Uncovering The Multiple Sources Of Income For Reliance Retail 

Electronics, Food, and Grocery, Fashion, Jewelry, Footwear,  Apparel, and Toys,…. what is common in all these? 

Reliance Retail Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a common link between all these categories! Emerging as India’s leading player dominating the retail segment, the company has made its mark, captured a significant market share, and is on the quest to grow more. Reliance Retail is one of the most prominent players earning a substantial percentage of revenue to fund its growth plans. To get an idea about the vast empire of the company, you should be aware of the fact that Reliance Retail is the largest retailer in India in terms of revenue. 

What aggregates to the enormous revenue amounts that make Reliance Retail the largest Retailer in terms of revenue? Is this because of the profits earned by Reliance Retail unlisted shares or the company’s various collaborations and joint venture deals? Read the blog to uncover the multiple revenue generation strategies of Reliance Retail. But before that, let us look at the inception and growth journey of Reliance Retail. 

Rise Of The Trailblazer|Reliance Retail 

Since the establishment of the company in the year 2006, the company has been evolving and showing signs of growth. The company saw increasing customer loyalty and vastly spreading outlets within the first few months of its rollout. Reliance Retail currently has a client base of 249 million registered users across various formats and more than 780 million footfalls across all its stores in the year 2023. The company has a record of 3 million transactions on a daily basis and has been looking out for relevant strategies to multiply these figures. 

What Do The Financials Say?

The company’s financial performance is unmatched, and it has been on a growth spree since its inception. Reliance Retail has generated significant revenues along with a good profit margin over the years. The table below shows a comparative analysis of the company’s revenues and profit margins from 2019 to 2022. The rising figures for profits, incomes, and sales over the span of three years have given positive hopes for the future. The company’s strong financials also pave the way for its good performance in the unlisted share market. Based on the financial reports, the performance of Reliance Retail unlisted shares is also expected to generate good returns for its investors. 

Net Sales115189144517.4136910.7170133.324.313.9
Total Income115321144788.9137206.8170155.12413.8
Net Profit3254.45614.445994937.67.414.9
Shareholder Funds12657.91827125464.63041219.433.9
Total Assets35187.836313.250680.588730.975.136.1

In the financial year 2023, the company registered a profit of Rs. 91.81 bn, which is 18% higher than the previous year. The reports filed by the end of FY23 present a 30% higher profit (Rising from Rs. 70.55bn to Rs. 91.81 bn). The reports also accounted for a 45% YOY rise in the EBITDA. The effect of these advancements can also be seen in the Reliance Retail unlisted shares. The unlisted shares have seen good growth in prices, and the Reliance Retail share price today stands at Rs. 2625. 

Let us uncover the different revenue generation streams that Reliance Retail uses to generate such sky-high revenues. 

Multiple Channels Of Income Generation

It is time to decode the various channels that the company uses to generate significant revenues. Reliance Retail has established itself as a lifestyle brand and has entered multiple segments, including fashion, toys, groceries, accessories, gadgets, and much more. This “multi-prong” strategy lies at the heart of the diversified revenue stream of the company.

Reliance Retail earns a major chunk of its revenues from these primary sources: 

  • Consumer Electronics,
  • Fashion & Lifestyle,
  • Grocery
  • Pharmacy
  • Connectivity with deep business moats.

Along with playing a major role in these retail industry segments, the business giant resorts to other areas like petro retail, mergers, joint ventures, and the sale of unlisted shares. 

Consumer Electronics

India’s largest consumer electronics retailer, Reliance Retail, has a vast network of over 8,700 Reliance Digital and Jio stores. Providing a variety of products ranging from home appliances to gaming consoles and audio products, “Reliance Digital” has a strong network of 8,600+ stores across 7,000+ towns. The digital commerce business has seen a 45% revenue growth YOY. 

Fashion And Lifestyle:

This arm of the company has marked its presence in fashion and lifestyle by providing its services as Trends, Trends Woman, Trends Man, Trends Footwear, Avantra by Trends, Azote, Centro, Reliance Jewels, and has a portfolio of more than 50 marquee international brands. The company recorded a 19% YOY growth in the March quarter. 


To ensure easy accessibility of the best quality products for every Indian household, the company entered the groceries segment and lived up to expectations. In the recent quarter of FY23, Reliance Retail registered a 65% YOY growth. To expand the business, the company has built a strong portfolio by partnering with brands like Campa, Glimmer, Dozo, and Sosyo. Not only this, but this arm of Reliance Retail has also let an extensive group of independent brands sell their products. 


With an aim to revolutionise the retail landscape, Reliance has left no stone unturned to make its presence felt in almost all aspects of the retail business. This segment also makes up a portion of the company’s revenue generation model. The company tries to provide online and offline medicines access via Netmeds’ digital platform as well as freestanding stores. 

These sources combined add up to about 18% of the company’s total revenue and a comprehensive financial statement. The March quarter of this financial year has given good hopes to the investors and shareholders regarding future growth prospects. Investors are ready to buy unlisted shares and be a part of the company’s growth journey. 

Future Prospects 

With a diverse strategy to generate revenues, Reliance Retail’s attempts to upgrade and enhance its financial statements have borne fruits. The company’s recent performance in the March quarter of the financial year 2023 has given positive growth signs for an optimistic future for the company. Investors and shareholders have high hopes and are ready to place their bets on Reliance Retail unlisted shares to generate multiple returns until the company gets listed in the stock market. 

To place a bet on Reliance Retail can be a wise decision. The recent financial figures are evident of the advancements that the company is making. It is the right time to buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares to generate a good ROI and be a part of the company’s growth journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q1. How can I invest in unlisted shares? 

Investing in unlisted shares is easy! You can simply log on to Stockify and start trading. The process is simple: 

Register on Stockify,

Choose the unlisted share, 

Complete KYC & verification, 

Proceed for payments, 

And the unlisted share will be transferred to your account. 

Q2. Is Reliance Retail listed on the stock market? 

The company is not yet listed in the stock market, so people generally buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares to invest in the company. You can buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares if you also want to invest in the company. Visit Stockify to get the updated share price. 

Q3. When is the Reliance Retail IPO coming? 

There is no update on the Reliance Retail IPO price on the official website. There are speculations regarding the release of the IPO by the end of September 2023. Until the IPO is floated, you can make a profit by investing in Reliance Retail pre-IPO shares. Visit Stockify to start investing.

Q4. Can I buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares in India? 

Yes, you can buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares in India. There are multiple online platforms for trading. Stockify is India’s leading platform for buying and selling unlisted shares. You can get all major companies shares, including Reliance Retail unlisted shares. Visit Stockify to buy unlisted shares. 

Q5. Is it reasonable to invest in Reliance Retail unlisted shares? 

Reliance Retail is a renowned company with strong support from its parent company and other shareholders. There is a possibility of a good ROI in the future. Like all the other stocks, the Reliance Retail share price also depends on market fluctuations and other factors. Research is advised before any investment decision. You can visit Stockify to get expert advice before investing in unlisted shares. 

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Has the multi-prong strategy by Reliance Retail proved worthy? What are the different revenue channels for the company? Let’s find out.


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