How Did CSK’s Unlisted Shares Become A Treasure For Investors?

The investment brings opportunities that hold the potential for extraordinary returns and are often sought after by astute investors. Amidst this ever-evolving landscape, the 

unlisted shares of Chennai Super Kings, the renowned Indian Premier League franchise, have emerged as an unexpected treasure for discerning investors.

CSK unlisted shares have gained the attention of market participants due to their remarkable growth trajectory and the unparalleled passion they inspire among cricket enthusiasts worldwide. While the IPL franchise’s on-field success is widely celebrated, the hidden value within the organisation has attracted investors seeking great opportunities.

This unique phenomenon can be attributed to various factors, including the franchise’s unwavering fan base, substantial brand equity, and consistent financial performance. The allure of investing in CSK unlisted shares lies in the potential for substantial capital appreciation and the chance to be part of a legacy that has reshaped the landscape of Indian cricket.

How Are CSK Shares Performing After The Big Win Of The 2023 IPL? 

Following their outstanding victory in the 2023 IPL, Chennai Super Kings shares have attracted significant attention in the unlisted market. As one of the most iconic franchises in league cricket, CSK has always enjoyed immense popularity among fans and investors alike.

CSK debuted in the unlisted market around 2017-18 and quickly gained traction. Investors who closely monitor market reports of CSK pre IPO shares have consistently been in high demand since their introduction. Initially trading at approximately Rs 23-28, the value of CSK shares reached its peak in 2022, surging to an impressive Rs 230. This surge can be attributed to the overall enthusiasm surrounding India’s startup ecosystem during that period.

The recent victory in the IPL has further enhanced the market performance of CSK shares. While specific details regarding the post-IPL win performance are not provided, it is reasonable to assume that CSK shares have experienced increased demand and potentially witnessed a rise in their value. The victory has strengthened the brand’s image and fan base, likely contributing to a positive sentiment surrounding CSK shares.

Overall, CSK’s triumph in the 2023 IPL has undoubtedly positively impacted the performance of its shares in the unlisted market, further solidifying the franchise’s position as a sought-after brand.

Brand Valuation Of Chennai Super Kings 

Chennai Super Kings, one of the teams in the IPL, currently holds a significant brand valuation within the league. As of 2023, its brand value has reached an estimated US$3.2 billion, experiencing a remarkable 80% increase from its previous valuation of $1.8 billion in 2022. This assessment comes from the global investment bank Houlihan Lokey, Inc. The IPL’s overall business enterprise value is now estimated at $15.4 billion, marking an 80% rise from $8.5 billion in 2022, influenced mainly by the recent media rights agreement with Viacom18 and Disney Star.

Business Model Of Chennai Super Kings 

Chennai Super Kings generates revenue through various sources. They receive a share of the broadcasting rights revenue from the Indian Premier League, which is collected by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and distributed among the teams. CSK also earns revenue through brand sponsorships and tournament-related income, including match fees, prize money, and the sale of team merchandise.

Key shareholders of Chennai Super Kings include India Cements Shareholder Trust (30.9%), Life Insurance Corporation Of India (6.0%), Sri Saradha Logistics Pvt Ltd. (5.7%), ELM Park Fund Ltd (5.0%), and others, with the remaining 41.2% being held by various entities. Potential investors interested in CSK unlisted shares should analyse the key financial indicators and the shareholder structure before making any investment decisions.

Chennai Super Kings Unlisted Shares: An Overlook 

Chennai Super Kings offers unlisted shares in the market, which means they are not listed on public stock exchanges like BSE or NSE. CSK share price today is INR 177. These shares are traded through off-market transaction deals. As of 2023, the face value of each share is Rs. 0.1, and the book value is Rs. 7.0. The price-to-earnings (PE) ratio stands at 179.0, while the price-to-sales ratio is 15.8, and the price-to-book ratio is 25.6. With 308.0 million outstanding shares, the company’s market capitalization is Rs. 55,132.0 million. The debt/equity ratio is 0.6, and no dividends have been paid. 

Which Is The Best Platform to Purchase CSK Unlisted Shares? 

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  1. What is the price of CSK unlisted shares?

Currently, CSK unlisted share price is INR 177

  1. Who is the owner of CSK share? 

Through their holding company, the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited, which was established in 2014, India Cements Limited owns the Chennai Super Kings. The current owner of the Chennai Super Kings is N. Srinivasan, the managing director of India Cements.

  1. What is the value of CSK in 2023? 

According to a study by Houlihan Lokey, Chennai Super Kings, the IPL 2023 champions, have a brand value of $ 212 million in 2023 and are at the top of the charts riding the MS Dhoni wave that swept the competition.

  1. Is the CSK IPO coming? 

India Cements, the parent company of CSK, has separated CSK into a new company called Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited. A demerger is typically considered to be a step toward an IPO. However, the CSK IPO has not received any more updates.

  1. Who are the shareholders of Chennai Super Kings? 

India Cements Shareholders Trust owns 30% of CSK Cricket Limited, followed by Sri Saradha Logistics Pvt Ltd with 7% of the company’s shares and LIC with 6%

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Having a current market share of 7600 Chennai Super Kings is becoming the investor’s favourite choice to invest in unlisted shares. Explore the potential of CSK pre-IPO shares in this blog.


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