Capgemini Unlisted Shares: Is The Risk Worth?

Capgemini Technology Services India Limited (CTSIL) is a renowned company that provides customised application development, app maintenance outsourcing, re-engineering, and business intelligence services. This organisation has different offshore development centres in Chennai, Banglore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Being a well-established company in India, different investors are interested in putting their money into the company’s equity shares. 

Capgemini Technology Services is not yet listed under SEBI so it offers unlisted shares for the public. However, investors are sceptical about investing in pre-IPO due to the uncertainty related to unlisted share prices. Therefore, for better decision-making on whether to buy unlisted shares or not, we have discussed the business model of Capgemini India and its cash flow. 

Capgemini Business Models

The mission of Capgemini can be easily explained through its business models. The company focuses on creating and delivering technology and business solutions to clients and works on providing essential results. The organisation includes technology, outsourcing and consulting services. Primarily there are four business models of Capgemini Technology India. They are – 

1. Local Professional Services – Under these services, the company works on providing support and assistance to the information technology department of the client companies. 

2. Consulting Services – These services are designed to intensify the performance of the client’s business process. The company develops a service to share in-depth knowledge about a client’s business. 

3. Application Services – The company works on building services that maintain, develop and deploy IT apps that share information about the company’s integration and maintenance activities. 

4. Managing Services – Additional managing service of Capgemini includes the professional integration, management, and development of the client’s IT infrastructure. The company also manages transaction services and business process outsourcing. 

Breaking Down Capgemini Earnings Per Share

The company was founded in 1967 by Serge Kampf and was developed as a simple data processing company. Formerly, the name of Capgemini Technology was IGATE Global Solutions Limited. Capgemini started its expansion in the late 90s and reached a workforce of around 85,000 in 2015. Reports suggest that the company had around 13,000 stockholders holding a revenue of 110, 406 million INR. Currently, the annual revenue of the company is around €18 billion. Since the company is generating good profit, it is offering lucrative returns on investment, even in the unlisted share market. Talking about the unregistered shares of Capgemini, we have shared a complete breakdown of the company’s pre-IPO.  

In 2023, it has more than 3,57,000 employees. Reports suggest that the company had around 13,000 stockholders holding a revenue of 110, 406 million INR. Currently, the company earns a revenue of around $23.96 billion worldwide and around ₹23,000 crore in India. Since the company is generating good profit, it is offering lucrative returns on investment, even in the unlisted share market. 

Details of Capgemini Technology unlisted shares: 

Total Shares Available  Not Applicable 
Face Value per equity share  ₹ 10 per share 
ISIN  INE177B01032
Current Unlisted share price  ₹ 12,626 per equity share
Lot Size 10 Shares

Financials of Capgemini Technology unlisted shares:  

Year  Revenue (Crores)  Shares 
2019  14,480 5.91
2022 15,749 5.91
2021 18,045 5.91
2022 23,065 5.91

Valuation of the company’s unlisted shares 

Recently, Tata Technologies launched its IPO on 22nd November 2023 which was listed at a price of ₹1200. The thing is that in the unlisted share market, Tata Technologies’ unlisted share price was ₹410. This means that after being listed, the share price of the company increased 3 folds. Capgemini Technology is not unlike Tata Technology and this is why experts think that buying Capgemini Technology unlisted shares is a good investment.

Better Cash Flow

The better cash flow of any shares is estimated through the price and ratio of the company’s shares. The lot size of a share should be at least ten or below to determine that the value per equity share benefits the investors. The lower the lot size, the better the share valuation. The reason behind looking for a lower ratio indicates that the company’s shares are still undervalued if compared to the company’s cash flow. In general, these companies provide better monetary benefits in the long term. 

Reasons to invest in Capgemini?

The numbers and information shared about Capgemini India indicate that investing in its unlisted Share is a profitable step. The main reason behind investing in these pre-IPO shares is their high revenue. In the last four financial years, the company has had a high, increasing rate of revenue. Also, the adequate demand and supply of Capgemini’s shares maintain each Share’s price, and inventors count them as more stable shares. Since the company is constantly expanding its offerings by harnessing the power of future-ready technologies, veteran investors have anticipated huge growth in its shares.

Capgemini Technology’s revenue is increasing every year at a constant rate of 4% to 7%. So far, in the first half of fiscal year 2023, the company generated around ₹12,000 crore in revenue. Also, the company has a strong foothold in the international market which also helps in its operations in India which further solidifies its market in India.

It is easy for any inventor to put their money into buying unlisted shares of the company through unlisted share brokers. You can easily count on the expendable services of Stockify, as we are the fastest-growing platform to buy unlisted shares.

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With proper information and consultation, investing in Capgemini’s unlisted share prices reduces risk.


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