Year-Wise Revenue Growth Of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd For The Last Five Years

Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is a leading security service provider and a renowned player in the grey market. This fintech company has been trying to overcome the challenges with the Initial Public Offering (IPO) proceedings. In Feb 2023, the company announced that it raised more than Rs. 111 crore from its existing and new investors. The raised capital will be used to expand the business’ presence and strengthen its position as India’s leading securities service provider. As the company is all set to issue its IPO, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares price is increasing. In fact, the company’s financial performance is also a major topic to discuss before investing in its pre-IPO shares. If you’re someone who is planning to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd pre-IPO shares, you must know about the company’s financial performance over the last five years. 

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An Overview Of The Company

Incorporated in November 2005, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd (OFCL) is a non-government company offering custodial fund accounting, depository, professional clearing, FPI registration, share transfer, and trustee services to a range of client segments. In FY2019, the company received a licence for registrar and transfer agent services and trustee services from SEBI. OFCL operates as an independent custodian and offers end-to-end services to its clients. Through its custodial business, the company offers services to institutional clients such as portfolio management services, FPI, foreign direct investment, domestic institutional investors, and alternative investment funds. Since its inception, the company has been performing well and earning high income and profit. 

The company’s powerful and robust financial performance has enticed investors to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares to earn high ROI in the future. Let’s move further and talk about the year-wise revenue growth of the company in the last five years below. 

Last Five Years’ Financial Performance Of The Company

Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is the fastest-growing financial service-providing company, with sales growth at 42% CAGR during the last five years. In addition, the company reported a 26% average net margin and a 20% average Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) in the last three years. Further, the company also distributed its dividend among investors in the last three years. Let’s now look at the financial performance of the company (for the last five years) in the table given below:

Figure in Lakhs

Particulars 20222021202020192018
Operating Revenue 15418665533721592
Profit Before Tax65211949163490473.33
Profit After Tax47841593115772273.33
EPS 5.411.991.771.10.14
Total Income 19103865343882245176.12

From the aforementioned table, it is clearly visible that since 2018 the company has recorded a positive financial performance. The company’s operating revenue in FY2022 was Rs. 15418 Lakh as opposed to Rs. 6655 Lakh in FY2021. Same way, the total income of the company in FY22 was Rs. 19103 Lakh as opposed to Rs. 8653 Lakh in 2021, which has kept growing since 2018. The strong financials of the company allow users to invest in Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted share price. Before investing, as an investor, you must check Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted share price to make a wise decision. 

Is It Beneficial To Buy Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd Pre-IPO Shares?

Without any speck of doubt, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is a well-known financial service provider in India. Till now, the company has not filed for an IPO, but it is planning to launch its IPO soon. Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd pre-IPO shares are expected to offer high ROI to investors; therefore, the early investment will be a golden opportunity for those who want to diversify their investment portfolio and earn high interest. Now that you have already seen the company’s last five years’ financial performance was remarkable, there is no reason not to invest in its unlisted shares. If you want to invest in unlisted shares but don’t know how to buy them, don’t worry. Stockify, India’s leading online trading platform, is here to help. 

At Stockify, we have a team of expert brokers helping people buy unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies in India. From finance to retail, pharmacy, solar, banking, and technology, you can invest in any sector or company based on your needs. Our expert broker will guide you throughout the process and give you details of the company, like EPS growth, profit and loss statement, EBITDA, and much more. Connect today to start trading hassle-free. 


  1. How much revenue Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd earned in 2022?

Ans. The company’s operating revenue was Rs.15418 Lakh as opposed to Rs. 6655 Lakh in 2021, which shows positive growth for the company. 

  1. How to buy Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted shares?

Ans. To buy Orbis Financial Corporation pre-IPO shares, you can count on Stockify. The expert brokers will help you throughout the buying and selling process of unlisted shares. 

  1. How to check Orbis Financial Corporation unlisted share price today?

Ans. At Stockify, you can easily check the share price of Orbis Financial and other top pre-IPO companies. However, the current price of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares is Rs. 105. 

  1. Is buying Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd pre-IPO shares worthy of investment?

Ans. Buying pre-IPO shares of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is a worthy investment as the company has been growing for the last five years. 

  1. What is the lock-in period of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares?

Ans. The lock-in period of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares is six months from the date of the acquisition.  

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Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd recorded PAT in FY21 as Rs. 153.48 million opposed to Rs.115.02 million in FY20. Read here the year-wise revenue growth of the company for the last five years.


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