Fincare Small Finance Bank To Expand In Eastern India – What Does The Future Hold?

The finance banks are seen as an aid for people and small businesses in getting much-needed funds. Fincare Small Finance Bank (FSFB), A Karnataka-based bank, is planning to enter the Eastern India market. Fincare Bank has a strong presence in the southern and western markets with a strong customer base. Rajeev Yadav, CEO and Managing Director, confirmed that the FSFB plans to add at least one state by the end of this Financial year.

This decision shows the bank’s goal to widen its reach in different states of East India. Now the question is how this decision will bring changes in the future. In this post, we will discuss how this expansion of FSFB can transform the future of Fincare.

What FSFB Says On Its Decision Of East-India Expansion

Fincare Small Finance Bank is currently operating in the south and west region of India and provides micro-financing services in rural and semi-urban areas. It is primarily operated in the Southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and is considered a public company limited by shares. 

In his recent interview, Rajeev Yadav said, “the bank is not only focusing on widening its reach in different states but also ensuring depth of service in the states it is present in.”

Based on past performance and client satisfaction, the company’s officials are quite confident regarding its services and ready to set up new branches in cities like Kolkata. Moreover, the Fincare Small Finance bank CEO also said they plan to add at least 15-16 new branches every year. If we see the FSFB total business in India, it touches the figure of Rs 14000 crore with an excellent growth of 40 to 50 percent. 

The company is expected to follow the same plan to achieve such growth in the Eastern India market. In addition, FSFB aims to enhance its existing solutions and add new services to serve the different segments of customers.

What Can We Expect In The Future From Fincare Small Finance Bank?

The common questions investors, as well as customers of FSFB, are about the future changes this decision brings. Two viewpoints play a vital role in deciding what the future holds for finance bank investors and clients. First of all, there is an expansion of services which was already confirmed by FSFB’s CEO and Managing Director, Rajeev Yadav, in his interview. 

Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd’s unlisted shares are available for retail and institutional investors in the Pre-IPO market. There is a higher chance that its unlisted share price will increase once the company grows in the Eastern India Market. Here’s what we can expect in the future from Fincare Small Finance Bank:

1- IPO Of The Company

The expansion of the Fincare Small Finance Bank Limited in the Eastern India market indicates the company’s pre-planning to bring an IPO in the coming years. As per the Financial Express report, Rajeev Yadav states that “they are planning to list the bank in Bombay Stock Exchange while hoping to maintain the good growth rate.” 

The new market allows FSFB to increase operational revenue and extend the PAT growth rate to apply for IPO. In the coming years, we will see Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd to be listed on the stock market.

2- Improvement In Non-Performing Assets(NPA)

During the COVID-19 phase, Fincare Small Finance Bank was among the most affected banks in India. The company recorded high unsecured loans in the micro-financing sector. Since FSFB is planning to enter the new market segment, its primary goal is to improve its non-performing assets. 

3- High Value Of FSFB Unlisted Shares

FSFB is currently an unlisted company and provides its Pre-IPO stocks for trading. The company’s future operations will directly impact its performance in the unlisted market. So, the expansion of FSFB in East India is good news for retail investors. So, if you wish to grow your investment portfolio with the company’s growth, it is best to buy Fincare Small Finance Bank unlisted shares now!

Why Should You Invest In FSFB Unlisted Shares?

Fincare Small Finance Bank has succeeded in positioning itself as the new generation bank. Looking at its performance in the Pre-IPO market, FSFB unlisted share price went down due to the inflation and pandemic in the last few years. The company recorded a revenue of Rs 1674 crore in FY 22, which was higher than its Rs 1376 crore in FY 21.

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Rajeev Yadav, CEO & MD of Fincare Small Finance Bank, confirmed that the bank is planning to enter the Eastern India market.


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