Will CSK’s Franchise Performance In Overseas Leagues Affect Its Shares In The Grey Market?

Being a five times winner in IPL, Chennai Super Kings is gearing up to set the grey market on fire. As cricket excitement keeps fans engaged worldwide, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), a strong team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), is now going beyond its home country. CSK aims to expand its popularity internationally by getting involved in leagues abroad. 

Recently, CSK bought a team in Johannesburg, South Africa, and entered Major League Cricket in Texas, USA. This expansion introduces the ‘Joburg Super Kings’ and ‘Texas Super Kings,’ which not only adds to CSK’s history but also raises opportunities for investors who invest in CSK unlisted shares and how CSK’s performance in international leagues might affect its presence in the grey market.

CSK’s Expansion In South Africa And Its Effects On Unlisted Shares

Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited (CSKCL), the owner of IPL powerhouse Chennai Super Kings, has bought the Johannesburg franchise in Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) new T20 League. This strategic move aligns with CSKCL’s global expansion vision. The acquisition marks the Chennai-based franchise’s push into the expansion of South African cricket.

CSKCL’s decision to invest in the Johannesburg franchise underscores its commitment to nurturing cricket talent beyond the borders of India. The acquisition of this franchise provides CSKCL with a valuable platform to tap into the cricket background of South Africa, which is known for producing top-tier players. The team selection process adhered to CSA regulations, enabling CSKCL to secure players like Faf du Plessis, Moeen Ali, Mahesh Theekshana, Romario Shepherd, and Gerald Coetzee. Faf du Plessis, a former CSK player, has been chosen to lead the Johannesburg Super Kings, adding depth and leadership to the squad.

The move holds significant implications for CSK unlisted shares in the grey market. As the Johannesburg franchise gains traction and popularity in the CSA T20 League, CSKCL’s visibility and influence will likely increase. This enhanced exposure can positively impact the value of its unlisted shares, generating interest and investment from cricket enthusiasts and investors alike. At present, CSK unlisted share price stands at INR 177, which can also be an excellent opportunity for investors. 

CSK’s Expansion In The USA And Its Effects On Unlisted Shares

The Chennai Super Kings’ successful acquisition of the Texas Super Kings franchise in Major League Cricket (MLC) marks a significant expansion of their presence in the global T20 market. The Texas Super Kings, based in Dallas, Texas, debuted in the 2023 MLC season as one of the league’s inaugural teams. Co-owned by Chennai Super Kings, Ross Perot Jr., and Anurag Jain, the team is captained by Faf du Plessis and coached by Stephen Fleming.

This move holds possible benefits for CSK unlisted shares in the grey market. Chennai Super Kings can tap into the growing American cricket market by extending their brand to a new and diverse audience in the United States. The success and performance of the Texas Super Kings on the field could enhance the reputation and visibility of the Chennai Super Kings brand globally. Increased recognition and popularity could positively impact the value of their unlisted shares in the grey market, attracting more investors and potentially leading to higher trading prices. This strategic expansion demonstrates Chennai Super Kings’ commitment to growing their brand and influence beyond traditional cricket markets.

CSK Performance In IPL Matches 

Chennai Super Kings (CSK), under the leadership of MS Dhoni, has established itself as one of the most dominant teams in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). With their recent victory in the IPL 2023 Final against Gujarat Titans, CSK secured their fifth IPL title, tying the record set by Mumbai Indians (MI). This victory not only underscores CSK’s cricketing performance but also has implications for CSK pre-IPO shares in the grey market.

CSK’s consistent success in the IPL finals, with ten appearances, reflects their remarkable performance over the years. Despite their inaugural loss to Rajasthan Royals in 2008, CSK has since clinched the championship trophy five times (2010, 2011, 2018, 2021, 2023) and finished as runners-up on four occasions. Their triumph in 2023 adds another title to their collection, enhancing their brand value and market appeal.

This continuous victory in the IPL finals will positively impact CSK’s unlisted shares in the grey market. The team’s consistent on-field success can lead to increased investor confidence, actively driving demand for their shares. As CSK’s brand gains prominence and popularity, investors may perceive more significant growth prospects, which could influence their interest in acquiring or trading CSK unlisted shares.

Should You Consider Investing In CSK Unlisted Shares?

CSK’s victories in the IPL have not only solidified their position as a cricketing giant but also have the potential to elevate the value of CSK unlisted shares in the grey market. The team’s track record of success and recent championship win contribute to an optimistic outlook for smart investors to buy unlisted shares. At Stockify, you can see further information about CSK and its stocks and financial data. 


  1. Which is the new CSK team of CSK in the USA? 

The Texas Super Kings are a Major League Cricket (MLC)-affiliated American Twenty20 cricket side.

  1. Who is sponsoring team Super Kings in 2023?

TVS Eurogrip signed a three-year agreement (2023–2024) with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and became the team’s Principal Sponsor.

  1. What is CSK unlisted share price?

Currently, CSK unlisted share price is INR 177.

  1. Is Dhoni in Texas Super Kings?

No, Dhoni cannot play in the newly formed team Texas Super Kings.

  1. What is CSK market capital? 

CSK has a market cap of INR 5793 Cr.

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The performance of Chennai Super Kings in overseas cricket leagues has sparked discussions about its potential influence on its unlisted shares in the grey market


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