NSE Q1FY 2024 Results Explained: What It Signifies For Retail Investors?

National Stock Exchange (NSE), India’s leading stock exchange, shared the financial results for the first quarter of FY24. The company reported 9% of Year-on-Year(YoY) growth with a consolidated net profit of Rs 1844 crore in the last quarter. Since NSE is also the 5th largest stock exchange in the world in terms of trade of equity shares, investors often consider the financial report as a crucial metric for making an investment decision. It also reflects the NSE unlisted shares growth and how much growth it reported in its revenue and other financial metrics like Profit After Tax (PAT). In this write-up, we will analyse the financial results of NSE for the first quarter in detail.

An Overview Of The National Stock Exchange(NSE)

National Stock Exchange, popularly known as NSE,  is an unlisted company and one of the leading stock exchanges in India. When it comes to trading equity shares, NSE and BSE are the two names that come at the top in terms of transparency in trading.

NSE is India’s first stock exchange, which launched electronic screen-based trading in India in 1994 and internet trading in 2000. It has a fully-integrated business model which comprises trading services, exchange listing, market data feed, clearing and settlement services, and more. 

In the grey market, NSE unlisted shares are among the top-performing shares in the market and attract retail investors in large numbers. Recently, NSE launched its new municipal bond index, a type of debt instrument used to raise new funds and beneficial for municipal corporations. 

Different Subsidiaries Of NSE

NSE has a diversified business portfolio in which it provides various services to retail and corporate clients. The company offers a wide range of services via its subsidiaries which are as follows:

Name Of SubsidiaryCountry Of IncorporationNSE(% of ownership)
NSE Investments LtdIndia100%
NSE Clearing LimitedIndia100%
NSEIT (US) Inc.United States of America100%
NSE Data and Analytics LimitedIndia100%
NSEIT LimitedIndia100%
NSE Indices LimitedIndia100%
NSE Infotech Services LtdIndia100%
NSE Academy LimitedIndia100%
NSE IFSC LimitedIndia100%
NSE FoundationIndia100%
Aujas Network Private LimitedIndia95.39%

Each of the subsidiaries of the NSE plays an essential role in providing specific services to the investors. NSE Clearing is responsible for clearing and settlement operations, while NSEIT offers end-to-end technology solutions.

A Detailed Analysis Of NSE Q1FY24 Results

NSE recently released the financial reports for the first quarter of the financial year. The financial report below highlights the various metrics, including NSE operational 

revenue, OPM, and others. Here are the quick details of the NSE financial performance in the last quarter:

Particulars (in Rs. crore)Q1FY24
Operational Revenue2,987
Other Income369
Operating Profit2,309
Employee Benefits Expenses113
Other Expenses565
Depreciation 103
No Of Shares49

In the June quarter of the fiscal year 2024, NSE recorded a growth of around 9% in operating revenue which stood at Rs 2,987 crore. During this period, the exchange managed an operating profit of Rs 2,309 crore. If we look at the other financial metrics, including PAT, PBT, and other expenses, NSE stood at Rs 1,843 crore, Rs 2,543 crore, and Rs 565 crore.

If we compare these financial metrics with the results of NSE Q3FY23, then NSE recorded good growth. In the last quarter of FY23, the operating revenue of NSE was Rs 2,834 crore, while its expenditure cost was Rs 792 crore. 

Over the last quarter, this exchange showed good growth which is a positive sign for investors looking to buy NSE unlisted shares. According to the statement released by the NSE, its consolidated income for this quarter increased by 13 per cent compared to the last quarter. In addition, the net profit of the NSE in Q1FY24 increased by 55 per cent. 

Apart from this, the other reason is the significant participation of retail investors due to the NSE IPO, which created a buzz in the market. As a result, the NSE share price in India increased steadily over the last six months, allowing investors to make a good profit. The financial performance of NSE in the previous years remained positive, which signifies exchange positive growth in the June Quarter of FY24.

Current Performance Of NSE In The Unlisted Share Market

As you have complete details of NSE financial results for Q1FY24, the next crucial thing you need to know is the NSE performance in the grey market. Since NSE is not listed yet, retail investors can use its YoY growth by investing in NSE pre-IPO shares. However, before you make any decision, you need to know the NSE share price, market valuation, and other financial metrics.

Price History Of NSE Unlisted Shares

The most crucial financial metric we should consider is NSE share price history. It will give you a better idea of how NSE pre-IPO stocks performed in the last few months. From the previous month’s data, NSE unlisted share price fluctuated largely due to the market conditions. However, in June 2023, the price of NSE shares increased by a large margin, reaching Rs 3,790 per equity share.

After that, its unlisted shares performed steadily. As per the fresh market data, the NSE share price today is 3,550 per equity share. You need to understand that the price of NSE shares can fluctuate and depends mainly on the company’s performance. In such a case, you should keep an eye on the NSE pre-IPO stock price by visiting Stockify.

Current Valuation Of NSE

We have to consider NSE valuation to analyse the current performance of NSE unlisted shares in the grey market. The total valuation of NSE’s outstanding shares is approximately Rs 50 crore (per the data shared on 31/03/2023). So, the current market valuation of NSE unlisted shares in the grey market is 1,85,000 crore. 

In addition, NSE also reported a steady growth in the grey market in terms of PAT, revenue, and EBITDA, which signifies that its pre-IPO stocks are undervalued. Apart from this, you should not ignore the IPO, which can primarily affect its market valuation. When preparing an IPO, NSE shared the updated valuation with SEBI. It also affects NSE IPO share price in the future.

Dividend History Of NSE Unlisted Shares

The dividend history of the NSE pre-IPO stocks gives you a better idea of the performance of the exchange since its inception. Over the years, the dividend per share on the NSE unlisted shares increased from 40 to 79.5 from 2012 to 2015. After this year, the dividend per share decreased to 7.79. As per the recent data, the current dividend on NSE shares is 80. If you are looking for dividend-sharing stocks, NSE is your best choice.

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1- What Is The Listing Status Of The National Stock Exchange?

National Stock Exchange is an unlisted company that allows investors to buy NSE unlisted shares using an online trading platform. For getting more information about NSE, connect with us today.

2- What Are The Recent Financial Results Of NSE?

As per the financial results shared by the NSE for Q1FY23, its net profit increased by 9% to Rs 1844 crore, you can check the recent financial reports of the company at Stockify.

3- How To Check The Updated NSE Share Price Online?

You can check the NSE updated share price online by using Stockify, the best unlisted shares broking platform in India. Here, our experts regularly update the NSE unlisted share price based on fresh market data.

4- What Is The Current NSE Unlisted Shares Price In India?

The NSE share price today is Rs 3550 per equity share. This price is subject to change and depends on various factors, including the company’s current performance. To check the future NSE unlisted share price, subscribe to Stockify.

5- How Can I Buy NSE Unlisted Shares Online?

You can easily buy or sell NSE pre-IPO shares by using Stockify. Here you will get access to the company’s financial details like operational revenue, market valuation, EBITA, and more.

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In the financial result of Q1FY2024, NSE reported a YoY growth of 9% with a consolidated net profit of Rs 1844 crore.


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