PharmEasy Plans To Raise Rs 2,000-3,000 Crore via Its Rights Issue

API Holdings Ltd, a parent company of PharmEasy, is planning to raise a fund of Rs 2,000-3,000 crore via its rights issue. In an all-investors meeting, it was decided to raise this amount for the loan repayment to Goldman Sachs. The right issues will be done with existing and new investors, in which Manipal Group is the biggest name that is being considered. If you are looking to buy PharmEasy unlisted shares or planning to invest in the company’s upcoming IPO, this blog will be helpful for you.

PharmEasy Plan To Repay Debt To Goldman Sachs

The financials of PharmEasy are not positive as the company is debt-ridden and hasn’t performed well in the last few years. As a result, PharmEasy unlisted share price in India also dropped, which created insecurity among retail investors. The company decided to solve the debt issues by creating an immediate cash infusion for which it plans to raise Rs 2,000-3,000 crore via its rights issue.

In the official statement, PharmEasy mentioned that it will use the funds raised via rights issue for the debt repayment to Goldman Sachs, a global investment management firm. In addition, the amount that will be raised via public issues will largely affect the PharmEasy market valuation. 

As per the financial experts, the company’s valuation can drop to Rs 6,000 crore, which will be a significant decline compared to its previous valuation of $2.8 billion in the previous funding round. There was also a time when PharmEasy market valuation was at its peak of $5.6 billion. 

The decision of the company to raise funds via rights issues will largely affect PharmEasy Pre-IPO shares price and its plans for an IPO. Investors who are looking to buy unlisted shares of PharmEasy should consider the company’s financial performance in the grey market.

Manipal Group Proposed An Investment Offers To PharmEasy

One of the significant outcomes from the investor’s PharmEasy meeting is Manipal Group’s proposal to invest up to Rs 1300 crore. According to the sources, PharmEasy approved an offer to invest in a shortfall amount in case all the investors do not participate. A particular section of investors at PharmEasy has reservations about selling shares to the Manipal Group at a low valuation.

It is also possible that the existing investors of PharmEasy will invest on a pro-rata basis. As part of the funding discussion, Manipal Group will play a significant role in fulfilling the cash infusion left when needed. As per the discussion, it is also clarified from the company’s side that there will be no liquidity preference; however, the promoter’s shareholding will get diluted by 4.5-5 per cent. 

From the financial perspective, the new funds raised via the rights issue will be expected to help PharmEasy in debt repayment. It is also interesting to see how Manipal Group’s proposed investment can help the company in case of partial participation of investors. In addition, PharmEasy unlisted shares performance in the future can also be impacted and turn profitable when the company repays the debt to Goldman Sachs.

Is It Beneficial To Invest In PharmEasy For High Returns In The Future?

The majority of investors are confused regarding investing in PharmEasy at this time. If we carefully analyse the financial performance of PharmEasy in the grey market, it didn’t perform as well as expected. PharmEasy share price in India dropped in the last few months. However, the company consistently makes an effort to improve its performance. Its recent decision to raise new funds via its rights issue is a major effort that helps the company repay its large chunk of debt.

Investors need to keep an eye on PharmEasy share price in India and closely monitor any change in it. As per the fresh market data, PharmEasy share price today is Rs 11 per equity share. Since PharmEasy is India’s leading digital healthcare platform, having millions of active customers, there are chances that the company will record profit and become debt-free soon. Investing in PharmEasy company can benefit you if you plan it with expert guidance.

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1- What Is The Rights Issue Of PharmEasy Shares?

According to the reports, a debt-laden PharmEasy will raise approximately Rs 3,500 crore via its rights issue. It will use this fund to repay its chunk of loan to Goldman Sachs. For more info about PharmEasy rights issues, connect with us.

2- What Is The Latest Funding Of PharmEasy?

PharmEasy raised the latest funding in 2022 via a series F round of a disclosed amount. Till now, the company has raised over $1.1Billion over 16 rounds.

3- Can Retail Investors Buy PharmEasy Shares In India?

Retail investors can easily buy PharmEasy unlisted shares, actively traded in the grey market. You can invest in PharmEasy pre-IPO shares by using Stockify.

4- What Is PharmEasy Share Price Today?

As per the fresh market data, PharmEasy share price in India right now is Rs 11 per equity share. The unlisted share price of PharmEasy depends on the company’s performance and market conditions. To stay updated with PharmEasy unlisted shares price, subscribe to Stockify.

5- How Can I Invest In PharmEasy Pre-IPO Shares Online?

You can easily buy or sell PharmEasy unlisted shares online by using online trading platforms like Stockify. Here, you will get the company’s updated financial reports, share prices, and expert guidance to make a profitable investment.

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PharmEasy, India’s leading digital healthcare platform, is planning to repay debt to Goldman Sachs. It will raise Rs 2,000-3000 funds via rights issue.


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