Waaree Energies Raised Rs 1,000 Crore From Private Funding- Possible Business Expansion Plans of the Company


Waaree Energies, a popular name in solar energy production, has raised an equity fund of Rs. 1,000 crore from  ValueQuest in the second round of funding. Waaree Energies completes the funding process through private investors and HNI segments. Also, the promoters participated in the second round of equity raises. 

Waaree Energies Ltd has already raised the primary valuation of Rs. 1,040 crore from various investors of the HNI segment and others. As per the press release, Waaree Energies Ltd is expanding its production capacity to 6 Gigawatt. Furthermore, the company aims to integrate 5.4 GW for solar cell manufacturing backwards. 

How Will Waaree Energies Utilise Funding? 

Waaree Energies wants to expand the existing capacity of 12 GW. This fresh funding contributes to the additional 6GW enhanced capacity for manufacturing solar ingots, wafers, cells and modules. Recently, the company was awarded PLI Tranche II of Rs 1923 crore by the government of India.

Additionally, the growth plan of backward integration of 5.4 GW for solar cells will accelerate the overall capacity. Waaree has been the most significant solar module producer, excluding China; in the coming two years, the company aims towards 20GW module capacity, where 11 GW will merge into cells and 6GW for wafers manufacturing. 

Mr Hitesh Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director at Waaree Energies Limited, said, “This strategic investment reinforces our vision for a sustainable future and our commitment to revolutionising the solar energy landscape. This funding, we believe, will assist in our growth, expand our market presence, and drive positive change in the renewable energy transition. We appreciate the ongoing support from ValueQuest.”

By utilising Rs. 1,000 crore funds, Waaree Energies can work on the business expansion roadmap while achieving maximum production capacity. 

Growth & Expansion Plans for Waaree Energies 

Waaree Energies encourages renewable sources like natural solar panel utilisation to outgrow energy demand. With the fresh funding, Waaree Energies wants to support domestic solar equipment manufacturing. So, it can help companies compete with high prices in the market. More production will reduce the inflated pricing with enhanced capacity and also accelerate the demand for exports. Further, it might improve the brand positioning as a confined customer-centric approach. 

Reduce Carbon: The investment can create more assistance to provide high-quality solar solutions. With rising concerns about global warming and pollution, Waaree Energies works on reducing its carbon footprint by replacing it with natural energy. Global parameters show the alarming situation for carbon emissions. 

Increase Production Capacity: Waaree Energies has a diverse range of products and services that cater to residential, commercial, and industrial segments. Solar energy is a cost-effective and eco-friendly approach. Waaree Energies is willing to pave the way for making India self-sufficient in energy by accelerating production capacity by 6GW. 

Technological Ecosystem: To reach the benchmark, Waaree Energies Ltd is required to accelerate its production capacity. Raising Rs. 1,000 crore will help the company to fund the advanced technology & equipment. It contributes to the solar energy solution generation with high-tech infrastructure. 

Analysis of Financial Performance of Waaree Energies Ltd

The newly raised funds of Rs 1000 crore might positively affect Waaree Energies financials. The company has a total revenue of Rs. 68,604 million for 2023. For the previous year, 2022, the company booked a total revenue of Rs. 29,509 million, which indicates good growth. 

Moving towards the unlisted share market, Waaree Energies share price also showed significant growth in 2023, from Rs. 950 in Oct 2023 to trading at Rs. 1017 in November 2023. Overall, Waaree Energies’s financial performance indicates positive growth. However, Waaree Energies share price depends on factors such as market demand for renewable energy, industry trends, competitors, and environmental aspects.

Waaree Energies will invest the raised funding from two rounds to work effectively on manufacturing expansion. It can create a positive outlook for the investor in the future by offering high returns on investment.  Investors should buy the unlisted shares to gain the benefit from growth momentum. 

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Waaree Energies is one of the leading producers of solar energy, and it contributes to significant domestic production. With the second round of funding, there is a high possibility that the company will get strong financial support and enhance infrastructure to increase its production capacity. If you want to invest in Waaree Energies, unlisted share investment will be an ideal choice for you.  You can use Stockify to buy unlisted shares without any inconvenience and locate the latest Waaree Energies Ltd share price. Stockify is a growing stock trading platform for unlisted shares. 


  1. Why is Waaree Energies raising another Rs. 1000 funding?

Waaree Energies wants to expand its production capacity by 6GW from the existing rate of 12 GW. It will fund the manufacturing of cells, wafers, and modules.

  1. How does the collaboration with ValueQuest in private funding help Waaree Energies?

The collaboration will help the company cater to the demands of solar products, expand manufacturing capabilities and support a customer-centric approach. 

  1. What are the challenges of Waaree Energies in the solar market?

In the solar energy market, some significant challenges for Waaree Energies are location specificity, cost and variations.  

  1. Does the fundraising affect the unlisted Waaree Energies Ltd share price?

Unlisted price fluctuation depends on several factors: industry force, market demand, and financial performance of the company. However, in 2023, the pricing trends are increasing, and fundraising might have a positive impact. 

  1. What is the current Waaree Energies Limited share price for unlisted shares?

You can buy unlisted shares of Waaree Energies Limited at Rs. 1017 with the help of the user-friendly platform Stockify. It provides trading options for unlisted shares investments.

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Waaree Energies is again in the news, raising 1,000 crore through private funding by ValueQuest in the second round.
Waaree Energies is again in the news, raising 1,000 crore through private funding by ValueQuest in the second round.


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