NSE Gift City SGX Trading Explained, And Its Impact On The Company’s Future Growth Performance

Whether it’s about India or any other country, many investors nowadays want to invest in the international share market to diversify their portfolios. As India is a developing country, it is enticing many individuals to invest in the share market in India. Today, both National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) are in the news because India’s and Singapore’s capital markets will be traded through GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec) City. It will be the first international financial service Center (IFSC) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Let’s read about this collaboration and its impact on NSE’s future growth and performance. 

An Overview Of NSE

National Stock Exchange is a renowned stock exchange in India and ranks second largest in the world. Founded in 1992 and recognized by SEBI as a stock exchange in April 1993, NSE entails a fully-integrated business model consisting of exchange listing, trading services, market data feeds, clearing and settlement services, technology solutions, etc. The company is a pioneer in technology and ensures reliability via a culture of innovation and investment in technology. The company has a market capital of Rs. 182160 Crore, and NSE unlisted share price is available at Rs. 3550. 


Singapore Stock Exchange is a securities and derivatives exchange based in Singapore. It is a marketplace where investors and traders can buy and sell financial instruments. SGX plays a crucial role in Singapore’s ecosystem and stands out as a global financial centre. Let’s read about SGX’s collaboration with NSE in the next section. 

Collaboration Of NSE And SGX Trading 

The National Stock Exchange of India and the Singapore Stock Exchange collaborated to develop and launch new products in international financial markets. The collaboration initially focused on the derivatives segments to benefit both Indian and international investors. Further, the most noticeable aspect of this collaboration is the development of a new trading platform called NSE international financial service centre (IFSC) – SGX Connect. 

India & Singapore Capital Markets Will Be Traded Via GIFT City

The collaboration between NSE and SGX will offer a seamless trading experience to investors through the GIFT City platform. You must know that GIFT has been designed as a global financial IT hub, offering offshore banking, capital markets, insurance and asset management. The aim of this collaboration is to make trading easy and access Indian equity markets for investors without having to contact NSE directly. It was also projected to enhance liquidity and trading volume in Nifty 50 index derivatives. You will be surprised to know that GIFT City is a new financial hub in Gujarat. With this, the government aims to make it a contender of other global financial centres such as Dubai, Singapore, and Mauritius. 

Impact Of Collaboration On NSE’s Performance & Growth 

The treaty between NSE and SGX might positively impact the NSE unlisted shares, growth, and overall performance. This will let investors trade in dollars in NIFTY derivatives, with the benefits of lower tax rates and will fetch more capital from foreign investors in India. With this collaboration, NSE will have more exposure to international investors, enhance its international market reputation, boost liquidity and trading volume, innovation and product diversity, develop financial infrastructure, gain competitive advantage, and more. 

According to the MD and CEO of NSE International Exchange, V Balasubramaniam, “The collaboration is a watershed moment in the history of India.” The first time India will get an international contract that was exported out of India earlier, he added further. With the expansion of worldwide investor reach, the NSE-SGX collaboration will allow the Indian market to expand its reach among global investors. This partnership will surely be beneficial for retail investors to invest in NSE unlisted shares and get a high return on their investment. 

The Future Of NSE Unlisted Shares 

Certainly, the future of NSE unlisted shares seems to be bright with this collaboration. Through GIFT City, the company will trade in dollars with its international investors, which might increase its unlisted share price. Further, the company has not filed for an IPO, so early investment will allow investors to gain a high return. If you’re planning to invest in NSE unlisted shares, count on Stockify. We help investors with buying and selling pre-IPO shares in India. Our experienced stock exchange brokers will guide you throughout the trading and provide you with relevant information that will make the trading seamless. Speak to expert brokers today to start trading. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How to buy NSE unlisted shares?

Ans. You can buy NSE unlisted shares through Stockify. It is a trustworthy trading platform to help you buy and sell unlisted shares. Connect with expert brokers today. 

  1. What is the lock-in period of NSE pre-IPO stocks?

Ans. The lock-in period of NSE unlisted shares is six months from the date of acquisition. Previously, the lock-in period was one year, which was reduced to six months.

  1. What is the current price of NSE unlisted shares?

Ans. Presently, the NSE pre-IPO stocks are trading at Rs. 3550. The prices keep fluctuating based on the company’s performance and market trends. 

  1. How do I check the daily price of NSE unlisted shares?

Ans. The price of NSE unlisted shares can be checked at Stockify. We update the prices of unlisted shares daily by monitoring market trends and the company’s performance. 

  1. Which is the most trustworthy platform to rely on for trading?

Ans. You can count on Stockify for online stock trading. Speak to our brokers and get information about the company you want to invest in. Just speak to them and make your trading journey easy. 

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National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) allow foreign investors to have access to the Indian capital market in a convenient and affordable way. Read more here.


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