HELLA Lighting Ltd: Business Model, Revenue, And More

HELLA Lighting Ltd is one of the most popular and trustworthy brands in the automotive industry,  offering products such as horns, lighting, etc. Although the brand primarily originated in Germany, the Indian connection is quite substantial considering the brand’s six-decade history in the country. Today, HELLA India Lighting (HIL) is excitingly transforming the automotive aftermarket to make Indian roads safer using technology. As per the latest interview of Ramashankar Pandey, Managing Director of Hella India Lighting Ltd, we have discussed the company’s business model, revenue, growth, unlisted share, and more.

HELLA Lighting Ltd: Business Model 

HELLA India Lighting is the Indian branch of the German automotive lighting major. It is known for setting global standards in quality and customer focus. The company  has carved out a niche in the international and domestic markets as a supplier to major car manufacturers. Additionally, it had 50 years of experience in the Indian automotive market when it entered into a joint venture with JMA Industries in 1959. HELLA was specified as an 81% associate of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA of Germany in 2005 by terminating the JV JMA Industries.

The company directly supplies products like projectors, LEDs, auxiliaries, lubricants, spark plugs, and coolants to OEMs and the aftermarket. Moreover, OEM means they provide directly to original manufacturers such as Maruti, Tata Motors, etc. 

Additionally,  HELLA Lighting Ltd unlisted shares delisted in 2015 at Rs.52.39 per share. This is the exit price offered by the company, and the shareholders accepted it.

Overview Of HELLA Lighting Ltd Revenue

HELLA Lightning Limited’s total revenue grew from just Rs 50 crores in 2011 to Rs 196 crores in 2021. However, from 2019 to 2021, the revenue increased from Rs 200 to 196 Crores. The main reason for the reduction in revenue is the downturn in the automotive industry, as HELLA India Lightning mainly provides automotive products.

HELLA India Limited owns around 31%, and the holding company, which is “HELLA Holding International” GmbH, owns 69% of the shares. 

Business Performance Of HELLA Lighting Ltd 

In FY21-22, HELLA India was prompted to provide LED front lighting systems for 2W electric automobiles by merging into partnerships with 5 OEMs. The first time a popular size 5.75 inch LED headlamp has been locally developed and manufactured in their Derabassi factory by HELLA India. With the help of Hella Sales Company in the USA, HELLA India also purchased and successfully launched LED position lights for Global Business from a promising global OEM in the USA.

Moreover, within the Aftermarket Business Division, a complete range of filters and lubricants for two wheels and cars has been launched with enthusiasm. 2 Wheel Bulb, Wave 95 Dia Horn, Aux Lamp Black Magic Series, and Commercial Vehicle Headlamp have also been added to the HELLA repertoire.

Also, in August 2021, the Great Place To Work Institute, in its particular study, recognised HELLA India’s leadership practices as “India’s Best Leaders in Times of Crisis 2021” in the mid-sized business category.

Future Perspective Of HELLA Lightning Ltd 

  • HELLA Lightning Ltd plans to introduce the HELLA Slim lighting system, which indirectly sets the scene in the interior and enables large-area illumination. It can be entrenched between many layers, not exceeding a consistency of eight millimetres.
  • The other plan is to expand its automotive design and manufacturing operations to Jalisco, Mexico, with an investment of $4 million.
  • Lastly, HELLA plans to expand its Black Magic product range with 32 new light bars.

Why To Invest In HELLA Lighting Unlisted Shares?

The HELLA lighting company is well established and has been developing since its establishment. This company’s turnover increased from Rs 195 Crores in FY21 to Rs 305 Crores FY22. Furthermore, the company’s gross margins are 45% in FY22. 

EBITDA in FY22 shows up to 40 Crores compared to 17 Crores in FY21, and also, PAT increased from Rs 3 lacs in FY21 to Rs 16 Crores in FY22. Additionally, EPS for FY22 is Rs.50 per equity share, and M.cap is Rs 126 Crores at Rs 400 per equity share.

Hence, these numbers show the company’s growth over the last two years, which means it’s the best opportunity for investors to buy HELLA Lighting unlisted shares and expect good returns.

Where Can You Purchase HELLA Lighting Ltd Unlisted Shares?

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Q1 – How to follow the daily news of HELLA India Lighting Unlisted Shares?

To follow HELLA  Lighting Unlisted Shares’ daily news, visit the Stockify, where we post information related to HELLA Lighting Ltd unlisted shares daily.

Q2 What is HELLA Aftermarket?

The HELLA India Aftermarket organisation is the unique direct partner regarding the varieties of products from all HELLA companies and plants in India and abroad. The IAM unit is directly managed by M. Rama Shankar Pandey, director general – HILL.

Q3-  Is buying HELLA  Lighting Ltd unlisted shares legal in India?

Yes, purchasing and trading unlisted shares in India is 100% legal.

Q4 – When HELLA India Lighting Ltd. was incorporated?

The company was incorporated on September 4, 1959. 

Q5 – What is the financial situation of HELLA  Lighting Ltd?

According to our current record, HELLA India Lighting Ltd Is authorised capital (Rs): 250000000 & Paid-up capital (Rs): 31714000.

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HELLA is a global leader in automotive lighting technology and is a supplier to many OE brands.


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