What Will Be The Price Of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd(CSK) Unlisted Shares At The End Of 2023?

Chennai Super Kings is a well-known name in the Indian Premier League (IPL), and it is one of the people’s favourite teams in India. The team has been doing great in the IPL with its flabbergasting performance and won 4 IPL titles till now. The performance and love for M.S. Dhoni (captain of the CSK team) have attracted many potential investors to invest in CSK unlisted shares. Chennai Super King’s stock price has risen and fallen since its inception. As the team is entering IPL 2023 with the title “Unicorn,” it is enticing investors to know the price of its shares to earn a high ROI. 

The team’s brand value is expected to be around $73.6 billion, with a market value of approximately Rs 7,600 crores. This is a remarkable achievement for the team, making it the first sports enterprise in India to reach unicorn status. As a potential investor, if you want to buy CSK unlisted shares, you should be aware of the current price of CSK shares and the estimated price at the end of this year. Stride along with us to know. 

An Overview Of Chennai Super Kings

Founded in 2008, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is an Indian premier league (IPL) franchise cricket team based in Tamil Nadu. India Cement Limited and M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, the home stadium for Chennai Super Kings, own the team. The team was banned for almost two years from IPL July 2015 to 2018 because of the involvement of its owners in a 2013 IPL betting case. The team returned to the league in 2018 and won the title in its comeback. As per the Brand Finance Report, “the brand value of Chennai Super Kings in 2018 was $65 million approximately, making it the most valuable franchise in the IPL.” 

In addition, the team holds the record for the most occurrences in the IPL playoffs. The team also played in the eight finals of the IPL. Apart from this, the team has also won the Championship League Twenty20 twice, in 2010 and 2014. In September 2018, India Cement accepted the demerger of Chennai Super Kings into a completely owned subsidiary by transferring its net assets at cost. Now, Chennai Super Kings Limited owns the team Chennai Super Kings. Let’s look at the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited Share details as of March 31, 2022.

CSK outstanding shares 379,425, 004
ISIN Of CSK Unlisted Shares INE852S01026
Face Value Of CSK Unlisted Shares Rs. 0.1 Per Equity Share 
CSK Share Price Rs 168 per share
Lot Size Of CSK Unlisted Shares 1000 Shares 
PAN Number Of CSK AAFCC8730K

The flabbergasting performance of CSK in the past few years has successfully attracted people’s attention to investing in its unlisted shares. If you want to buy CSK unlisted shares, check out the CSK share price today

CSK Share Price Before And After IPL 

The unlisted share market is uncertain; the price of unlisted shares keeps fluctuating due to market trends. Taking Chennai Super Kings stock price into consideration, from the last three years, there has been a rise in the share price before the start of the IPL season and subdued after the IPL finishes based on demand and supply (it plays a vital role in determining the cost of unlisted stocks). If we see the track record of CSK, the team won the IPL title four times (in 2010, 2011, 2018, 2021) and recorded the highest win percentage amongst all teams in the IPL. 

The past achievements of CSK have increased the demand for unlisted shares as it is compelled to presume that CSK may again win the tournament or end up securing a position in the top 4. It has been noticed that whenever CSK wins, CSK unlisted share price automatically rises in the market. If you want to be a part of CSK’s success, you must buy CSK unlisted shares; that’s why investors must buy stocks before IPL. 

Since this season, IPL has already started, and it is visible that the demand for CSK unlisted shares has risen among its potential investors. The other most significant reason investors buy CSK unlisted shares is yearly auction of media and broadcasting rights during the IPL season. So depending on the demand generated among potential investors, Chennai Super Kings’ share price may rise higher in the unlisted share market. 

CSK Business Model

The Chennai Super Kings business model revolves around yielding revenue through various streams. Investors must understand and consider these revenue streams when purchasing Chennai Super Kings shares, and it will offer insight into the company’s holistic financial health and stability. 


The significant revenue stream for CSK is its sponsorship. De facto, Chennai Super Kings sponsorship deals account for 15% and 20% of the company’s revenue. This includes top brands that pay to endorse their products and services via CSK’s platforms, including websites, social media, and sports events. 

Tickets And In-Stadium Ads 

Another significant revenue stream of CSK is its gate revenue and ticket sales, accounting for around 10% of the franchise owner’s total revenue. The company generates revenue from ticket sales from sports events, in-stadium advertisements, and concessions. 

CSK Merchandise 

CSK’s merchandise sales are another revenue source through which the company earns flabbergasting revenue. The company’s merchandise includes team hats, jerseys, and other products, and the sale of merchandise products offers a steady income stream during peak periods. 

Broadcasting Rights 

Media rights are another vital component of the CSK revenue business model. This accounts for around 60% of the company’s total revenue. It includes the sale of broadcasting rights to television networks and online streaming services. Additionally, digital media rights to companies that want to use CSK’s content on their platforms. In fact, 10% of IPL broadcasting will go to CSK company for 2023-27. It is also estimated that CSK will get 620 million dollars from media rights deals every year. 

Chennai Super Kings Stock Price: Investment Opportunity 

Today’s Chennai Super King’s share price can be pretty enticing for investors because of its ongoing popularity in India and global fan base. Interestingly, Indian Premier League (IPL) has made cricket more accessible by featuring players from different countries and reaching a global audience representing their respective countries. As the IPL started gaining popularity in countries like the USA, the Middle East, and Europe, it gave potential investors a golden opportunity to invest in its unlisted shares. 

Additionally, CSK share price BSE surged in response to the augmentation of Gujarat and Lucknow teams in the IPL for the 2023 season. The addition of Wanderers Johannesburg by CSK in the South African league has created positive sentiments among investors about CSK unlisted shares. This will surely increase the company’s valuation and share price, attracting investors to invest in its shares. 

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  1. Is Chennai Super Kings listed in the stock market?

Ans. Currently, CSK is not listed in the stock market through Chennai Super Kings shares are available in the market, which you can easily buy. Connect with Stockify to buy unlisted shares of CSK. 

  1. Is buying CSK unlisted shares a worthy investment?

Ans. Buying CSK unlisted shares is a worthy investment for those who want to diversify their investment portfolio and gain the highest return on investment. 

  1. Where do I check CSK share price BSE?

Ans. At Stockify, you can quickly check the current price of unlisted stocks of CSK. Our team of experts daily updates unlisted share prices based on market trends and fluctuations. 

  1. Does Mahendra Singh Dhoni have shares in CSK?

Ans. Some reports suggest that MS Dhoni has about a 15% stake in the sports marketing firm Rhiti, which manages his shares, and the Chennai Super Kings team.

  1. Where do I buy and sell CSK unlisted shares in India?

Ans. Stockify is the leading online brokerage platform allowing you to buy CSK unlisted shares. You can connect with the experts at Stockify to simplify your trading journey.

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CSK has been doing great in the unlisted share market; know about the price of CSK unlisted shares at the end of this year.


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