Lava Smart Phone Growth In India – What It Means For It P&L

The increasing popularity of Lava smartphones in India has brought exciting new opportunities and greatly affected how the tech industry makes and loses money. As Lava quickly becomes a strong player, this blog explores the significant changes that Lava smartphones have brought to India and how they’ve affected the financial side. In this analysis, we’ll look at the smart moves that have helped Lava succeed and how this has affected other companies and the overall market. Come along as we explore the extensive changes and understand how Lava’s smartphone growth has impacted the profit and loss of the company. Also, we will share an overview of Lava unlisted shares that are going to be affected by the company’s performance in the coming future. So you can decide how to use this opportunity to get profits by investing. 

Lava International: Company Overview 

Lava International Limited (LIL) is a distinguished Indian Public Limited Non-Government Company founded on March 27, 2009. With over 14 years of history, Lava is headquartered in West Delhi, Delhi, India, specializing in mobile handsets, tablets, and accessories under ‘Lava’ and ‘Xolo’ brands. Their product range encompasses Mobile Phones & Accessories, Mobile Tablets, and Mobile Phones. Operating with an authorized capital of INR 396.10 crore and a paid-up capital of INR 273.90 crore, Lava maintains an active status and has filed Annual Returns and Financial Statements until March 31, 2022.

The company carries open charges worth INR 1,287.09 crore and has successfully closed loans totalling INR 1,464.00 crore. Notable personnel include CFO Asitava Bose, Company Secretary Naveen Kumar, and directors Vinod Rai, Vinod Sharma, Shailendra Rai, and others. LIL contributes significantly to the electronics and electronic appliances manufacturing industry, consistently delivering quality to its customers through its platform.

Growth Of Lava International In the Indian Market

As per a report published by Economic Times, Lava International has witnessed significant growth in the Indian smartphone market, positioning itself to potentially overtake Karbonn as the second-largest local smartphone vendor, trailing behind Micromax. According to data from Cybex Exim Solutions, which monitors domestic phone vendors, Lava imported 1.9 million smartphones in the third quarter of 2014, closely trailing Micromax’s 3.7 million imports and surpassing Karbonn’s 1.8 million.

Regarding feature phones, Lava leads the market in imported handsets, outpacing Micromax and Karbonn. While Micromax holds the top spot, Lava has secured the second position, marking significant progress. Notably, Lava’s growth has been consistent and increasing in the current financial year, with positive market share and shipment trends.

Lava has introduced its distinctive user interface, Hive, built on the Android OS, differentiating its devices in the competitive Indian market. This innovative approach has contributed to its rising success. As predicted by IDC, the shift in ranking indicates the potential for Lava to further climb the smartphone category in the upcoming quarters, which can turn it into an excellent opportunity for investors looking to invest in Lava unlisted shares

Profit & Loss Summary Affecting Its Unlisted Shares 

Lava International has exhibited notable trends in its Profit and Loss statement over the years, which impact the value of its unlisted shares. The company’s financial performance directly influences investors and the perceived value of Lava pre IPO shares.

In 2022, Lava recorded a revenue of INR 58,980 crore, marking a steady growth from the previous years. This revenue was supported by prudent expense management, with an expense of INR 55,540 crore. Consequently, the Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation, Taxes, and Amortization (EBITDA) stood at INR 3,440 crore, reflecting a positive trajectory.

The company’s Profit Before Tax (PBT) reached INR 2,031 crore, signifying a healthy increase. With a calculated Tax Expense of INR 162 crore, the Profit After Tax (PAT) amounted to INR 1,869 crore, highlighting a consistent upward trend in recent years. Also, Lava reported another Income of INR 261 crore, contributing to an overall positive Income (Net of Taxes) of INR 2,130 crore.

The number of outstanding shares remained relatively stable, while the Earnings Per Share (EPS) climbed steadily to INR 3.5 per share in 2022. These upward financial performance stats boost investor confidence, making Lava unlisted shares an attractive investment option. The company’s ability to manage expenses, generate higher revenues, and enhance profitability directly impacts the value of these unlisted shares, reflecting the potential for favourable returns for investors. Lava unlisted share price currently is INR 110 but is likely to be increased in the future, observing the growth of the company. 

Should You Consider To Buy Lava Unlisted Shares?

Lava International’s remarkable growth and strategic advancements have positioned it as a significant contender. Lava’s journey reflects success and promise as it looks for the second-largest local smartphone vendor title. With a revenue of INR 58,980 crore in 2022 and consistent growth in financial performance, the company’s unlisted shares showcase strong potential for investors. For investors looking for more facts about the grey market, Stockify emerges as the premier platform to buy unlisted shares


  1. What is the growth rate of Lava in India?

Counterpoint Research reports that during the June 2023 quarter, Lava experienced a 53% growth.

  1. What is the market share of Lava smartphones in India? 

Lava market share in smartphones in India is 13.4% as of 2023

  1. What is Lava unlisted share price today? 

Currently, Lava unlisted share price is INR 110, which will likely increase in the future. 

  1. Which country brand is Lava?

Lava is an Indian Company founded in March 2009. 

  1. What is the turnover of Lava company?

Lava has grown significantly over time, with an annual turnover of $1.2 billion.

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