CSK Unlisted Shares Soared 15x In The Last Five Years- Should You Invest In It?

Chennai Super Kings(CSK) dominated both the ground and unlisted share market in the last five years. Being the only IPL franchise available in the grey market, CSK showed a stellar performance as its unlisted shares soared 15x and allowed seasonal investors to earn high returns on their investments. In the recent season of IPL, Chennai Super Kings won its 5th IPL title and became one of the most successful teams in this tournament. 

Apart from this, CSK also bought new franchises in SA and US cricket leagues, affecting CSK stock price in the grey market. However, most investors still have uncertainty regarding CSK’s future performance. In this blog, we will closely look at the CSK unlisted shares performance in the last five years and suggest whether you should plan your investment in this company or not.

CSK Financial Performance In The Grey Market Over The Years

Unlike other IPL franchises, Chennai Super Kings is known for creating records both on-field and off-field. Throughout the IPL 2023 season, investors’ demand for the CSK unlisted shares remained high. Like its home-game ticket price, CSK stock price also increased and surged over the last five years.

CSK has a diversified business model that allows it to earn revenue from different sources, including sponsorships, sale of merchandise, media rights, and more. It also contributes towards its financial performance in the grey market. As per the financial report shared by the company, the performance of CSK pre-IPO shares remained positive. 

For your better understanding, let’s see the CSK stock price history. During the IPL season, the CSK shares were traded at Rs 160-165 per share. Throughout the season, its unlisted shares performed well. There were no negative effects on CSK unlisted share price despite the postponed IPL due to the rain. The recent one-month data showed that CSK shares price increased and continued to maintain its position even after the end of the IPL 2023. As per the fresh market data, CSK share price today is Rs 182 and is considered one of the best price values in the last five years.

The other financial metrics of the CSK, including operating revenue, PAT, EBITDA, and profit margin, are also affected by team performance in the league. In FY19, CSK recorded an operating revenue of Rs 417 crore, while its revenue for the recent financial year was Rs 292 crore. The negative financial metrics raise a big question among investors about CSK share price at the end of 2023, which will also depend on various factors like the company’s performance.

Should You Invest In Chennai Super Kings Shares?

Chennai Super Kings is one of the top choices for investment due to its stable performance in the unlisted share market. In the last five years, CSK shares increased by 15 times, a positive sign from an investment perspective. Undoubtedly, CSK is a treasure for seasonal investors who want to earn a high return on their investment.

CSK’s brand value also increased over the years, raising the demand for its pre-IPO stocks. 

The company has a high potential to grow and become one of the top-performing companies in the grey market. However, you should also look at the long-term growth of CSK by closely looking at its acquisitions and partnerships. There is always a risk associated with every company, as it is difficult to predict future performance without enough financial data.

There are chances that CSK will also plan its IPO in the next few years, which brings new opportunities for investors. That’s why planning your investment in CSK unlisted shares is vital, which will provide you with an extra edge when a company gets listed on the stock exchange like BSE and NSE.

Plan Your Investment In CSK Pre-IPO Shares With Stockify

The last five-year performance of CSK unlisted shares clearly showed its exceptional growth. It is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of CSK’s growth and earn high returns in the future. If you have any queries or confusion regarding its unlisted shares, our experts will explain everything and clear your doubts.

You can buy unlisted shares of CSK using Stockify. We are the best online unlisted shares broking platform that allows investors to buy or sell pre-IPO stocks hassle-free. Here, you will get access to the CSK share price, financial report, and other details which help you make an informed investment decision. Ready to reap the future benefits of CSK unlisted shares? Contact us today!



1- What Is The Current Market Valuation Of CSK?

As per the recent market data, the current market valuation of Chennai Super Kings is $3.2 billion. CSK’s valuation increased in this financial year compared to the previous year.

2- What Is The CSK Unlisted Share Price In India?

The CSK share price today is Rs 182 per equity share. CSK unlisted share price depends on various factors, including current market conditions, business performance, etc.

3- Why Should I Invest In CSK Pre-IPO Shares?

CSK is the only IPL franchise team available in the grey market. Chennai Super Kings’s performance remains positive on the ground and pre-IPO shares market. You should buy unlisted shares of CSK for future benefits.

4- How Can I Check CSK Pre-IPO Share Price Online?

You can check the CSK share price online by using Stockify. It is the most trusted online trading platform that allows retail investors to buy or sell unlisted shares of CSK and other top-performing companies. To start your investment journey, connect with us today!

5- What Is The Net Profit Of Chennai Super Kings In FY23?

CSK profit after tax for FY23 was Rs 5,217 lakhs. It is due to the increase in its brand value and high demand throughout the IPL season 2023. To check the financial statement of the company, subscribe to the Stockify.

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CSK showed stellar growth in its unlisted shares over the last five years despite negative financials.
CSK showed stellar growth in its unlisted shares over the last five years despite negative financials.


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