Lava Is In Advanced Talks With China’s Huaqin To Form A JV- Know Every Detail Here!

Lava International Limited, an Indian-based multinational mobile handset manufacturer, is in advanced talks with Huaqin to form a joint venture. Huaquin Technology is the world’s largest original design manufacturer for mobile and tablets.

It can be the first joint venture with China for an Indian company since the government imposed restrictions on Chinese firms. The deal is crucial for Lava International as it provides an extra edge in the competitive electronic industry in Asia.

As a home-grown mobile handset brand, Lava made a comeback in the smartphone industry and consistently focused on its growth. The recent success of the AGNI series gives Lava a boost to target the 5G and upcoming 6G segments and increase its customer base. In this blog, we will discuss Lava’s joint venture with Huaquin and its impact on its performance.

Lava And Huaqin Joint Venture- A Much-Needed Boost For Lava International Ltd

Lava International Limited is currently expanding its manufacturing facilities. For that, it is looking to make a historic joint venture with China’s Huaqin Technology Co. The interesting thing about this future joint venture is that it may take place at a time when the Indian government imposes restrictions on Chinese investment. By doing so, Lava International Limited will become India’s first company to get a joint venture with China’s firm.

As per the reports shared by the company, Huaqin senior executives can visit India to check the Lava’s facility and finalise the deal. Lava International Limited is also a beneficiary under the PLI schemes for IT hardware and smartphones. It is also interesting to see how its incentives will be impacted after this joint venture. However, Lava needs approval from the Indian Government after finalising this deal. It might also affect Lava unlisted shares performance, which got a massive boost with the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign

Since the company is looking towards strengthening its manufacturing process, it will be crucial for investors to keep track of the change in Lava share price in India and the company’s future growth.

How Joint Venture With Huaqin Will Impact Lava’s Performance?

The joint venture with Huaqin can be a game-changer for Lava International Limited and strengthen its manufacturing and R&D units. Here’s how a joint venture with China’s Huaqin may impact Lava International Limited performance:

Access To Huaqin’s Technology

Shanghai-based Huaqin is known for its precision manufacturing and intelligent hardware. A joint venture with Huaqin will help Lava work towards its future plans to set foot in the Indian smartphone and wearable market. In addition, Lava International Limited leverages the R&D, manufacturing, and electronic device designing techniques Chinese brands use.

Better Financial Performance

A joint venture with Huaqin also boosts Lava’s financial performance. The company’s financial performance in the last few years remained normal. It is expected that Lava will perform well in the grey market and offer a high return on investment. The biggest impact will be on the operating revenue and net profit. If the company successfully seals the deal with Huaqin, it will be a good chance for Lava to meet its manufacturing needs.

Demand In The Grey Market

Lava International Limited is an unlisted company that provides its shares for trading in the grey market. With this joint venture, the demand for Lava pre-IPO shares will also increase in the grey market. It can also negatively affect the availability of its stocks, which may result in a high Lava unlisted share price. That’s why you should make your investment decision after analysing the pros and cons associated with Lava unlisted shares after this joint venture with Huaqin. 

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The financial and business performance of Lava International looks impressive. Its efforts to deal with China’s Huaqin to create a joint venture amplify its future business growth plans. The company presents an investment opportunity to retail investors via Lava pre-IPO stocks, actively traded in the grey market. You can also become its early investor and leverage the benefits of Lava’s growth during its IPO.

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1- What Are The Future Growth Plans Of Lava International Ltd?

Lava, India’s home-grown brand, is in advanced talks with China’s Huaquin to form a joint venture to boost its mobile and tablet manufacturing process. In addition, Lava also plans to enter the wearable market soon.

2- How Was The Performance Of Lava Unlisted Shares In The Last Fiscal Year?

The performance of Lava pre-IPO shares in the last fiscal year remained positive. Lava recorded a growth in its revenue, which resulted in the high demand for its unlisted shares in the grey market.

3- How To Check The Updated Lava Unlisted Share Price In India?

You can easily check the updated Lava stock price on Stockify, India’s trusted online platform for buying or selling pre-IPO stocks. Our team updated the Lava share price based on the fresh market data.

4- Is There Risk Involved In Buying Lava Pre-IPO Shares?

Unlisted shares of any company involve less risk compared to the IPO stocks. That’s why getting guidance from certified unlisted share brokers is important before making any investment decision.

5- What Is The Process Of Buying Lava Unlisted Shares Online?

The process of buying Lava unlisted shares is simple and straightforward. Our experts at Stockify will guide you with each step and help you buy Lava Pre-IPO stocks hassle-free.

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Lava is looking to form a joint venture with Shanghai-based Huaqin Technology Co. to boost its R&D and manufacturing process.
Lava is looking to form a joint venture with Shanghai-based Huaqin Technology Co. to boost its R&D and manufacturing process.


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