What are HELLA Lighting Ltd Future Plans For Business Expansion In India?

As a renowned global leader in the automotive lighting industry, HELLA has set its sights on further strengthening its presence in the dynamic Indian market. We are presenting an overview of HELLA Lighting Ltd unlisted shares and its future plans for business expansion in India. Read along.

With a strategic focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, HELLA Lighting Ltd aims to cater to the burgeoning demands of the Indian automotive sector. As one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide, India presents a promising landscape for HELLA to establish a robust foothold and forge new partnerships.

In line with its commitment to sustainable practices, HELLA Lighting introduces a diverse range of energy-efficient lighting solutions that comply with international standards while addressing the specific needs of Indian consumers. By leveraging its extensive expertise and customer-centric approach, the company seeks to offer state-of-the-art lighting products tailored to the diverse requirements of the Indian automotive industry. Stay tuned to know about strategic initiatives and visionary steps HELLA Lighting Ltd is set to undertake for a successful expansion in India.

HELLA Lighting: About the Company 

Established in 1959, HELLA India Lighting Limited (HIL) is a noteworthy global automotive supplier known for its unwavering commitment to safety products. Specialising in manufacturing and marketing automotive Lighting & Safety Electrical Products, it serves Commercial Vehicles (CV) and other Special Original Equipment (SOE) segments, including Off-Highway, Agro, Construction equipment, and 2/3 Wheelers.

With a strong presence in the aftermarket business, HELLA offers products for all segments, including Cars, EV, Buses, and 2Wheelers. Additionally, the company has developed and produced German-Engineered products locally at competitive costs. Backed by HELLA, a leading German auto component supplier, HIL also exports locally-made LED products to countries like the US, Singapore, Australia, Germany, and the UAE, showcasing its quality and reliability.

Achieving consistent double-digit yearly growth, HELLA India Lighting Limited strives to contribute to reducing road accidents in the country. The organisation focuses on nurturing employee growth, fostering a supportive work environment, and treating all team members with respect and equality.

Future Plans Of HELLA India Limited For Growth Expansion 

HELLA Lighting’s future plans entails a collaborative research project to design more climate-friendly headlights. HELLA, who operates under the Forvia name, is the project leader for the NALYSES research initiative. Other participants include the BMW Group, Covestro, Geba, Miele, the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of Paderborn University, Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, and Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronics Design Technology.

HELLA’s expertise in automotive lighting technology supports the NALYSES project, while the BMW Group sets system requirements, and Covestro, Geba, and Hamm-Lippstadt University contribute sustainable materials expertise. The Heinz Nixdorf Institute and Fraunhofer IEM develop a digital product twin for quickly evaluating recyclability and carbon footprint effects. Miele participates in extending findings to other industries.

The project’s outcomes will influence the development of future headlamp generations and potentially other application and product areas. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the three-year project aims to reduce the CO2 footprint of headlamps throughout their lifecycle.

HELLA’s vision goes beyond headlamps, targeting a circular economy through product and raw material reuse. The goal is to make products CO2-neutral by 2045. Sustainable materials, recyclable design, and repairability will enhance the lifetime and contribute to the circular economy. The research findings will ultimately extend to vehicle components and various industries, fostering environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

HELLA Lighting Unlisted Shares 

HELLA India Lighting Limited, a part of the renowned HELLA Group, offers unlisted shares in the manufacturing sector of automobile ancillaries. The latest data shows that HELLA Lighting Ltd unlisted shares price is Rs 900.0 per equity share.This might be an attractive option for investors purchasing HELLA Lighting Ltd pre-IPO shares. To acquire HELLA Lighting unlisted shares, interested parties can log in to Stockify and get the assistance of Industry’s best stock broking experts .

Critical indicators for 2022 showcase promising figures, with a face value per share of INR 10.0 and a book value per share of INR 200.8. The price-to-earnings (PE) ratio stands at 16.0, the price/sales ratio is 0.9, and the price/book ratio is 4.2. The company has 3.2 million outstanding shares, resulting in a market capitalisation of Rs. 2720.0 million. The debt/equity ratio is at 2.0, with no dividend declared.

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  1. What was the revenue of HELLA Lighting in FY22?

For the fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2022, HELLA India Lighting Limited expects operational sales ranging from Rs. 100 crore to Rs. 500 crore. Its EBITDA has increased over the prior year by 100.78%. Its book net value has also improved by 35.79% over this time.

  1. At what price is HELLA Lightning’s unlisted share available?

Currently, HELLA Lightning’s unlisted stocks are trading at Rs. 900 per equity shares. With market trends and the performance of the company, the prices fluctuate. Stay tuned with Stockify to get daily updated prices. 

  1. Who is the director of HELLA India?

Directors of HELLA India Automotive Private Limited include Bernhard Josef Nikolaus Munsterweg, Keskas Didier, Gerold Jurgen Lucas, and Naveen Gautam.

  1. What is the lock-in period of HELLA Lighting pre-IPO stocks? 

The lock-in period of HELLA Lighting’s unlisted stocks is of six months from the date of acquisition. Earlier, the lock-in period was of 1 year however, with the SEBI’s new guidelines in August 2021, the lock-in period was reduced from one year to six months.. 

  1. From where can you buy HELLA Lighting unlisted shares? 

You can buy HELLA Lighting unlisted shares through online platforms. Stockify stands out as the best platform, offering secure transactions, expert guidance, and a wide range of unlisted shares, including HELLA Lighting, for seamless investing.

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