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SBI General Insurance FY23 Net Profit Surged By 40%; How Will It Impact Unlisted Stock Prices?

SBI General

Started as a joint venture between the State Bank of India (SBI) and Insurance Australia Group (IAG), SBI General Insurance was established in 2009. Since then, the company’s growth has been tremendous in many ways. They expanded their branches from 17 in 2011 to more than 139 pan-India. Till now, the company has proudly served over ten crore customers. Its growing customer base and exponential business operations are the main reasons for the company’s growth. 

This is one achievement; however, there are many. In 2022, the company was titled “Best General Insurance Company Of The Year” at The Third Emerging Asia Insurance Awards conducted by the Indian Chamber Of Commerce. Another achievement is that the company recorded a 40% hike in its net profit for FY23. How increased net profit will impact SBI General Insurance’s unlisted share price? Continue reading this blog to know. 

An Overview Of SBI General Insurance 

SBI General Insurance is a prominent general insurance company in India. As the name suggests, the company offers a comprehensive range of general insurance products to people in India, like health, home, motor, travel, and personal accident insurance. For its remarkable products, the company was awarded “Insurer Of The Year” in the non-life category at FICCI Insurance Industry Awards for two consecutive years in 2020 & 2021. 

Furthermore, the company has an extensive network of distributors with 2200 plus branches, agents, OEMs, financial alliances, and many digital partners helping the company grow. No doubt, the company has earned various awards for its products and services and has robust financial backing for a fast, swift, and hassle-free claims settlement process. 

SBI’s Net Profit For FY23 Increased By 40%, Rs. 184 Cr

In April, SBI General Insurance, the unlisted arm of State Bank, claimed its net profit had been expanded by 40% YoY to Rs. 184 Crore in FY23. This amount is on a gross written premium income of Rs.10,888 Crore. Moreover, the company also said it could sustain a robust growth momentum this year. 

Kishore Kumar Poludasu, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of SBI General Insurance, said, “This year, the company achieved a milestone of being one of the early companies to cross the benchmark of Rs. 10,000 crore of GWP in just 13 years of operations.” 

Though the company recorded 11% GWP (Gross Written Premium) in FY21-22, which stood at Rs. 9260 Crore, this year, the company achieved quite more than expected. The company’s growth can easily be seen with the rising demand for health insurance in the country. 

The Impact Of Increased Net Profit On Its Unlisted Share Price 

It is a well-known fact that with the positive performance of the company, the unlisted share price of the company also fluctuates. The rise in net profit has positively impacted the SBI General Insurance pre-IPO shares price as the company said its market share increased to 4.21 per cent with over 22 crore customers. Further, the solvency ratio of the company stood at 1.72x, which is higher than the regulatory mandate of 1.5x, as stated by the company. 

The unlisted share price of the company had significantly increased to Rs. 1150, which was less before its profit increased. The growth of the company in the past few years immensely attracted investors to its unlisted stocks. So the early investment in SBI General Insurance’s unlisted shares is an excellent opportunity for people to earn high returns. It is also because the company has not filed for an IPO, and once it does in the future, investors can expect high returns. 

Also, the net worth of the company was recorded at 3,013 crore as of June 30, 2022, which might have increased to some extent now. To make its products and services highly personalised, the company keeps on building new strategies.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How to buy SBI General Insurance unlisted shares?

Ans. You can buy SBI General Insurance pre-IPO stocks from Stockify. It is an excellent platform to buy and sell unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies. 

  1. How do I check SBI General Insurance’s unlisted share price daily?

Ans. To check the daily prices of unlisted shares, you can count on Stockify. You can get updated prices of unlisted stocks of pre-IPO companies in India daily. 

  1. What can be the risk of buying SBI General Insurance unlisted shares?

Ans. Investment in pre-IPO stocks is only made to take benefit of IPO. However, if the IPO plans of the company get delayed, the demand for its shares will also drop. Since unlisted stocks work on demand and supply, exit will be difficult if there is no IPO news. 

  1. How to track the daily news of SBI General Insurance’s unlisted stocks?

Ans. Whether you want to track unlisted share prices or other information about the company, you can visit Stockify for every piece of information you want related to unlisted shares. 

  1. What is the current price of SBI General Insurance?

And. SBI General Insurance’s unlisted share price today is Rs. 1150. You must know that the  prices fluctuate based on market demand and the company’s performance. 

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