Hexaware Technologies To Offer Rs 475 Per Share For The Delisting Offer: Everything You Need To Know About It

Hexaware Technologies, an IT firm, announced that the final price of its delisting offer is Rs 475 per share. During this, the company also stated that it would liquidate its 8.72 crore equities which are validly tendered. HT Global Holding BV, an acquirer, and HT Global Holding, a promoter of Hexaware Technologies, have accepted the delisting offer at the final price of Rs 475 per share. It is significant for the retail investor who invested in Hexaware Technologies’ unlisted shares to know the details of this delisting offer. Let’s discuss Hexaware Technologies delisting in detail.

Details Of Hexaware Technologies Delisting Offer

The acquirers and promoters of Hexaware Technologies have accepted a final price for the delisting offer, in which the company is willing to offer Rs 475 per share. In the bidding process, the promoters offered a floor price of Rs 264.97 per share. Hexaware Technologies stated, “The proposed delisting offer would be deemed successful only if the minimum shares of 8,38,00,030 offer shares would be acquired or tendered at or below the exit price.”

In the exchange filing, the company also stated that post-completion of the acquisition should be 91.16% of the fully paid equity capital. The public shareholder whose bids get rejected will have their shares returned in a specified period. 

In addition, Hexaware Technology stated that all the public shareholders would continue to hold the equity shares after its reverse building book process. In addition, shareholders can offer their shares to the acquirer at the exit price for one year after the date of delisting from the stock exchanges.

How To Proceed If You Still Holding Hexaware Technologies Shares?

The biggest dilemma for the shareholders of Hexaware Technologies here is regarding the next step of the process. You can tender your available shares offline directly to the company at the final offer price, and there is a higher chance that the company will buy them back from you.

  • In the tender window, you can trade these shares over one period at the time of Hexaware Technologies’ delisting status. 
  • The company already fixed the tender price for trading shares, which is Rs 475 per share. Shareholders can trade their available shares at the exit price set by Hexaware Technologies.
  • As per the information shared by the company, shareholders can initiate the tender process by filing an exit application form and submitting it to the company’s registrar. In addition, you can transfer these financial securities from your DEMAT account to the designated DEMAT account of the company.

Since Hexaware Technologies announced its delisted status via offer, it is an excellent opportunity for investors to buy Hexaware Technologies’ unlisted shares, which are available in the Pre-IPO market.

Reasons To Buy Hexaware Technologies Unlisted Shares

Hexaware Technologies has been the fastest-growing IT and automation lead generation service provider. It is active in future verticals and consistently showed a positive growth rate. Hexaware Technologies is a public limited company incorporated on November 20, 1992. 

On November 2, 2020, the trading of the equity shares of this company was suspended on account of voluntary delisting, according to the SEBI. Currently, Hexaware Technologies’ unlisted shares are traded in the Pre-IPO market. There are various reasons to buy Hexaware Technologies unlisted shares:

High Growth Rate

The growth rate of Hexaware Technologies over the different verticals is outstanding. Hexaware Technologies’ year-on-year (YoY) growth rate in tech, automation lead generation, and BPO outsourcing is 30%, 28%, and 21%, respectively. In addition, Hexaware Technologies Pre-IPO shares also showed positive growth over the last year.

Involves Less Risk 

If you were an investor of the Hexaware Technologies listed shares, you might be aware of its level of risk. When you buy unlisted shares of Hexaware Technologies, the level of risk is low compared to the listed shares. Due to the lower volatility, the price of Hexaware Technologies Pre-IPO shares doesn’t fluctuate much. 

Less Liquidity

The unlisted shares of Hexaware Technologies are generally illiquid and attract a specific community willing to invest for a longer period. There is also specific security for investors in this, as Hexaware Technologies has undervalued stocks. Moreover, the company may bring its IPO in the future, allowing you to buy its IPO shares at a fair price.

Invest in Hexaware Technologies Pre-IPO Shares

If you plan to invest in the fastest-growing company, Hexaware Technologies unlisted shares might be a perfect option for you. Stockify can help you make a profitable investment by providing access to top-performing Pre-IPO shares. You can analyse the company’s performance and Hexaware Technologies unlisted share price on our platform. To buy unlisted shares, get in touch with us today!


1- What Is The Price Of The Hexaware Technologies Delisted Offer?

The delisted offer price offered by Hexaware Technologies is Rs 475 per share. To learn more about the delisting offer, connect with Stockify now!

2- Can I Claim Delisted Shares Of Hexaware Technologies?

You can either transfer the shares or wait till the liquidity loss letter appears on the website of Hexaware Technologies to claim your Hexaware Technologies delisted shares.

3- Why Is Hexaware Technologies Delisting Its Shares?

As per the sources, Hexaware Technologies is delisting its shares to take full control over the company and measure cost control metrics.

4- Will Investors Get Their Money Back After Delisting Of Hexaware Technologies Shares?

Investors will get their money back once they successfully claim the delisted shares of Hexaware Technologies.

5- How To Check The Listing Status Of The Company?

You can check the listing status of any company by using online trading platforms like Stockify.

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In the delisting offer, Hexaware Technologies offers a final price of Rs 475 per share. Read the blog to know the details of this delisting offer.


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