Understanding The Key Highlights Of CIAL Performance In FY 22-23

Cochin International Airport, considered one of India’s busiest airports, attracted investors apart from tourists in the last fiscal year. CIAL, which comes under the direction of the Chief Minister of Kerala, is built under the green field with a public-private partnership. Since its inception in 1999, CIAL has become the 4th largest International Airport in terms of international passenger traffic in the last four years.

Apart from commercial success, CIAL also had success in the grey market. The company is not yet listed on any stock exchanges in India and only allows investors to trade in CIAl unlisted shares.  This blog will discuss CIAL’s performance in the last financial year.

CIAL Recorded Highest Profit In Its Operational History

The financial year 2022-23 proved one of the best for the CIAL as it recorded the highest-ever net profit of Rs 267.17 crore and created history. As a result, the company’s officials also announced the highest dividend of 35% for its investors. In the general meeting held on 28 September 2023, the board members of CIAL decided to increase the dividend, which was good news for its investors. In addition, the board of CIAL also decided to implement the development strategy to boost its efforts of increasing group turnover to Rs 1,000 crore at the end of this year.

In the financial year 22-23, the company recorded a turnover of Rs 770.90 crore with an operating profit of Rs 521.50 crore. In this financial year, CIAL unlisted shares also performed well and allowed retail investors to earn a high return on their investment.

The current financial year is also essential for the company as its board approved the mega print for the future infrastructure development plan. Whether it is a new cargo terminal or an expansion work project for terminal 3, CIAL is moving towards its business expansion. Undoubtedly, the company’s last performance in the last financial year gives CIAL a boost to meet its target of Rs 1,000 crore before the end of its silver jubilee year.

Major Highlights Of CIAL Performance In FY 22-23

Since you got an overview of CIAL’s record-making net profit, it’s time to dig deep into its financial performance in the last fiscal year. CIAL earned revenue from its various subsidiaries like Air Kerala, CIAL infrastructure, etc. The overall aircraft and passenger movement in this financial year increased by 60% and 90% respectively, which gave CIAL a rapid boost, due to which it recorded the highest net profit in its operational history.

As per the consolidated financial performance, CIAL total income in the last financial year was Rs 955 crore, which increased 30% compared to the previous year. The EBITDA and PAT margin of the company remained at 59.6% and 30.3% respectively, which is also the highest till now. In addition, CIAL pre-IPO shares also showed a positive performance and traded at an average value of Rs 160-170 per equity share.

From the business perspective, CIAL earned various tenders and infrastructure development projects via its subsidiaries, contributing to its business growth in FY 22-23. Its airline business recorded an increase in international tourists, making it one of India’s busiest international airports.

Future Outlook Of Cochin International Airport Limited(CIAL)

CIAL is one of the International airports promoted by the Ministry Of Kerala Tourism. Since Kerala’s chief minister is the board director of CIAL, the company gets the required support from the state government. In a recent board member meeting, CIAL officials disclosed its future business expansion plans, which showed that the company will grow rapidly in the next five years.

Besides this, CIAL also plans to launch its IPO in the coming years. However, an estimated IPO size and price of CIAL signifies that investors will get better face value of shares in the future. So, you should plan your early investment by considering CIAL unlisted shares and get an extra edge once the company goes public.

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1- How Was The Performance Of CIAL In The Financial Year 2022-23?

As per the latest reports, the performance of CIAL in FY 22–23 remained positive as the company recorded a total revenue of Rs 770 crore and showed a business growth of 45% compared to the previous financial year.

2- What Is The Process Of Investing In Cochin International Airport Limited Shares?

You can invest in CIAL unlisted shares by using online trading platforms like Stockify. Here, you will get access to the blue-chip stocks along with complete financial data.

3- What Is The CIAL Share Price In India Right Now?

According to the latest market data, CIAL unlisted share price today is Rs 195 per equity share. The price of its unlisted shares keeps changing. To stay updated with CIAL share price in the future, subscribe to Stockify.

4- Is It Legal To Buy Or Sell CIAL Pre-IPO Shares In India?

Buying or selling pre-IPO stocks is 100% legal in India. You can buy unlisted shares of CIAL by using Stockify. Here, you will get proper guidance from unlisted share brokers to make an informed investment decision.

5- When Will CIAL IPO Launch For Public Investment?

The CIAL side releases no exact date and time regarding its upcoming IPO. For the latest news about the CIAL IPO and unlisted share price, subscribe to Stockify.

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Get insights into the key highlights of CIAL’s performance in the financial year 2022-23.
Get insights into the key highlights of CIAL's performance in the financial year 2022-23.


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