Tata Capital Eyes On $150Mn Overseas Borrowing Via ECB: Is It Planning For An IPO?

Tata Capital Ltd, India’s leading non-banking financial service, provides eyes on overseas borrowing of $150Mn via External Commercial Borrowing (ECB). Having a big name in the financial market, Tata Capital is part of Tata Sons Limited and caters for the diversified needs of corporate, retail, and institutional customers. 

This news of overseas borrowing created a buzz among its investors, as there are chances that this move is part of its IPO planning. Currently, Tata Capital is not listed on any stock exchange, allowing retail investors to invest in the company via its unlisted shares. In this blog, we will closely look at the impact of this borrowing on the company’s plans for an IPO.

Why Tata Capital Ltd Raises $150Mn Via ECB?

Tata Capital is looking to raise new funds via overseas borrowing to boost its business operations ahead of an IPO. As per the report, the company aims to target $150Mn via External Commercial Borrowing (ECB). The company completed this process via its subsidiary Tata Capital Housing Finance as part of the liabilities diversification programme.

In an interview, Rajiv Sabharwal, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Tata Capital, said, “We want to diversify our borrowings and also look at cheaper funding sources.” Till now, Tata Capital raised around $200 million via ECB across different businesses and looking to do like this in the future. One of the primary reasons behind it is the company’s goal to target 30% of credit growth for the next quarter. As per the financial experts, Tata Capital is looking further to speed up its IPO process, for which this new funding will be beneficial. 

Currently, Tata Capital unlisted shares are actively trading in the grey market. Investors looking to invest in the IPO of a company in the future should understand the possible impact of this funding on the company’s future planning.

How Tata Capital IPO Will Impact With This Overseas Borrowing?

Any new funding company raises is considered a positive step towards overall business growth. Tata Capital outshines its competitors by serving a large segment of customers directly or via its subsidiaries. The new $150Mn overseas borrowing is considered a significant step towards its IPO planning. 

Since the company has not announced any further details of an IPO yet, it might be prepared to improve the credit ratings of the company. In addition, Tata Capital pre-IPO shares also perform well in the unlisted share market, which would be a plus point for the company to win investors’ trust. Here are the possible impact of overseas borrowing on Tata Capital upcoming IPO:

Better Value Of IPO

The overseeing borrowing is expected to improve the company’s credit rating, which directly affects its market valuation. As per forecasting reports, it will benefit Tata Capital in getting a better valuation of an IPO. The share issue price might be higher than expected. In addition, there are chances that Tata Capital share price in India will increase.

Large Lot Size

It is no wonder that the company has various plans regarding its IPO in mind the right way. One of them is to offer a large number of shares for public issues. Investors can expect access to a good percentage of listed shares at better face value. If you buy Tata Capital unlisted shares right now, you can get early access to the company’s IPO shares in future.

Quick Approval From SEBI

The Securities Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) considers various factors while approving an IPO. One of them is the financial performance of the company. Since Tata Capital makes efforts to improve its credit rating, it is expected that the company’s IPO will get quick approval.

From the investor’s point of view, the new fundraising signifies that the company is moving towards its business expansion. However, investors can leverage better company positioning in the financial market by investing in Tata Capital pre-IPO shares. 

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Are you looking to diversify your investment portfolio? Look no further than unlisted shares of top-performing companies like Tata Capital Limited. The company recorded the highest-ever PAT of Rs 2,975 in the last quarter. In addition, Tata Capital is continuously raising new funds to boost its business growth.

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1- When Will Tata Capital IPO Launch?

Tata Capital shares no exact date regarding its IPO launch. To stay updated with Tata Capital IPO details, subscribe to Stockify.

2- How Can I buy Tata Capital IPO Shares?

Investors can pre–register for an IPO shares of Tata Capital once the company releases instructions. You can buy Tata Capital listed shares by using online trading platforms.

3- Is It Best To Buy Tata Capital Unlisted Shares Before The IPO?

Yes, it is beneficial to buy Tata Capital pre-IPO shares before its IPO. You can buy unlisted shares of a company from Stockify.

4- What Is The Tata Capital Share Price Today?

The current price of Tata Capital unlisted share is Rs 575.0. You can check the updated share price by visiting Stockify.

5- Is Tata Capital Limited Registered With RBI?

Yes, Tata Capital Ltd is registered with the Reserve Bank Of India. It is considered a safe company for investing. For more information on company performance and financials, connect with us.

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Tata Capital, an arm of Tata Sons Ltd, has eyes on $150 overseas borrowing via ECB


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