Swiggy To Prepare For $800 Million IPO: What It Entails?

Swiggy, an online food delivery startup which promises to deliver the food to your doorstep, is planning for an Initial Public Offering(IPO). The company aims to raise $800 million (approx. Rs 6,000 crore) via its IPO. According to the report of Nikkea Asia, Swiggy’s eyes are on raising this amount amid the rivalry with Zomato and tough market conditions. As per the sources, the primary reason behind this move of Swiggy is the business expansion plans for which it is planning to raise new funds.

Since the company has decided to provide its IPO stocks for public investment soon, it is an emerging opportunity for investors looking to invest in the Swiggy listed shares. Retail investors can only buy or sell Swiggy unlisted shares via online trading platforms. So, if you also want to know about the Swiggy IPO and how it can benefit you in future, this blog will answer your every question.

Swiggy IPO: A Way To Invest In Swiggy Listed Stocks

Swiggy, which is backed by Softbank Group, gears up for its most anticipated IPO, which will aim to raise $800 million. The company is already adding independent directors to the board committee for this. However, Swiggy has yet to disclose the IPO launch date and other details.

As per the sources, Swiggy plans to establish itself as a logistic company rather than just a food delivery platform. The decision to prepare for an $800 million IPO came amid high competition from Zomato, which has already got listed and attracted investors. There is no doubt that Swiggy has future plans to increase sales ahead of its IPO, which can benefit the company in the future.

Recently, Swiggy participated in the funding round led by Investco, in which the company was valued at $10.7 billion. It is more than its rival, Zomato, which received a total market valuation of $1.25 billion in 2021. As a result, the demand for the Swiggy unlisted shares surged with the brokedown of this news in the market. With the company’s plan to go public, Swiggy IPO will present a great opportunity for retail investors to leverage the company’s presence in the market.

What Market Conditions Convey About Swiggy IPO?

As India’s major food delivery platform, Swiggy’s business expansion journey in the last few years has been motivational. Since its inception, Swiggy has competed head-to-head with Zomato and gained immense popularity in the market. If you plan to invest in Swiggy IPO stocks, you must have a better idea of current market conditions.

As per the report of Economic Times, the stock market has gone into a backdrop which negatively impacted the top companies. If we talk about the shares of companies like Zomato, Nykaa, and Paytm, their value has significantly dropped. Swiggy, which is continuously expanding its business and creating a large customer base with its services like Swiggy Instamart, which will benefit the investors. 

Is it Beneficial To Invest In Swiggy’s Upcoming IPO?

You might have a question regarding the potential benefits of investing in the Swiggy IPO, which is expected to launch next year. Investing in any company involves some risk, which every investor must know. Before investing in Swiggy IPO stocks, it is advised to look at its company’s performance in the unlisted share market. Currently, Swiggy unlisted shares are performing positively, indicating that investors can make high returns when the company goes public in the future. 

The performance of Swiggy in the grey market till now is satisfactory, which can be seen from its financials and share price. As per fresh market data, Swiggy unlisted shares price today is Rs 360 per share. Moreover, the company plans to establish itself as a logistic provider; there will be other significant benefits investors can get in the future. Since Swiggy has not disclosed further IPO details like the launch date, it is advised to buy Swiggy unlisted shares to get early access to its listed stocks.

Buy Swiggy Unlisted Shares To Get Future Benefits

Swiggy’s upcoming IPO is expected to benefit investors and become a part of the company’s growth. However, Swiggy unlisted shares are equally in high demand and a great way to plan future investments in the company’s IPO shares.

At Stockify, you can buy Swiggy unlisted shares by analysing its current market performance. We are the best unlisted shares broking platform that assists retail investors in making the right investment per their risk appetite. Here you will get an updated Swiggy share price along with every financial information of the company.

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1- What Is The Valuation Of Swiggy’s Upcoming IPO?

As per recent data, Swiggy plans to launch an IPO of $800 million. The total valuation of Swiggy is estimated at $5.5 Billion.

2- What Is The Swiggy Unlisted Shares Price Today?

The current price of Swiggy unlisted shares is Rs 360 per equity share. To stay updated with the future Swiggy pre-IPO stock price, subscribe to Stockify.

3- When Will The Swiggy IPO Launch For Public Investment?

There is no exact data released by Swiggy yet regarding its IPO launch. However, investors can buy Swiggy unlisted shares easily.

4- Will Swiggy’s Current Investors Get Benefits From Its IPO?

Investors with Swiggy Pre-IPO stocks are expected to have early access to its IPO stocks. For more information, connect with us today.

5- How Can I Buy Or Sell Swiggy Unlisted Shares Online?

You can easily buy or sell Swiggy pre-IPO stocks online using Stockify, India’s best unlisted shares broking platform. You can access the updated Swiggy share price, financial reports, and more here. For more info, contact us now.

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Swiggy, an online food delivery company, is planning for an IPO of $800 million to issue its listed stocks.


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