Swiggy CTO Moves On To Start His Entrepreneurial Venture


Dale Vaz, the CTO of Swiggy left his position in April. This news sent surges through the Indian tech startup ecosystem, as Vaz was a well-respected figure with over 20 years of experience in building and scaling complex tech platforms. Under his leadership, Swiggy implemented cutting-edge technologies like AI-powered logistics management, machine learning for demand […]

A Complete Guide to Purchasing Pre-IPO Stocks

In the changing world of investments, pre-IPO stocks have become an option for investors looking for attractive returns. These stocks, available before a company goes public, offer opportunities for early-stage investment. This detailed guide explores the ins and outs of acquiring pre-IPO shares, analysing companies with substantial returns and uncovering the key factors contributing to […]

Swiggy To Prepare For $800 Million IPO: What It Entails?

Swiggy, an online food delivery startup which promises to deliver the food to your doorstep, is planning for an Initial Public Offering(IPO). The company aims to raise $800 million (approx. Rs 6,000 crore) via its IPO. According to the report of Nikkea Asia, Swiggy’s eyes are on raising this amount amid the rivalry with Zomato […]

How Beneficial Is Investment In India’s Fastest Food Delivery Platform Swiggy?

Nowadays, everyone seeks comfort and convenience. Technological development has revolutionised how we order food, with online food delivery platforms becoming popular. Among food delivery apps, Swiggy has swiftly emerged as India’s fastest food delivery platform, catering to the demands of millions nationwide. What exactly makes investing in Swiggy a beneficial venture?  This article explores the […]

A Future Plan Of Swiggy To Raise Its Market Valuation Before Launching An IPO

Swiggy, an Indian food delivery giant, is gearing up for its Initial Public Offering (IPO) process, which might be launched next year. For this, the company already hires bankers and private-equity firms to maintain its finances. In between this, the biggest concern for Swiggy is its market valuation which has been cluttered for the last […]

Year-Wise Analysis Of Swiggy’s Revenue, Profits & Losses

The food delivery market in India has seen some major changes in the last year. From average order value (AOV) to the market dominance by some major companies, almost everything has gone through changes. Now, TinyOwl and Foodpanda are no longer popular names in food delivery services. Moreover, the landscape of online food ordering has […]

Swiggy’s Future Plans To Increase The Sale Ahead Of Its IPO

Over the years, people’s interest towards ordering food online increased, so the demand for online food delivery apps also surged. Swiggy and Zomato are the two prominent players covering most of the food delivery business. Due to the Covid-19 and economic slowdown, Swiggy recorded fewer orders, which affected its sales.  In the recent financial report […]

Swiggy’s Expansion Journey: More Than Just Food Delivery

Since its inception as a food delivery service, Swiggy has never ceased to grow. Currently, it operates in more than 500 cities in India and delivers food and groceries to the residents every day. It has expanded beyond food delivery to services like Instamart and Swiggy Genie. The cloud kitchen and Swiggy Access are some […]

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