Hexaware Technologies Records Sequential Profit Growth Of 6.6%: Know How It Impacts Its Unlisted Share Price

Hexaware Technologies Limited, a reputed IT and business process outsourcing service provider based in Navi Mumbai, India, expects revenue growth of 12-14% in the current fiscal year. The positive outlook and already growing profits resulted in surging its share prices and invited potential investors to leverage this opportunity. As the company is scaling and setting new records in terms of net profit, buying Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares is the best way to diversify your investment portfolio and earn multi-bagger returns. Let’s discuss in detail how the consistently growing profit of Hexaware Technologies Limited is going to impact its unlisted shares.

Hexaware Technologies Limited’s Recent Collaboration

At the beginning of 2023, the company announced it would expand its services in the Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry. Hexaware Technologies Limited will integrate its recently acquired Highpoint Solutions and Mobiquity businesses. Being a typical IT company, Hexaware Technologies Limited plans to incorporate cutting-edge technologies in the medical sector to accelerate its revenue and improve global healthcare. Its clients will receive worthy treatment from this fruitful partnership, like enhanced healthcare services, experienced and medically fit employees, and improved financial performance. 

Hexaware’s Life Sciences and Healthcare services have delivered cutting-edge technology-driven solutions with enhanced deliveries for over a decade. And the company has a vast global client base and is leading the healthcare sector. The company aims to help organisations leverage technology to scale their businesses, launch innovative products, and improve healthcare delivery globally.

Completing the integration of Highpoint and Mobiquity, two leading firms in their own right, further powers Hexaware’s capabilities and reputation as a trusted partner of choice in life sciences and healthcare,” said Milan Bhatt, President of Hexaware Technologies. 

The fruitful collaboration will help clients leverage the integration of modern technology in the healthcare domain, value the technology investments and create personalised and innovative solutions for better catering to needy patients.

How The Collaboration And Surging Profit Impacted Its Unlisted Shares?

In FY 21-22, the company generated a revenue of ₹ 9200 crores which was 28% more than the previous year’s revenue. Furthermore, the recent integration of Hexaware Technologies Limited with Highpoint Solutions and Mobiquity is expected to revolutionise the medical industry and deliver optimised healthcare solutions. The current revenue report and integration in the healthcare sector have resulted in the rise of Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares are now trading at ₹ 570 per equity share.

Financial Details Of Hexaware Technologies Limited

The below-mentioned table depicts the financials of Hexaware Technologies Limited. All the financial figures are in crores.

Sales2,5823,124 3,5353,9424,6485,583 6,262 7,1789,200
Expenses2,1342,579 2,9583,2853,9114,701 5,2156,0457,978
Operating profit4485455776577368821,0471,1331,222
OPM (%)17%17%16%17%16%16%17%16%15%
Other income169394958123569179
Profit before tax4185055606417277798009411,123
Tax (%)23%22%25%22%20%18%22%20%21%
Net profit320393419500583641622749884
NPM (%)12%13%12%13%13%11%10%10%9%
EPS in ₹ 10.6413.0413.8816.8319.6221.4920.7724.8629.31

Why Should You Invest In Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares?

Unlisted share prices of Hexaware Technologies Limited are constantly surging and hitting highs. Investors can buy unlisted shares of the company to leverage this wonderful opportunity to earn a good return on the investment in the shortest time. Unlisted shares are the best way to diversify an investment portfolio.

Count on Stockify to begin your investment journey by investing in Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares or any other company’s unlisted shares. It is one of India’s best online unlisted shares broking platforms, providing a hassle and risk-free trading experience. Connect with our experts to accelerate your trading journey!


Q1 – Is trading in Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans – Yes, trading in Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares is 100% legal in India. Traders can count on Stockify to invest in the unlisted share market and enjoy a hassle and risk-free investment experience.

Q2 – What is the minimum investment amount for Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – The investment amount has dropped as the majority of the people started investing in the unlisted share market. The minimum investment amount for Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares has dropped from 5-10 lakh to 30-50K.

Q3 – How can I check the current price of Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – You can visit Stockify to instantly check the current price of Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares. Our expert brokers keep updating unlisted share prices based on market fluctuations.

Q4 – Does SEBI regulate Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – India’s Securities & Exchange Board doesn’t directly regulate the unlisted share market. However, SEBI’s rules and regulations are applicable in the unlisted share market, like the lock-in period, DP charge for every transaction, stamp duty, etc. 

Q5 – How can I buy or sell Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – You can use Stockify for buying and selling Hexaware Technologies Limited unlisted shares, and it is one of the best online trading platforms for a hassle-free investment experience.  You can count on our team of broking experts, who will provide you with relevant information and simplify your investment process.

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Hexaware Technologies Limited, a popular IT company, has recorded a profit of ₹ 9,200 crores in FY 21-22. Click here to know its impact on its unlisted shares


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