NCL Buildtek Business Model And Estimated Future Growth Explained

NCL Buildtek, previously known as Alltek and Seccolor Limited. It is India’s unlisted, sole licence ICP plaster company. It is a part of the NCL group, which has over 3 decades of experience providing building and construction materials. Over the years, this company showed positive growth in business and the grey market. This is why NCL Buildtek unlisted shares remain in demand and are seen as profitable investments. However, you should know well about this company’s business model and future growth possibilities before planning an investment. So let’s discuss in this blog, NCL Buildtek Ltd in detail.

An Overview Of NCL Buildtek Limited

NCL Buildtek Limited is a leading manufacturer of various building and construction materials. It has over 30 years of experience and facilitates its operations across the different states of India. The company offers many building products, including windows, door frames, doors, ventilators, partitions, glazings, etc. The company is officially registered in Hyderabad and has manufacturing and fabrication plants across different locations, including Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and more.

History Of NCL Buildtek Ltd

NCL Buildtek was previously known as Alltek and Seccolor Limited) which was invested and developed in Sweden and patented in different countries. It was an extensive grader of the plasters made from natural minerals, including marble powder and sand.

Today, NCL Alltek has the sole licence of ICP plasters and completed multiple projects. On the other hand, Seccolor manufactures pre-painted steel doors, windows, and glazings in technical collaboration with Industry SECCO, Italy.

Apart from the business, NCL Buildtek is also active in the grey market. It allows retail investors to buy NCL Buildtek unlisted shares. It is one of the few companies that showed exceptional business growth of 45% in a single fiscal year. Today, NCL Buildtek Ltd pre-IPO shares are in high demand, making it a feasible investment option. 

Business Model Of NCL Buildtek Limited

The business model of NCL Buildtek Limited depends on its different business segments through which it earns revenue. It targets the different needs of the building contractors via its high-quality products. Today, NCL Buildtek serves multiple cities, including Maharashtra, through its Allter and Seccolor divisions. The company’s portfolio has four business verticals: NCL coatings, NCL windows, NCL wall solutions, and NCL services. These services are vital in the business model through which it serves retail and corporate clients.

NCL Coatings

The company mainly targets building contractors and construction material dealers in the business segment for selling its NCL coating solutions. It is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing putties, texture, and various emulsion paints.

NCL Windows

It manufactures a wide range of windows, including colour-coated GI windows, ABS (which it manufactures in collaboration with KOS, South Korea), uPVC doors and windows, etc.

NCL Wall Solutions

The company manufactures different types of NCL wall solutions in this business segment, including paint, coatings, and other solutions. For this, NCL Bluetek collaborates with other partners.

NCL Services

The company also offers diversified services to businesses and high-end customers to plan the construction process. It ensures the availability of its different services via its presence in different cities.

The business model of NCL Buildtek is diversified and allows it to serve the clients’ ever-evolving needs. As an industry leader, the company continuously grew positively compared to its competitors.

Estimated Future Growth of NCL Builtek Ltd

Before discussing the future growth of NCL Buildtek Ltd, it is essential to take an overview of its current growth. As per the recent data shared by the company, its revenue for FY 22-23 grew from Rs 407 crore to Rs 450 crore. In addition, NCL Buildtek’s gross margin increased by 43.11%, which is a positive sign. 

Talking about its future growth, then it will largely depend on how the company performs in the coming years. Since NCL Buildtek has various partnerships and collaborations with global manufacturers like Veka AG, Germany, there are chances that the company will continue its high growth rate.

Apart from this, the company also performs well in the unlisted market. NCL Buildtek unlisted share price increased over the last two months. As per the fresh market data, NCL Buildtek share price today is Rs 260 per equity share. It is recommended to buy unlisted shares of this company for future growth benefits.

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1- What Was The Revenue Of NCL Buildtek Ltd In The Last Fiscal Year?

As per the data shared by the company, the revenue of NCL Buildtek Ltd for the last quarter of FY23 was Rs 435 crore. For getting more financial information about the company, subscribe to Stockify.

2- How Can I Buy NCL Buildtek Unlisted Shares Online?

Buying or selling NCL Buildtek pre-IPO shares is easy with the help of Stockify. Here you will get guidance from experts and access to the company’s financial history.

3- What Is The NCL Buildtek Unlisted Share Price Today?

According to recent market data, the current price of NCL Buildtek unlisted shares is Rs 260 per equity share. For future updates about its unlisted shares, connect with us.

4- What Is The Minimum Ticket Size For Investment In NCL Buildtek Unlisted Shares?

The minimum ticket size for investment in NCL Buildtek pre-IPO shares is Rs 30-35K. To start investing in NCL Buildtek limited contact unlisted shares brokers today!

5- Is The Unlisted Share Market Regulated By SEBI?

SEBI doesn’t regulate the unlisted share market. However, certain rules and regulations of the Indian market capital regulator are applicable in the grey market.

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NCL Buildtek Ltd has a diversified business model that serves retail and corporate clients


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