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About Schneider Electric Shares

Founded in October 1984, Schneider Electric President Systems is a public  company that designs, manufactures, and sells standard and customised enclosure systems. The company supplies its products to ITES, IT/Networking, Telecom, General, and Industrial Electronics sectors. Today, the company has the capacity to manufacture up to 60,000 enclosures, 70,000 card frames, and 30,000 instrument cases. As per the February 2023 data, the company has a market capitalization of $93.01 billion, which makes it  the world’s 150th most valuable company by market cap. This makes the Schneider Electric share worth investing in. 

Schneider Electric President System Limited is the Indian tech arm of the parent company, Schneider Electric. It is one of India’s leading designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of customised enclosures systems. It was once listed on BSE, but due to some challenges, it got delisted and now trades its shares as Unlisted shares. However, it is again planning on listing its shares in the Metropolitan Stock Exchange Of India (MSEI).

Schneider Electric Shares Price Overview

The IT sector in India has always been the fastest-growing industry, and during uncertain times like Covid-19 pandemic, the sector led to significant adoption of digitisation. This created a massive opportunity for companies like Schneider Electric to make a flabbergasting profit. Further, the Schneider Electric shares price was Rs. 200 in the FY-21 and experienced a hike in October 2022 and went to Rs. 395. Today, Schneider Electric India share price is between Rs. 450 and Rs. 460.

Schneider Electric President System Limited performed quite well in the unlisted share market. In December 2022, the price of Schneider Electric President System Limited’s unlisted shares was around ₹252 per equity share, which has now increased to ₹440 per equity share. This shows that the company has performed quite well, as it saw a 75% increase in its share price.

Why Buy Schneider Electric Shares?

Schneider Electric is one of the most renowned names in the IT industry and has been doing well in its field. The company managed to generate Rs. 9.9 crore profit in FY20, 24.2 in FY21, and 28.9 in FY 22. This clearly shows that the company has been profitable in the past three years and will be in the coming years. Additionally, in December 2022, the company announced an investment of Rs. 425 crores for a smart factory in Bengaluru. This factory will manufacture a large scope of products like UPS and is expected to sell over Rs. 5200 crores by 2026. Talking about the Schneider Electric share price India, the data clearly depicts the company is going to be profitable surely, so it is worth the investment. 

One of the most important things to consider while looking to buy unlisted shares of any company is its financials in the previous years, like its revenue, EBITDA, PAT, and many more. When it comes to Schneider Electric President System Limited, it has shown really good financial performance in the last few years. For starters, the company in its financial report mentioned that the revenue of the company rose 32% compared to the first quarter of FY 2022-2023. Its revenue in Q1 of FY 2023-2024 was ₹497 crore, while its revenue in Q1 of FY 2022-2023 was ₹371.98 crore.

Look at the graphics below showing the net and operating profit of the company between 2019 and 2022. 

How To Apply For Schneider Electric Shares Online?

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FAQ On Schneider Electric Unlisted Shares

Stockify is an ideal place from where you can buy Schneider Electric shares. We have top unlisted share brokers who can help you with the overall buying process. Connect now.
Yes, Schneider Electric’s shares are pretty profitable, as the company had a 16.1 Cr net profit in 2022 and 14.4 Cr in 2021. So, it is a profitable company to invest in.
The price of Schneider Electric’s shares can be checked at Stockify. Our experts update the daily prices of Schneider Electric shares if they fluctuate.
The listing of Schneider Electric on NSE presents the incorporation date, public issue date, face value, etc, which indicates that the company is listed but it is also floating in the unlisted share market.
Yes, this company is a dividend-paying company, offering a current yield of 1.3%, well covered by its revenue.
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