A Detailed Analysis Of CSK’s Financial Statement For The FY 22-23

Everyone is familiar with Chennai Super Kings, which is not only a brand but a famous IPL cricket team. The Chennai Super Kings team was established in 2008, and today, it is one of the favourite IPL teams among people in India. In April 2023, the team won its 5th IPL trophy, after which its brand value increased tremendously due to the high demand for match tickets and victory. 

According to the Times of India, the brand value of CSK was $146 million towards the end of 2022, which increased by 45.2% to $212 million (Rs. 1746.88 crores) after their win in the IPL 2023. With this value, CSK ranked as no. 1 both in IPL team and business enterprise value. Such a flabbergasting performance and increased brand value have attracted a lot of potential investors to buy CSK unlisted shares

This blog will shed light upon a detailed analysis of CSK’s financial statement for FY 22-23. Without further ado, let’s get started below. 

Overview Of CSK’s Financial Statement For FY 22-23 

The report shared by Houlihan Lokey, INC, a global investment bank, ranks Chennai Super Kings as the most valuable franchise at $212 million, growing 45% YoY. On the contrary, the Royal Challengers Bangalore ranks second in terms of brand value at $95 million. Let’s understand the financial statement of CSK for FY22-23 below.

Profit And Loss Statement 

In the profit and loss statement for FY 22-23, the total revenue from the operation of CSK was Rs. 29,234.36 lac against Rs. 34,914.66 lac in FY 21-22. It is because of the tax expense of CSK, which was Rs. 1,835.21 lac against Rs. 920.70 lac in FY 21-22. However, the total expense, which includes employee benefits expense, cost of operation, financial cost, depreciation, and other costs, was Rs. 22.181 lac compared to FY 21-22, which was recorded at Rs. 30,839 lac. 

Cash Flow Statement

Cash flow from the operational activities of the company was better than in the corresponding year FY 21-22. The net profit before exceptional items and tax the company earned was Rs. 7,052 lac. The operating profit before working capital was Rs. 6,511 lac. On the contrary, the cash flow from operating activities in FY 21-22 was Rs. 4,074 lac, while the operating profit before the working capital was Rs. 5,283 lac. So, the company managed its operating, financial, and investing activities well in FY 22-23.

Balance Sheet Statement

Whether you’re a shareholder of the company or a potential investor, knowing the financial position of CSK is crucial. That’s why it is also important to discuss its balance sheet statement. The total non-current assets of the company were valued at Rs. 22,681 lac, total assets were valued at Rs. 49,040 lac, total liabilities were recorded at Rs. 18,940 lac, and total equity and liabilities were Rs. 49,040 lac. Every figure was higher than its corresponding year FY 21-22. 

CSK Unlisted Share Performance 

CSK unlisted share prices have fluctuated in the past few years. In March 2021, CSK pre-IPO stocks were trading at Rs. 86, which surged to Rs. 190 in November of the same year. In the starting three months of 2022, the prices of CSK unlisted shares fluctuated around Rs. 200 and went down to Rs. 190 in May. From June to December 2022, the CSK pre-IPO stocks were trading between Rs. 160 and Rs. 170. In January 2023, the prices were Rs. 163 and remained fluctuating around this amount only. Currently, CSK unlisted shares are trading at Rs. 182; you can buy CSK unlisted shares if you want to diversify your investment portfolio and earn high revenue on your investment. 

Future Of CSK  

After analysing the financial statement of CSK for FY 22-23, it is clear that the brand and the CSK team performed well, which increased its brand value in the market. One credit goes to the CSK 2023 victory in the IPL. If CSK continues to achieve the same in the future, it will surely create a buzz among investors about its unlisted shares and IPO. To buy unlisted shares in India, you can connect with experts at Stockify, an online stock broking platform. We can give you every minute detail about the company while guiding you through the process of buying and selling unlisted shares to make it easy, hassle-free, and seamless. Connect with us today.  


Is Chennai Super Kings Ltd a good company to invest in?

Ans. Yes, CSK is a highly well-reputed company that has been performing well since its inception. Also, the successful team of IPL, CSK offers investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio with its unlisted shares. 

What is the current CSK unlisted share price in India? 

Ans. Currently, CSK unlisted shares are trading at Rs. 182. In the last few months, the CSK pre-IPO stock price grew after winning the 2023 IPL. 

What was the profit after tax (PAT) of CSK in FY 22-23?

Ans. The profit after tax of the company in the last year was Rs. 52.2 crore against Rs. 31.5 crore in the financial year FY 21-22. So, 65% growth has been recorded in the PAT of CSK. 

How do I check CSK unlisted share price?

Ans. You can check the unlisted share price at Stockify. We regularly update the prices of unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies at our portal. You can get daily updates from us. 

Which is the best platform to buy CSK pre-IPO stocks in India?

Ans. Stockify is the best online stock broking platform, with expert brokers guiding potential investors about trading. Connect with us today.

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Total revenue of CSK for FY 22-23 was Rs. 29234 crores. Read this blog for a detailed analysis of CSK’s FY 22-23 financial statement.
Total revenue of CSK for FY 22-23 was Rs. 29234 crores. Read this blog for a detailed analysis of CSK's FY 22-23 financial statement.


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