The Success Story Of The Housing and Development Bank (HDB)

Getting a home today is everyone’s dream, and various financial service providers act as a bridge to turn this dream into reality. One such name is Housing and Development Bank, popularly known as HDB financial services. You might be aware of this company, a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, and successfully emerged as a trusted non-banking financial service provider. 

Over the years, HDB has served different segments of society with its wide range of services, including loans, BPO services, Fee-based products, and more. Did you know how HDB has gained the trust of millions of people? The success story of the HDB lies in its commitment to offering quality services to different parts of the country. 

It is the reason this company is also popular among retail investors. HDB financial services pre-IPO shares have emerged as profitable and remained in demand. Today, we will discuss HDB history and its current performance in the market.

Overview Of HDB Financial Services Ltd

Housing and Development Bank (HDB) is a subsidiary arm of HDFC Bank and is considered one of India’s leading non-banking financial service companies (NBFC). It serves both retail and corporate clients with its wide array of services. Incorporated in 2007, HDB is a well-established bank with a strong market capitalisation. 

In recent years, banks introduced a home loan service in specific states. One contributing factor to HDB’s success in the NBFC domain is that it is accredited with CARE AAA and CRISIL AAA ratings for its bank facilities and long-term debt service.

In addition, the bank also gained popularity in the Pre-IPO market due to its positive growth in recent years. One of the noticeable aspects of its growth is the increase in HDB financial services unlisted share price throughout the company’s growth.

History Of HDB Financial Services Ltd

The success of the HDB has been covered in its history. Since the year of incorporation, HDB financial services Ltd has witnessed a series of events contributing to its success. The company was established when the trend of non-banking financial services was about to start. 

While competing with prominent players in the industry like Tata Capital and Bajaj Finance, HDB financial services Ltd has been emerging as the fastest-growing company that caters for the wide range of needs of customers. Here is the history of the significant events of the housing and development bank:

  • 2007: HDB financial services Ltd was incorporated as a non-banking financial company(NBFC) in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 
  • 2008: The company launched its first-ever product, a Loan against property, this year. HDB targeted home loans and identified them as the USP for its business.
  • 2010: It was the year when HDB introduced another financial product which includes personal loans and two-wheeler loans.
  • 2012: In 2012, the company expanded its product portfolio to commercial vehicle loans, gold loans, and loans against securities.
  • 2015: It was an essential year for HDB financial services as it became a subsidiary of the Housing Development Financial Corporation(HDFC) bank.
  • 2016: In this year, HDB entered into an insurance distribution service by launching its credit card services.
  • 2017: The year the company surpassed a milestone of 1 million registered customers.
  • 2018: In 2018, HDB financial services Ltd partnered with various fintech startups and enhanced its digital capabilities over third-party platforms.
  • 2019: This year, HDB expanded its service base and workforce. It was the year when HDB had over 10,000 employees. 
  • 2020: This year was challenging for the HDB as Covid-19 negatively impacted the non-banking financial companies. However, the company adopted the chance and steadily grew over a period.

From 2020 to the present, HDB financial services Ltd has shown a positive growth rate compared to its competitors. During these years, the company also launched various products and services while expanding its products and services. Besides this, HDB financial services Ltd has also performed well in the grey market since its corporation.

HDB finance unlisted share price steadily grew and offered a good return on investment.

Various Products and Services of HDB Financial Services

The current portfolio of the HDB financial service consists of three main categories: BPO services, Fee-based services, and loans. Here are the different products and services of HDB financial services:


The prominent product of HDB is the loan, which caters to its customers’ financial needs. In the consumer loan, the company offers loans for household purposes, gold loans, durable consumer loans, Auto Loans, and more. 

Apart from this, HDB financial service also offers enterprise loans in the form of secured and unsecured loans to SMEs. In addition, the company also provides asset finance in which it provides a loan for purchasing commercial vehicles such as trucks and tractors. 

Fee-Based Products

The company also sold the insurance products of HDFC Life and HDFC Ergo to the prospects. For this, HDB has registered corporate insurance agents. The company sells life and insurance products to clients in this category.

BPO Service

HDB financial services Ltd is also engaged in the dues collection service for which it is contracted with its parent company, HDFC Bank. For the BPO services, the company has set up more than 15 call centres nationwide in which its agents collect dues from the borrowers.

These are the different products and services of HDB financial services Ltd which contributed towards its success. As of the data shared by the company on 31 March 2020, HDB financial services has 1,468 branches across 1,070 cities in India.

Reasons Behind HDB’s Enormous Success Over The Years

The success of HDB financial services has been hidden in its core values, which are delivering innovative products that cater to aspirational India’s needs. The Housing and development bank (HDB) has launched various products to support its vision and mission. It is the reason this company has been admired by its customers all over India. Let’s see the major reasons behind the success of HDB:

Strong Presence

To become successful as a financial and non-financial bank company, having a strong presence across different regions is vital. HDB targeted the rural and urban regions of India since its inception. As a result, the company caters to its customers’ ever-growing needs on time.

Diversified Portfolio

The company has a diversified portfolio of products and services, including personal loans, commercial vehicles, finance against assets, gold loans, credit cards, and more. It is one of the prominent factors behind the success of HDB financial services as it brings the advanced and much-needed loan and financial services over time for its customers. 

With its customer-centric approach, HDB was also awarded the “Excellence In Customer Service” award in 2019.

Robust Risk Management

Over the years, HDB has applied its robust risk management practices to recover from the losses caused due to the pandemic. It is also the reason why HDB financial services unlisted shares showed positive growth. In addition, the company also focuses on sustainability, for which it is already recognised with the Golden Peacock Award in 2020.

Make Your Investment In HDB For Long-Term Growth

HDB financial services Ltd has gained trust among its customers over the years. Since its inception, HDB has grown rapidly and attracted retail investors to invest in its unlisted shares. Moreover, the performance of HDB financial services pre-IPO shares have also remained positive, allowing investors to make a good return on investment. If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, HDB financial services unlisted shares might be a perfect option.

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1- How HDB Became Successful Amid High Competition?

Housing and Development Bank has fulfilled people’s loan demands with a customer-centric approach. Its excellent service makes it successful ahead of high competition.

2-Why Should You Invest In HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares?

The financial performance of the HDB has been exceptional over the years. That’s why investing in HDB financial services is recommended to gain long-term benefits.

3- What Is The Current HDB Financial Services Unlisted Share Price?

The current unlisted share price of HDB financial services is Rs 655. However, HDB financial services unlisted shares price depends on factors like the company’s current performance and market condition. 

4- When Will HDB Financial IPO launch?

There is no exact date released for the launch of HDB Financial IPO. For getting future updates, subscribe to Stockify.

5- How To Check The Financials Report Of HDB Financial Securities?

You can easily check the financial report of HDB on Stockify. Here you will get detailed information on company’s financials along with updated unlisted share prices.

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The Housing And Development Bank, popularly known as HDB, has gained enormous success over the years. Know the major reasons behind it.


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