Understanding The boAt Revenue Chart For FY 22-23 In Detail

boAt, an Indian audio and wearable consumer electronic brand, shows full effort in establishing itself as the leading wearable brand in the industry. In the financial year 22-23, the company recorded a revenue of Rs 4,000 crore in net sales and showed unstoppable growth. However, the net profit of boAt declined by 20% this year due to the high procurement cost, which outpaced its revenue growth. In this blog, we will understand the revenue generated by boAt in FY 22-23 in detail and also discuss its future growth in the grey market.

boAt Recorded 2x Increase In Its Revenue

The financial year 2022-23 remains one of the best for the boAt lifestyle as it recorded a 2X high revenue of Rs 4,000 crore from net sales. In FY 21-22, the company’s sales revenue was approximately Rs 2,000 crore. One of the reasons behind this enormous growth in revenue is its presence in the ever-evolving audio segment. In 2022, boAt was recognized as the world’s 5th largest wearable brand and India’s 1st due to its high market share.

The revenue growth indicates that the company’s products are in high demand and successfully maintained a high customer retention rate. boAt recently shared its financial reports for FY 22-23, in which its operating revenue also increased by 2.2 

times, Rs 2,873 crore, compared to Rs 1,314 crore in FY 21-22.

According to the consolidated annual financial statements filed by the company with a Registrar of Companies(RoC), boAt drives most of its revenue from the sale of its audio devices, including earphones, headphones, soundbars, speakers, etc. The 

high revenue growth in FY 22-23 also positively affected boAt unlisted share price, which also increased during this period. 

Breakdown Of boAt’s Revenue In FY 22-23

As you now know about boAt revenue growth in the last fiscal year, let’s dig deep into the company revenue chart. It will help you understand how much percentage revenue boAt recorded from each segment. Apart from this, we also compare it with the previous fiscal year. During FY 21-22, the company recorded a revenue growth of 87.7%, which increased by 118.6% in FY 22-23. During this period, the company’s total expenses also increased by 88.7% and 132%, which is the result boAt recording a decline in its net profit by 20% in the last year.

Let’s get straight to the operating revenue breakdown of boAt in FY 22-23. In this financial year, the company earned revenue from sales of its audio devices, sales of wearable items, and the rest from its other operations. As we mentioned earlier, the largest part of boAt revenue is from its total sale of audio items, which was Rs 2,276 crore and Rs 515.5 crore from the sale of wearable items, and the rest Rs 81.5 crore from the other operations.

The revenue breakdown of the boAt in the FY 21-22 was Rs 1,228.6 crore from the sale of audio devices, Rs 54.8 crore from the sale of wearable items, and Rs 30.6 crore from other operations. It is clear that boAt recorded a huge growth in its revenue and demonstrates its strong position in the audio segment.

If you compare the financials of boAt with its competitors, you can spot a difference in the operating revenue in which boAt wins the race. You can also see the effects of positive financials on boAt share price in India, which increased in the last few months. As per fresh market data, boAt share price today is Rs 935 per equity share. For investors who are looking to buy boAt unlisted shares can reap benefits and high returns in the future.

Invest In boAt Unlisted Shares With Stockify

In the audio and wearable electronic segment, boAt has emerged as an industry leader in the last few years. The financial year 22-23 proved exceptional for the company in terms of revenue. The company’s revenue chart clearly indicates its positive growth, which also affects boAt pre-IPO shares

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1- What Is The Total Revenue Of boAt In 2023?

As per the updated financial statement, boAt recorded a total revenue of $500 million(Rs 4,000 crore) in FY 22-23. The company recorded a growth of 23% this year.

2- How Much Profit boAt Made In FY 22-23?

The company’s net profit in FY 22-23 declined by 20%, impacting boAt pre-IPO shares. However, the company’s overall financial performance remained satisfactory in the last financial year.

3- Is It Beneficial To Buy boAt Unlisted Shares?

The performance of the boAt pre-IPO shares has remained profitable in the last few years. In addition, the company also managed positive business growth. That’s why it is profitable to invest in boAt pre-IPO shares.

4- What Is The boAt Share Price In India?

According to fresh market data, the boAt share price in India is Rs 935 per equity share. For more info, connect with us today!

5- How Can I Buy boAt Shares In India?

You can easily buy boAt unlisted shares in India by using Stockify. You will get updated boAt share price and the company’s financial data on our unlisted shares trading platform. For more information about boAt pre-IPO shares, contact our team.

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boAt recorded a revenue of Rs 4,000 crore in FY 22-23 and a 2 times growth compared to FY 21-22. Read the blog to see its revenue chart in detail.


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