Why is HDB Financial Services considered more profitable than its competitors?

India’s leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) has made its mark in the Indian financial landscape and gained a significant market share in its early stages of inception. The company has CARE AAA & CRISIL AAA ratings, an A1+ rating, making it one of the most trusted institutions in the country. HDB Financial Services has outperformed its competitors and carved out a financial and banking industry niche. 

The institution has also made its presence felt in the grey market. HDB Financial Services unlisted share has performed remarkably in the secondary market and provided its investors with significant returns. To comment on its profitability and comparison with its contemporaries, it is necessary to dive deeper to know the details and functioning of HDB Financial Services. 

HDB Financial Services|A Foreword 

One of India’s leading non-banking financial service providers, HDB Financial Services, is a subsidiary company of HDFC Bank. HDBFS was incorporated in 2007 as a part of the leading bank to provide lending and BPO services to individuals and businesses. The company is marching along the lines of innovation and sustainability to cater to the needs of the growing Aspirational India. 

What does HDB Financial Services Do? 

The main work of HDBFS  includes lending and providing BPO services to individual clients and businesses. 

Lending: The company offers a range of secured and unsecured loans, including customer loans (like Personal Loan, Gold Loan, Consumer Durables Loan, Two Wheeler Loan, etc.), enterprise loans (like Unsecured Business Loan, Auto Refinance, Enterprise Business Loan, etc.), and financing options for professionals. 

BPO Services: This segment provides back-office services like document verification, accounting services, forms processing, and correspondence management. HDBFS also offers front-office services like contact centre management, collection, and outbound market services. 

The company also offers third-party, fee-based services like general and life insurance, other asset finance, and enterprise loans. The vast expanse of services the company encompasses is one of the reasons for its growth. This also attracts investors to buy HDB Financial Services unlisted shares to join the company’s growth journey. 

Now that we know the services that HDB Financial Services provide, let us understand the factors that make it stand out from the crowd. 

Financial Statements & Peer Comparison

The best way to assess a company’s growth is by comparing its competitors and the contemporary players to reasonably estimate the profits, revenues, and other parameters that measure the growth. Here are a few figures and data tables that can help significantly compare HDBFS’s success

Not only with the contemporary players, but the company has also shown developments in the revenue and profit figures compared to the previous years. 

The astounding performance of the company has also shown an incidental impact on HDB Financial Services unlisted share price. Investors have high hopes that the company will perform well in the future and are ready to bet on the company’s progress. 

What Makes HDB Financial Services A Leading Service Provider? 

The subsidiary of HDFC bank has bagged the trust of its customers and investors by providing the best in class services with the utmost efficiency and integrity. The company has been accredited with CARE AAA & CRISIL AAA ratings (for long-term debt & Bank facilities) and an A1+ rating (for short-term debt & commercial papers). 

Being recognised as one of the leading NBFCs in India, HDBFS has its presence in the far-fetched regions of the country to improve accessibility and has more than 14,000 branches in rural and urban areas of the country. 

Ensuring better reach and accessibility for the customers, the company has also marched towards providing the services digitally using innovative technology. The company was also recognised in 2020 for “Excellence in Omni-Experience Innovation.

The company uses multiple approaches for adopting a future-ready approach, with the inclusion of sustainability and efficiency in the functioning. This aspect of inclusion has made HDB Financial Services unlisted shares a lucrative investment option, the readiness of HDB Financial Services for future uncertainties. 

The list of innovations and developments HDBFS has incorporated to become the best in business is never-ending. What makes the company the best is its capability to cater to a wide-ranging customer base and provide them with various financial services. The company is making advancements in the financial domain and giving the shareholders and investors good returns on their investments. You can also buy unlisted shares to claim a share of the growth of HDBFS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is HDB Financial Services unlisted share price today? 

Currently, HDB Financial Services unlisted share price is Rs. 655. The prices may fluctuate due to market conditions and other related factors. So, to get an updated price of the unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify. 

Q2. How can I invest in HDB Financial Services unlisted shares? 

You can invest in HDB Financial Services unlisted shares by using online stock broking platforms. To ease the investing process, you can use Stockify. Within a few clicks, you can invest in unlisted shares using Stockify. Log on to the website, choose the shares, verify the details, proceed with the payments, and the process is complete! 

Q3. What is the HDB Financial Services IPO release date?

Little information is provided regarding the HDB Financial Services IPO release plans, but the IPO is valued at Rs 90,000 crore in the unlisted market. For more updates, visit Stockify. 

Q4. Is HDB Financial Services listed in the stock market? 

No, the company is not yet listed in the unlisted share market. HDB Financial Services IPO is yet to be accepted by SEBI. Until then, you can invest in HDB Financial Services unlisted shares to invest in the company. To buy HDB Financial Services unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify. 

Q5. What is the difference between HDFC and HDB Financial Services?

HDB Financial Services is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank. HDB Financial Services is an NBFC that offers lending and BPO services. In contrast, HDFC is India’s leading private-sector bank.

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