An In-Depth Analysis Of Capgemini’s YoY Revenue Growth In Q1FY23

The wave of the technological revolution allowed companies like Capgemini to emerge as an industry leader. Started in 1993, Capgemini extensively meets the needs of businesses and end customers via its services. The shocking fact for investors is that this company officially got delisted from Indian Stock Exchanges in 2008 and currently provides pre-IPO shares for trading in the unlisted share market.

Talking about the financial performance of Capgemini, it consistently improved over time and made this company a better investment option. Recently, the company recorded a growth in its Year-On-Year(YoY) revenue. Since it reflects that Capgemini saw the demand for its services in the market, an in-depth analysis of YoY revenue growth will give you a better idea of the future outlook of the company. 

What Is Year-On-Year(YoY) Growth?

Before we move to the revenue and other growth made by Capgemini in Q1FY23, let’s have a quick understanding of YoY growth. The majority of investors are not familiar with this term, and you might be among them.

YoY is the financial term which is generally used for the financial comparison of two measurable events on an annualized basis. The objective of performing a YoY analysis is to compare the recent financial performance with the historical period. In the case of Capgemini, which made 10.9% of YoY revenue growth in Q1FY23, it reflects the comparison of its growth of 7.8% with the previous quarter of FY 2023.

You can calculate the YoY growth of any metric by taking the current year’s value divided by the prior year’s value and subtracting 1 from it.

Eg: ( Current Period Value)/(Prior Period Value) – 1

Capgemini YoY Revenue Growth In Q1FY23

In May 2023, Capgemini released a financial report for Q1FY23 in which it reported a YoY revenue of 10.9% with a revenue of 5.7 billion euros($6.5 billion). In an article, the company also mentioned that its revenue was increased at a current exchange rate of 10.9% and constant exchange rates of 10.7% in the recent quarter of financial year 2023.

You will get an idea about Capgemini’s YoY growth by further reconciliation of the growth rates of the company in revenue.

Analysis Of Revenue Growth RateQ1 FY23
Organic Growth+10.1%
Change in Group Scope+0.6%
Growth at Constant Exchange rates+10.7%
Exchange rate fluctuations+0.2%
Reported growth+10.9%

Let’s understand the following figures in the table: organic growth, which is the revenue growth rate which is calculated at a constant group rate and exchange rates. Group and exchange rates are for the reported period, which is Q1 FY23 in this case.

Aiman Ezzat, Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini Group, said,“Capgemini has delivered a very good start to the year, above expectations, in an economic environment that remains tense with some clients adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude. The trends observed in our markets are in line with the scenario anticipated for 2023.”

Capgemini generated revenue from its operations, contributing 9% from strategic & transformation and 62% from Applications and technology services. Apart from this, Capgemini Group’s total booking YoY growth rate was +6.5%, which is a positive sign for the company. Overall growth of the company in other metrics also remained satisfactory, which positively affected Capgemini’s share price in the unlisted share market. However, you must also consider the risk involved in its pre-IPO shares while making your investment strategies.

Will YoY Revenue Growth Affect Capgemini’s Unlisted Share Price?

Capgemini is not yet listed on any stock exchange and presents retail investors with investment opportunities via its unlisted shares. Since Capgemini share price depends on various factors, we can expect a high unlisted share price of Capgemini in the market. The future outlook of the company will also depend on other financial metrics and market conditions as well.

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1- What is the revenue of Capgemini in the last financial year?

In the last financial year, the revenue of Capgemini reached $6.35 billion. An estimated YoY growth the company made during this was 10.9%.

2- Should I invest in Capgemini unlisted shares right now?

Capgemini emerges as an industry leader and works on advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. It is profitable for you to invest in such a futuristic company’s unlisted shares for future benefits.

3- Do market conditions affect Capgemini share price in the unlisted share market?

Yes, market conditions affect Capgemini unlisted share price. However, there are other factors as well, like the company’s current performance and demand, which can largely impact the value of its pre-IPO shares.

4- Where can I check the financial results of Capgemini for the recent financial year?

You can access the financial reports of Capgemini for different financial years on Stockify. Our expert team of unlisted share brokers keeps updating the information about the company on the platform.

5- What is the current share price of Capgemini in India right now?

As per the fresh market data, Capgemini share price in India is Rs 12,305 per equity share. To check the share price of the company, subscribe to Stockify.

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The Year-On-Year(YoY) revenue of Capgemini in Q1FY23 was $6.5 billion, which contributed 10.9% of its growth.
The Year-On-Year(YoY) revenue of Capgemini in Q1FY23 was $6.5 billion, which contributed 10.9% of its growth.


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