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SBI General Insurance’s Net Profit Surged By 40% In FY23- What Does It Convey About The Company’s Growth?

SBI General Insurances

SBI General Insurance, an unlisted arm of the State Bank of India(SBI), announced its financial results for FY 22-23. In the report, the insurer clearly mentioned that it recorded a growth of 40% in its net profit. SBI General’s net profit for 2023 stood at Rs 184 crore. Apart from the profit, the company’s other financial metrics also remained positive, which is a great indication for retail investors. 

For those who want to buy SBI General Insurance unlisted shares, a growth rate of the will help in creating investment strategies. In this blog, we will talk about the predicted growth of SBI General Insurance in the unlisted share market.

A Sneak Peak At SBI General Insurance Net Profit In FY 22-23

You might be interested to know the future of SBI General Insurance in the unlisted shares. Whether you should invest in its pre-IPO shares for future growth or not? We will answer all your questions in the coming section. Before that, take a glance at State Bank of India General Insurance’s net profit in FY 22-23.

As per the report of the Economic Times, SBI General Insurance’s net profit surged and provided investors with a high return on investment in the last fiscal year. Apart from this, the company’s Gross Written Premium(GMP) also demonstrated a growth of 17.6% and clocked at Rs 10,888 crore. The Profit After Tax(PAT) of the company also surged and increased from Rs 131 crore in FY 21-22 to Rs 188 crore in FY 22-23.

An overall growth of 40% made by SBI General Insurance in net profit conveys various things and might benefit the unlisted share market. One of the significant impacts investors can see is in the SBI General Insurance share price, which might increase in the coming months. From the company’s perspective, it signifies the demand for the company’s products and services among customers.

Predicted Future Growth Of SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance started as a joint venture between the Insurance Australia Group(IAG) and the State Bank of India. Since its inception, the company has consistently shown positive growth. According to the report published by the Business Standard, the net profit growth is due to the high gross premium made by the company in the last year. It is also seen that SBI General Insurance’s share price also increased by 4.21%, which reflects the stellar growth of the company in the last financial year.

However, it is equally important to have an idea of the company’s future growth that helps you plan your investment in SBI General Insurance pre-IPO shares. Let’s have a look at the possible growth of the company in the future:

Digitisation Advantage

SBI General Insurance knows well that today, every person seeks an insurance service online. It is why the company worked on its digital strategy and targets customers with a wide range of products and services. In the future, the company will aim to take advantage of its position and reach out to new consumers with new insurance products and services.

Business Expansion

In the future, SBI General Insurance will work on its business verticals and expand its business. When it comes to investment, the company is expected to go with various options like Initial Public Offering(IPO), funding from private equity investors, and business loans. An improved company’s financials is also a positive sign for getting a fair market valuation during an IPO.

Demand For Unlisted Shares

Since the company recorded a growth in its net profit in the last financial year, it affects SBI General Insurance share performance in the unlisted share market. In the coming years, you can expect high share prices and demand. It is also an indication that you might not get access to SBI General Insurance shares at the time when it goes public. That’s why it is advised to invest early in the company via its pre-IPO shares.

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1- What is the current market valuation of SBI General Insurance Ltd?

The valuation of SBI General Insurance Ltd in the unlisted share market is approximately Rs 24,150 crore. To know more about the company’s financials, connect with our experts.

2- Is SBI General Insurance the trusted company for an investment?

SBI General Insurance is an unlisted arm of India’s trusted State Bank of India. The company’s net profit surged by 40% in the financial year 2023. You can invest in SBI general insurance unlisted shares without any worry.

3- How can I check SBI’s General Insurance share price daily?

As per the fresh market data, the current share price of SBI General Insurance in India is Rs 1,241 per equity share. For checking SBI general insurance unlisted share price in future, subscribe to Stockify.

4- Will SBI General Insurance bring its IPO?

SBI General Insurance is expected to launch its IPO soon. Retail investors will be able to buy SBI General IPO shares in the future.

5- Where can I check SBI General Insurance annual reports for different financial years?

At Stockify, you can check SBI General Insurance’s annual report in detail. We offer a comprehensive guide to investors about investing in unlisted shares.

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SBI General Insurance, a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group, recorded a net profit of Rs 184 crore in FY23.
SBI General Insurance, a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group, recorded a net profit of Rs 184 crore in FY23.


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