Five Best IPL Teams| Tracing Off The Field Performance

The returns would have been more than double in 2023, if the investors invested in the IPL teams instead of the stock market, stated a report by Treelife. The report titled ‘Inside Indian Premier League.’ revealed that investment in IPL teams has been more profitable than investing in blue-chip stocks in the last few years. This report has intrigued many investors and shareholders to make a move and invest in IPL teams. 

The report claimed that an investment of 1 lakh in the IPL teams in 2008 would have generated more than double returns compared to the other blue chip stocks. This rising popularity and increasing valuation of IPL teams in 2023 have given investors hope for significant return generations by investing in the IPL teams instead of other stocks. Some can resort to the primary market to place their bets, but teams like CSK have been floating their share in the grey market. So you can buy CSK unlisted shares to be a part of the team’s growth. 

Let us look at the best IPL teams that have been doing wonders on the field and beyond the cricket pitch. 

  1. Mumbai Indians 

With a USD 1.3 billion valuation, accounting for approximately Rs. 9968 crores, Mumbai Indians is one of the richest IPL teams. Owned by Reliance Industries, the biggest conglomerate, Mumbai Indians is one of the richest IPL teams. The team has a revenue of $33 million and an operating income of $5.5 million. According to Forbes, the team is the highest-valued IPL franchise (Published in April 2022). The team gets most of its share from media rights and an active presence on social media platforms. MI has 11.6M followers on Instagram, 13.8M followers on Facebook and 2.9M subscribers on YouTube. Apart from this, MI also earns from the sale of stadium tickets and merchandise sales. This performance is expected by the team owned by the wealthiest man himself! 

  1. Chennai Super Kings 

Next in line to the throne is the Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings, valued at a whopping $1.15 billion. The team has taken the crown five times, including the latest IPL trophy by defeating Gujrat Titans in the finale. The team owned by Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd, has a huge fan following amongst cricket lovers worldwide. The team generates revenue using similar sources of income like sponsorships, collaborations, stadium ticket sales, merchandise sales, and media rights. CSK received revenue of Rs. 201.65 crores by media rights, which is expected to be doubled by 2023. As per a report by Statistica, the team generated a revenue of $650 million through sponsorships in 2022. 

An additional source of revenue for the team is by selling its share in the unlisted share market. CSK unlisted shares have performed considerably well in the share market. The CSK unlisted share price has shown a significant performance post winning the IPL championship. We will discuss about CSK unlisted shares in detail at the end of the blog. 

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders 

Owned by Red Chillies Entertainment, Juhi Chawla and her spouse, Jay Mehta, the team is valued at Rs. 740 crores. Some percentage of the team is owned by the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. The team has been earning a reasonable sum of money from media rights, being a two-time champion of the Indian Premier League. Unlike CSK shares, KKR does not trade in the unlisted share market and only generates revenue from mainstream sources like sponsorship, merchandise, and ticket sales. 

  1. Royal Challengers Bangalore

This Bangalore-based IPL team stands third on the list of the richest IPL teams. Starring the star player Virat Kohli, a.k.a “Chiku”, the team’s net worth amounts to Rs. 697 crores. Even though the team never won the grand title, it has always been the talk of the town owing to some of the top-rated players, including Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers and Chris Gale, to name a few. Business tycoon Vijay Mallya earlier owned the team but is now owned by United Spirits Limited, post his loan defaults. 

RCB has recently signed a sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways worth Rs. 75 crore, which is expected to bring a fortune to the team. The team has a long list of sponsors, including Puma, boAt, Mahindra, and Nippon Paints. The team has also been earning a significant sum from the sales of stadium tickets at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. 80% of the sales goes to the team, while BCCI keeps 20%. 

  1.  Lucknow Super Giants

RPSG Group-owned Lucknow Super Giants, captained by KL Rahul, has a staggering net worth of Rs. 7,090 crores. Even after making a debut in 2023, the team, mentored by Gautam Gambhir, has performed well on the financial fronts and outside the field. The team has had a short timeline but has shown a considerably efficient performance in the limited time. The teams’ stocks are unavailable in the primary and secondary markets, unlike CSK unlisted shares. 

The Only Team To Sell Its Shares|CSK 

Starring the master of “helicopter shot”, Chennai Super King is not only one of the richest IPL teams and a five-time IPL title holder, but the IPL team is also the only one to be traded in the unlisted share market. Chennai Super Kings stock price has soared and has generated significant returns for investors. Experts predicted and advised to buy unlisted shares to generate substantial profits. 

CSK unlisted shares have been performing well on the unlisted share market, along with showing a tremendous performance on the ground. Being the only company to trade in the unlisted share market, Chennai Super Kings has been a good resort for cricket lovers to generate returns from the team’s success. 

The current CSK unlisted share price is Rs 179 per share equity, and it especially surges around the IPL time on account of the good IPL performance of the company. Here are a few details of CSK unlisted shares that you must know before buying unlisted shares: 

Total Available Share10000
Face Value:Rs. 0.1 Per Equity Share
Lot Size250 Shares
Current Unlisted Share PriceRs. 179 Per Equity Share

The movement in the CSK unlisted share has also been noteworthy in the past few years and has been extraordinary. Look at the graph to trace the IPL team’s performance. 

An uptrend in the movement of CSK unlisted shares can be traced from the graph. The rising trend of the unlisted share price is because of the optimism among the investors regarding the team’s performance, the chances of future growth, and other variables affecting the movement in stock prices. This positive growth attracts investors to make an investment in CSK unlisted shares. 

Summing Up: 

Multiple IPL teams have performed exceptionally well financially and have made considerable progress on the ground as well. The only team that allows investors to be a part of the growth journey is the Dhoni-led team. CSK stock price has generated good returns for its investors and has attracted more to buy CSK unlisted shares. Multiple online stock broking platforms are available, but you can visit Stockify, the best trading platform for unlisted shares. Connect with the experts today! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Where can I buy CSK unlisted shares? 

The best platform to buy CSK unlisted shares is Stockify. Along with expert advice, you get an updated price for the stocks and access to other unlisted shares of major companies. 

Q2. Is it legal to buy CSK unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling of unlisted shares is legal in India. You can visit Stockify to buy CSK unlisted shares. Before making your purchase, connect with the experts on Stockify. 

Q3. What is Chennai Super Kings share price today? 

Chennai Super Kings unlisted share price today is Rs. 179 per share equity. The prices of unlisted shares are subject to changes due to market fluctuations. So to know an updated price of CSK unlisted shares, visit Stockify!

Q4 What is the CSK IPO release date? 

CSK is currently floating its shares in the unlisted share market, and there is no confirmation on the CSK IPO release date. The information on the IPO release date, issue size, etc., is yet to be released on the official website. To get regular updates on IPO prices, visit Stockify. 

Q5. Where can I get information on CSK share price? 

To get any updates on the CSK unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify, a one-stop destination for any unlisted shares-related information. The price and other information related to the unlisted shares are regularly updated on Stockify. Visit the site to learn more! 

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Is the IPL 2023 winner the richest team? Not actually! Here’s the list of the five richest IPL teams…and not all of them are IPL winners.


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