest in the company’s upcoming IPO. There are various benefits of investing in CIAL IPO.

Long-Term Benefits

The IPO of CIAL brings long-term benefits to investors in the form of high returns. Like CIAL unlisted shares, the IPO also provides an opportunity to buy a few per cent of equity shares. However, the IPO contains a higher risk than CIAL Pre-IPO shares. So it is advised to conduct in-depth research before investing in an IPO. You should also check CIAL share price NSE regularly to track the performance of IPO shares.

Accurate Pricing

One of the significant benefits of investing in CIAL IPO is its transparent pricing. In the IPO documents, investors can check the price per share, which is usually shared by the company publicly. It allows you to plan your investment per the market conditions and financial budget. During an IPO, you will get every essential detail, like CIAL share price, the face value of equity, and more.

High Performing Company

Cochin International Airport Limited is one of the fastest-growing companies till now in terms of business operations. Besides this, CIAL unlisted shares also performed better than its competitors in the past few months. CIAL IPO is considered a profitable investment option due to its high growth potential.

Buy CIAL Pre-IPO Shares Before Its IPO

Now, you have a good understanding of CIAL IPO and how it can benefit you in the future. As the company releases no exact date for its IPO, you should buy unlisted shares of CIAL for now. The performance of CIAL Pre-IPO shares is good and proved profitable for investors. 

You can check the CIAL unlisted share price online using the best unlisted shares broking platform. Stockify offers access to top-performing blue-chip stocks before their listing on BSE/NSE. To get guidance from experts, connect with us today!


1- What Is The Price Band Of The Cochin International Airport Limited IPO?

The estimated price band of the CIAL IPO has yet to be disclosed. However, the face value per equity share is approx Rs 170.0.

2- Should I Invest In CIAL Unlisted Shares Before An IPO?

You should invest in CIAL Pre-IPO shares before its IPO due to less risk and more diversifying options unlisted shares offers.

3- Who Is The Largest Shareholder In CIAL?

The largest shareholder in CIAL is the Kerala government which holds nearly 32% of the company’s stakes.

4- What Is The Release Date Of The CIAL IPO?

The company has not yet disclosed the exact release date of the CIAL IPO. To stay updated with IPO details, connect with Stockify.

5- How Can I Buy CIAL Unlisted Shares Online?

You can invest in CIAL Pre-IPO shares by using Stockify. You can check the CIAL unlisted share price and other financial details here.

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Cochin International Airport Limited is expected to launch its IPO soon. Get a complete detail of IPO size, price, and more here.


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