Lava Enters In Wearable Segment – What Does It Mean For Lava’s Investors?

Lava is a name that ruled India’s mobile handset industry by offering budget-friendly mobiles to people. It is a home-grown brand with operations in different countries and proudly serves customers with its wide range of products. With the Chinese smartphone brands coming, Lava went through a downfall, but it made a terrific comeback with its all-new smartphone series named AGNI. 

Fortunately, Lava International Ltd received a positive response to it and now it decides to enter the wearable segment. You might be curious to know how this decision will impact Lava unlisted shares or the company’s overall performance. This blog will discuss Lava’s plan to establish itself in the wearable market and its significance to its investors.

Lava’s Re-Establish Itself In The Indian Smartphone Industry

Every business goes from ups and downs, especially when international brands offer premium features at affordable pricing. The same thing happened with Lava International, an Indian mobile handset brand which was negatively impacted when Chinese smartphone brands like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi entered the Indian market.

At that time, Lava had the majority market share, and it caters to people’s needs for budget-friendly smartphones. However, the interest of Indian smartphone consumers shifts towards new brands, resulting in a loss for Lava. As a result, the performance of Lava pre-IPO shares also declined, which caused its investors a substantial loss at that time.

The turning point for Lava International Limited was the Introduction of Atma Nirbhar Bharat by the Central Government. During this, people moved towards the Indian smartphone brands, and Lava took this opportunity to re-establish itself in the smartphone industry. As a result, Lava unlisted shares also soared in the shadow of “Atma Nirbhar” and “Make In India” initiatives of the government.

It was 9th November 2021 when Lava introduced its AGNI 5G smartphone and made a stellar comeback. The company received positive customer results, allowing it to launch other editions of the AGNI series. In a recent interview with Zee Business, Sunil Raina, Business Head and President of Lava International, said that Lava is now becoming a threat to Chinese smartphones after the success of Lava AGNI 2.

Today, Lava has regained the trust of Indian consumers and continuously grows as an Indian smartphone brand. It also reflects on Lava share price, which was at its peak in December 2022.

Lava International Prepares To Enter Wearable Segment

After making a comeback in the Indian smartphone industry, Lava International is now planning to enter the wearable segment. Today, the majority of the Indian market share in the electronic wearable segment is captured by boAt. In an interview with The Hindu BusinessLine recently, Lava’s President clarified that Lava is preparing to enter the wearable market. Here’s what we can expect from Lava International in this market segment:

Smart Wearable Products

The decision to enter the wearable market segment strengthens its portfolio. Currently, Lava International offers mobile handsets, smartphones, and Tablets. In an interview, Sunil clarified that their main focus would be smartphones, but they intended to work in the wearable segment and soon launch Headphones, smartwatches, TWS, and neckbands. Since the company also has various plans regarding its IPO, portfolio expansion might help it.

Premium Products On Budget

Lava’s main USP from the beginning is to provide a premium range of products on a budget. It is the reason Lava International created a large consumer base in India.

Since the company reported consistent growth in its sales, it might also have several future plans to establish itself in the Indian wearable market. 

We can expect high-quality smart wearable products from Lava International on a budget. It is also interesting to see how this move will impact Lava share price in India. Whether it’s earbuds, smartwatches or audio products, Lava will directly compete with giants like boAt in the future.

Target The Global Market

It is also possible that Lava International also plans to target the global market by introducing its wearable products. Lava is a multinational company that operates in more than 11 countries. However, there are limited details shared by the company’s officials regarding their global expansion plans. In addition, Lava International will also aim to set its pricing strategy for each country.

The wearable market will bring various opportunities for Lava, allowing it to establish itself in the most demanding product segment. From investors’ point of view, the decision of Lava International Limited to target the wearable segment will positively impact its unlisted shares in the future.

Why Should You Invest In Lava Unlisted Shares?

Lava International Limited is the company that established itself as the people’s trusted mobile handset brand. The company attracted investors with its comeback in the smartphone industry. However, its decision to target the wearable market segment will give a positive sign of its business growth in the future. As a result, more and more investors are interested in Lava pre-IPO shares currently traded in the grey market. 

If you are also looking to buy Lava unlisted shares, it is advised to know its various pros and cons. In addition, you should also consider the Lava share price in the last few months along with financial metrics. If you find it difficult, you can take assistance from unlisted share brokers at Stockify. However, the performance of Lava International Ltd in the unlisted share market remained positive. The recent market data shows that the operating revenue increased from Rs 5,513 crore to Rs 5,878 crore. In addition, the company also recorded growth in its net profit. Here are various reasons to invest in Lava International pre-IPO shares:

Home-Grown Brand

Lava International is a home-grown brand operating in different countries. The company received support from the Indian government in the shadow of Make In India and Atma Nirbhar Bharat. As an investor, you should buy Lava unlisted shares as it allows you to put money into the brand that has roots in the country. So, it is beneficial to invest in Lava International Ltd.

Positive Financial Performance

As we mentioned above, the financial performance of Lava International has improved in the last few years. The company took various initiatives to target new market segments and expand its business. As a result, the Lava stock price steadily grows and performs as expected. The current Lava share price in India is Rs 110, which might increase as the company launches its wearable products.

Lava Upcoming IPO

Lava International has already filed IPO papers with SEBI and is gearing up its further process to launch an IPO. The company will soon allow investors to buy Lava IPO shares when it gets public. However, there is limited information regarding the exact launch date of an IPO. For now, you can buy Lava unlisted shares to get future benefits.

Buy Lava International Unlisted Shares At Stockify

Lava International is preparing to establish itself in the wearable segment, allowing investors to make good returns. The company’s expected growth remained positive as Lava’s future products might be in huge demand. So, if you want to invest in an Indian-based brand, Lava International might be best for you.

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1- What Is The Total Market Share Of Lava International Ltd In India?

As per recent market research, the market share of Lava International Ltd is 13% in India. Recently, Lava revamped its business strategy, which benefits it. For getting more info about Lava, connect with us.

2- Is It Profitable To Invest In Lava Unlisted Shares?

The growth of the company in the last few years remained positive. The company made a profit of Rs 173 crore in the previous fiscal year. That is why it is profitable to invest in Lava unlisted shares.

3- Where Can I Check The Financial Report Of Lava International Limited?

You can check the financial report of Lava International Ltd at Stockify. Here you will get access to complete financial data of the company for the different fiscal years.

4- What Is The Lava Unlisted Share Price Today?

As per the fresh market data, the price of Lava unlisted shares today is Rs 110 per equity share. At Stockify, we update Lava share price based on recent market data. To get an updated share price, subscribe to Stockify.

5- How Can I Buy Lava Unlisted Shares Online?

You can buy Lava pre-IPO stocks hassle-free with the help of Stockify. It is India’s best unlisted shares broking platform and provides access to unlisted shares of Lava International and other companies.

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After making a comeback in the smartphone industry, Lava International is planning to enter the wearable market.


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