The Future Of Unlisted Shares In the Fintech Market

Unlisted shares in the fintech market are gaining popularity among retail investors with the exceptional growth the Indian fintech industry has witnessed over the years. Extreme penetration of the internet and smartphone has played a crucial role in the development and expansion of the Indian fintech industry. As per a report by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India contributes 40% of digital transactions worldwide, and the Indian fintech industry has made this possible. Nearly all market research and reports display a positive outlook on the Indian fintech industry. In this blog, we will analyse the future opportunities of investing in unlisted shares of Indian fintech companies.

How Is Growing Fintech Market Changing The Winds?

The tale of fintech in India started in 2016 when the government decided to demonetise the currency notes of  Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. However, a few fintech companies were already operating in India before 2016, but then, the economy was cash dominant. Demonetisation has brought numerous players into the fintech landscape. At the initial stage, most people were hesitant to use digital modes of payment, but the unavailability of cash in the country drove people to use digital transactions. Soon people realised that paying or receiving money digitally is convenient, safer, and faster. Later, the inception of UPI (Unique Payment Interface) revolutionised India’s fintech landscape. 

A big portion of the Indian population was unable to access conventional financial services, and the fintech industry has quickly realised this opportunity and entered into the unexplored market. The Indian fintech industry is projected to grow at 31% CAGR in the period of 2021-25. There are already 21 fintech unicorns in the country and 81 deals totalling $1.77 billion were completed in the first quarter of 2022. This figure was approximately 55% higher than in the fourth quarter of 2021. This demonstrates that investors are optimistic about the Indian fintech market and are willing to invest heavily in it. Many international companies, encouraged by the success of various fintech companies, are planning to invest in India. 

Types of Fintech Companies To Invest

Fintech companies can be categorised into different types per their services and solutions. 

Digital Payment Company 

Such a fintech company provides digital payment solutions, including remittances, merchant payments, and enterprise payments.  

Alternative Lending Company 

An alternative leading company provides technology solutions to provide loans for MSME and retail consumers. 

InsureTech Company 

Such a company provides a digital solution for customised insurance products to meet the needs of diverse types of customers. 

InvestmentTech Company 

A firm that provides digital solutions for investment and wealth management. Its range of solutions may include Robo-advisory solutions backed by artificial intelligence. 

RegTech Company 

A RegTech company involves itself in offering tech solutions for the automation of regulatory compliance management. 

Based on the company’s financial performance and growing share prices, below we have listed some of the best-performing unlisted shares of fintech companies in India suitable to invest in. 

Mobikwik Unlisted Shares 

One of India’s leading mobile wallet and BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) service providers, Mobikwik is a tech-first payment and financial service provider company. Over the years, the company has gained exponential growth and is a popular option among retail investors to buy unlisted shares in India. Check Mobikwik unlisted share price today at Stockify.  

HDB Financial Services Ltd Unlisted Shares 

HDB Financial Services Limited is India’s leading non-banking finance and alternative lending company. It is involved in offering fee-based lending solutions and BPO services. The current price of HDB Financial Services Ltd unlisted shares is Rs. 640 per equity share. You can check HDB Financial Services Ltd Unlisted Shares price today at Stockify. 

Fincare Small Finance Bank Unlisted Shares 

Fincare Small Finance Bank is one of India’s leading ‘digital-first’ small finance banks targeting under-banked and unbanked customers from semi-urban and rural areas. The total market capital of the company is Rs. 4305 Cr, and it offers investors a profitability margin of 0.54%. Visit Stockify if you wish to buy Fincare small finance bank unlisted shares and get all the essential assistance. 

Fino Paytech Ltd. Unlisted Shares 

Functioning as an alternate banking solution provider, Fino Paytech allows hassle-free end-to-end consumer sourcing and servicing. Check Fino Paytech Ltd united share price today at Stockify. 

Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd. Unlisted Shares 

India’s first small finance bank, Capital SFB, is known for offering its investors significant returns. Buy Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd. unlisted shares at Stockify with great ease.  

You can browse Stockify to buy unlisted shares of different industries, including IT, pharma, green energy, aviation, beverages, and more.

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The Indian fintech industry is projected to grow at 31% CAGR in the next two years, and there are ample opportunities for investors in it.


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