Cial(cochin inernational airport limited)

With Brand New Business Jet Terminal, Cochin International Airport Enters Elite Club

Cial(cochin inernational airport limited)

Flying to or from Kochi is now more luxurious with the launch of CIAL’s dedicated Business Jet Terminal. The biggest of its kind in the country, the terminal has been operational since December 2022. After inaugurating the new Business Jet Terminal, Pinarayi Vijayan, Honourable Chief Minister of Kerala and CIAL Chairman said that transformation and timely upgrade of the transportation system is crucial for Kerala’s industrial growth and its inclusive development. 

CM has emphasised that CIAL has played a vital role and has made a tremendous contribution in Kerala and has achieved excellence in the aviation sector. Also, he said that this luxe terminal would accelerate further growth as it would inspire more chartered flights to land on and take off from Kerala leading to more business conferences and tourism in Kerala. Vijayan urged CIAL to complete the project within 10 months with a minimal budget of Rs.30 Crore. 

Travellers will experience the luxury of the New Business Jet Terminal right from when they drive up to the new terminal since it provides the shortest distance from car to aircraft. The highlight of the terminal is the distance between the car porch and the airside is less than 100 meters. Passengers can cover this distance within two minutes if they have completed all immigration and security formalities. Chauffeur-driven luxury cars would pick them up to move the passengers to and from the aircraft. 

The new terminal will serve both domestic and international private jets. It facilitates a seven-star hotel lobby with five spacious and affluent lounges with comfortable seating, meeting rooms and private dining spaces. Additionally, it is India’s first private jet terminal that offers safe houses for passengers who are privileged with security.  

CIAL Enters The Elite Club 

With the start of its Business Jet Terminal, CIAL joined the club of Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad airports which have their dedicated private jet terminals. CIAL built the terminal within 10 months. It has covered the departure area of 1 lakh square feet of the old domestic terminal since, in 2019, the domestic operations were shifted to the new terminal. The launch of the new terminal was perfectly timed since the aviation industry in Kerala registered around 75% of growth in the financial year 2021-22. CIAL has also overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic as its air traffic is at 85%  of the pre-pandemic level. There is a higher probability that Kerala will host the G20 summit 2023 and other significant events, so private jet operations are likely to boost the city.  

It will be India’s first ‘charter gateway that would serve as a platform to combine business jet services, tourism, business conferences and the movement of HNIs (high-net-worth individuals). Experts also agree that this terminal will revolutionise the Indian chartered flight industry.  As per AAI statistics, Kerala served more passengers than Mumbai in 2021-22 with its four airports. Private jets have a lot of possibilities in tourism, weddings, destinations and business events. CIAL has witnessed the operation of more than 1000 business jets within a year and these numbers are likely to increase exponentially in upcoming years. 

Cochin International Airport: India’s Champion In Sustainable Energy 

Awarded the United Nation’s highest environmental award, Champions of The Earth Award 2018, Cochin International Airport is the first “Green Airport” in the world. The airport completely operates on solar power and meets all its electricity requirements through it. There is no denying in saying that CIAL is not only one of the most significant airports for India but for the rest of the world as well. It is Kerala’s biggest and India’s seventh-largest airport in terms of passenger traffic. With one of the largest runways, 3.4 km, it is intended to handle the largest aircraft in the world. CIAL has installed India’s first solar photovoltaic power station plant on the rooftop of the terminal and continuously added more solar power units to optimise its energy production. 

Becoming India’s face of green energy is one of the most significant achievements of Cochin International Airport and it is registering growth numbers that are attracting investors to be a part of the company. Retail investors who wish to diversify their portfolio and look for options for sustainable investment could buy Cochin International Airport unlisted shares. Here are the primary reasons why one should invest in CIAL pre-IPO stocks. 

  • The air traffic of the company is increased by 85% from pre-pandemic levels 
  • CIAL has India’s first and biggest business jet terminal. 
  • The airport is a company dependent on sustainable energy resources to match its energy needs. 
  • Overcoming the impact of the pandemic, the airport has registered a profit of Rs. 37.68 crores in the financial year 2021-22. 
  • The number of passengers increased from 24.7 lakhs in FY21 to 47.59 lakhs in FY22. 
  • The overall turnover of the company was Rs 418.69 in FY22 with an operating profit of Rs 217.34 crore. 
  • CIAL is targeting to achieve a total revenue of Rs 675 crore in FY23. 

Apart from these positive facts, the sustainable practices of the company make it one of the preferred choices of retail investors looking for sustainable options. Before deciding on Cochin International Airport shares, one should get insights from stock experts on the performance, financials and other vital data related to CIAL. Checking the financial records and previous years’ performances is vital to make a sensible decision. Always count on experienced stock brokers to support you in making an informed and profitable investment decision. They will assist you in evaluating the risks associated with an investment in Pre-IPO stocks and how to minimise these risks.

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World’s first green airport with the biggest private jet terminal in the country, CIAL is a thought leader in sustainable aviation.


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