A Comparative Analysis Of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd(CSK) Brand Value In FY 22-23

In the last few years, Chennai Super Kings(CSK) brand value increased significantly. The year 2022 was not good for the team regarding performance on the ground as CSK finished in second last position on the points table. However, in the 16th edition of the IPL, CSK not only performed well but also won its 5th IPL trophy and became the second team after Mumbai Indians to win an IPL tournament maximum times. 

Since CSK is one of the successful teams of the IPL, its brand value is the metric every investor considers before investing in CSK unlisted shares. It also reflects the popularity and demand of this cricket franchise in the market. In this blog, we will compare the brand value of CSK in the year 2022 and 2023.

Major Factors That Affect CSK Brand Value

The brand value of any team or company is the monetary worth calculated based on its functional assets. In the case of an IPL franchise like CSK, its brand value depends on various factors, including the team’s current performance, fan popularity, market demand, and more. 

The brand value of CSK increased during FY 22-23 due to the high demand for its match tickets and the team’s winning performance. These are the factors that affect the CSK brand value in the market:

Team’s Current Performance

The primary factor affecting the brand value of CSK and any other team of IPL is its current performance on the field. As per Statista, CSK’s brand value was $73.6 million in 2022 despite its bad performance on the field. As a result, its brand value shrinked a little compared to FY 2021. So, it is clear that brand value is directly affected by the team’s current performance on the field.

Popularity Among Fans

The team’s popularity among its fans is another factor that determines the brand value of any team. Since CSK has a huge fan following throughout India, it directly benefits the team in brand value. As a result, the demand for CSK’s home matches tickets surges, directly benefiting the team in many aspects. This metric also determines the estimated price of CSK pre-IPO stocks after a specific period.

Market Demand

One of the essential factors that impact the brand value of CSK is the market demand. Various companies that approach the CSK for sponsorships and merchandise marketing consider its brand value a crucial metric. Last year, Chennai Super Kings earned around 20% from the sponsorship. 

In addition, the demand for CSK unlisted shares in the grey market can also affect its brand value. Higher demand for the CSK pre-IPO stocks also affects its overall brand value. 

Since the CSK revenue model is diversified, which includes the different business segments through which it earns revenue, the various sources of income for CSK are media rights, sponsorships, merchandise sales, match ticket sales, and more. Apart from this, Chennai Super Kings also earns a substantial income from the sale of CSK unlisted shares. Retail investors buy CSK unlisted shares via the grey market at the current market price of CSK stock.

Comparison Of CSK Brand Value In FY 22-23

According to Forbes, the brand value of CSK in 2022 was $1.15 billion. However, the recent valuation of the team, per its recent financials, is estimated at $1.3 billion. The increase in brand value is due to the team’s extraordinary performance during the 16th 

edition of the IPL. From the first match, the demand for CSK match tickets was high, which helped the team gain more popularity among its millions of fans.

Valuation MetricsFY 2022FY 2023 (estimated)
Brand ValueRs 9400 croreRs 106,749 crore
Total RevenueRs 456 croreApprox Rs 645 crore
Media Rights ShareRs 200 croreRs 268 crore
SponsorshipsRs 36 croreRs 47 crore
Merchandise SaleRs 13 croreRs 23 crore
Share of ticket saleRs 4 croreRs 7 crore

In addition, we can also analyse the change in the Chennai Super Kings stock price, which will give you a better idea of its brand value. 

CSK stock price also affected the team’s brand value amid its excellent performance during the IPL season. At the beginning of the season, CSK unlisted share price was Rs 173 per share, which increased to Rs 180 per share when CSK qualified for the playoffs. As per the recent market data, CSK share price today is Rs 179 per share.

Invest In CSK Unlisted Shares With Stockify

The brand valuation of the CSK has increased from $65 million (2018) to $73.6 million in 2022. It is an excellent opportunity for investors to buy CSK unlisted shares for long-term benefits. 

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1- What Is The Current Brand Value Of CSK?

The estimated brand value of CSK is $1.3 billion. To get updated with the change in its brand valuation, subscribe to Stockify.

2- Is It Legal To Buy CSK Unlisted Shares?

Buying or selling unlisted shares of CSK is 100% legal in India. You can buy CSK pre-IPO stocks by using Stockify.

3- What Is The Chennai Super Kings Share Price Today?

As per the recent market trends, CSK share price today is Rs 179 per share.

4- Which IPL Team Has The Highest Brand Value?

Mumbai Indians have the highest brand value of $1.4 billion. CSK comes at number 2 with a brand valuation of $1.15 billion.

5- How Can I Invest In CSK Unlisted Shares Online?

Investing in the CSK pre-IPO shares is easy with the help of Stockify. Our expert will guide you throughout the process.

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The brand valuation of CSK depends on various factors, including sponsorships, market demands, and more. Here’s a quick comparison of its brand valuation for FY 22-23.


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