boAt’s Major Mergers And Acquisitions In The Last 5 Years: What It Signifies For Investors?

The growth of any business is determined by various factors like operating revenue, profit after tax, etc. However, financial experts also consider mergers and acquisitions of the business as the pivotal way to determine the business growth rate. boAt, an Indian-based D2C electronic wearable brand has the largest share in the Indian market and 5th globally. 

The company showed exceptional business growth in the last few years, in which its merger and acquisitions played a significant role. If you are looking to invest in boAt unlisted shares, it is vital to check company’s acquisitions and mergers in the last five years. 

boAt’s Financial Performance In The Last Five Years

Before we move to the boAt’s major mergers and acquisitions, let’s look at its financial performance in the last five years. As you know, boAt is an unlisted company whose pre-IPO stocks are traded in the grey market; the company’s financial performance determines boAt share price in India.

boAt generates its revenue from online marketplaces, 80-85% of its overall revenue. The second source of revenue is its offline channels through which it sells its products to the end customers. If we see the financial performance of boAt in the last five years, its net sales increased with every fiscal year. Apart from this, boAt also managed the cash burn to the minimum.

It signifies that boAt’s financial performance in the last five years remained positive. The other aspect we have to check here is the boAt stock price which also fluctuated with the company’s performance. However, boAt unlisted share price continuously increased since July 2023. As per the recent market data, boAt share price today is Rs 930 per equity share. Now you have a clear idea of boAt financial performance, it’s time to look at its significant mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers And Acquisitions Of boAt In The Last 5 Years

As an investor, it is crucial for you to closely analyse the mergers and acquisitions of the company and see how it can benefit you in the future. In the last five years, boAt worked towards its business expansion, merging with various brands and acquiring various startups.

Acquisition Of KaHa Pte Limited

boAt acquired KaHa Pte Limited, a Singapore-based IoT product development company. The acquisition occurred last year in which Imagine Marketing, a parent company of boAt, signed a definitive agreement. It is to leverage the KaHa experience in building IoT devices to get a technology platform for the wearable with machine learning and AI capabilities. 

Tagg Digital

In 2021, boAt acquired the consumer electronic brand Tagg Digital to strengthen its position in the market. Tagg is a Delhi-based company that manufactures wireless earphones, buds, smartwatches, speakers, etc. As per the sources, the acquisition deal was around $5-8 million and played a significant role in boAt’s business expansion plan.

Set Up Merger Arm

Recently, boAt set up its merger arm to build a house of brands. According to the Economic Times report, the company plans to establish a consumer tech sector similar to brands like GoodGlamm Group. During this, boAt merged various brands like RedGear, a famous gaming accessories brand, and more brands like Misfit and DeFy.

The last five years remained exceptional for boAt as the company worked towards its business expansion, due to which it withdrew its IPO.

What boAt’s Mergers & Acquisitions Means For Investors?

The mergers and acquisitions by boAt in the last five years remained profitable for the company. From the investor’s point of view, it signifies the company’s growth plan, which also reflects in boAt unlisted shares performance during this period. boAt share price in India increased with the company’s expansion and brought a good return on investment for investors. 

As per the recent market data, boAt share price today is Rs 930 per equity share. 

Since the company is now focused on global expansion and launching its IPO, investors can expect a better boAt IPO share price. That is why it is advised to buy boAt unlisted shares to gain future benefits and become a part of the company’s growth. 

Invest In boAt Pre-IPO Stocks With Stockify

The growth of boAt in the last five years remained exceptional and attracted investors. For retail investors, boAt unlisted shares are an excellent opportunity to earn high returns with the company’s growth in the future. Stockify, the best-unlisted shares a broking platform, allows retail investors to buy unlisted shares of boAt and other top-performing companies. Here, you will get access to updated share prices and the company’s financial performance. Our unlisted share brokers also guide you to help in making a profitable investment. Start investing in boAt pre-IPO shares now!


1- How Can I Invest In boAt Shares In India?

You can only invest in boAt via its unlisted shares in India. To buy boAt unlisted shares, connect with our experts today.

2- What Is The Current Market Valuation Of boAt?

As per the recent data, the total market valuation of boAt is around Rs 2200 crore. For getting more info about the company, subscribe to Stockify.

3- What Is The Current Price Of boAt Pre-Stocks In The Grey Market?

boAt unlisted shares price today is Rs 930 per equity share. Its price keeps changing and depends largely on the company’s current performance.

4- Is It Beneficial To Invest In boAt Pre-IPO Shares?

boAt is one of India’s fastest-growing D2C electronic wearable brands, with a positive CAGR. So it is beneficial to invest in boAt unlisted shares for future benefits. 

5- Is It Legal To Trade boAt Unlisted Shares In India?

Buying or selling boAt pre-IPO stocks are legal in India. You can easily trade boAt shares by using Stockify.

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boAt acquired the brands like KaHa and Tagg as part of its business expansion plan. Here are its major mergers and acquisitions in the last five years.


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