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About Honeywell Electrical Devices And Systems India Ltd

Honeywell Electrical Devices and Systems India Ltd. is part of Honeywell International, a global manufacturing leader in aerospace products and services. Apart from it, Honeywell also offers technological services for homes, buildings, turbochargers, automotive products, and more. This company was incorporated in 1984 and has operated in India for over two decades as an unlisted public company.

As per the reports, the authorized capital of the Honeywell electrical devices and systems India stands is Rs. 200.00 Lakhs, including its total, paid-up of Rs 95.16 Lakhs. It gained a capital percentage of 47.58%, which is considered good in this sector. The company updated its financial records and showed the profits of previous years.

Honeywell Share Price Overview

The data below shows how  Honeywell shares have dropped in the past few months. The Honeywell Electrical Devices and Systems share price was high at 36952.40 while it reached its lowest value at 36165.05, bringing a loss to its current investors. However, it is essential to note that the Honeywell share price in its initial opening was Rs 36,850, which is currently at 36100.65 (according to the NSE). 

The average loss it brought in the past few months was around Rs 560.18 to Rs. 660.01 in the past week. In the FY 2021-22, Honeywell Electrical Devices and Systems generated a revenue of Rs. 2948 cr with a year-in decline of 3.1% than the previous year. The company also announced its total income of 3030.66 cr. for the last fiscal year.

Why Buy Honeywell India Shares?

Honeywell is a company that targets different service areas, and its stocks showed exponential growth in the long term. However, its performances in the past few months  don’t show positive signs for new retail investors. If we check the company’s revenue in the past few years, it substantially showed positive growth. Moreover, its EBITDA also remained positive in 2022.

Value In Lakhs Year 2022
Revenue 12,140
EBITDA 1,146
Finance Cost 438
Depreciation 35
Net Profit 1,544
Profit Before Tax 2,870
OPM 438
Finance Cost 9.44%

The company showed positive growth in terms of various financial metrics. The Honeywell share price NSE India is Rs. 36,100.65 now. The forecasted price of the Honeywell India shares can cross 40,000 to 46,000 in the next 6-7 months. Apart from this, if investors hold shares longer, they can earn a good return of 12.3% on it. Buying the Honeywell unlisted shares is profitable if we see its long-term benefits for retail investors. However, it is also vital to check the various metrics like liquidity and equity-to-debt ratio before making an informed decision.

How To Apply for Honeywell India Shares Online?

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Well, the lock-in period completely depends on the category of investment. It is generally 6 months for venture capital funds, retail, HNIs, and foreign venture capital investors. However, for AIF-II there is no lock-in period.
When you buy Honeywell unlisted shares from Stockify, you can be assured that these shares have undergone a two-factor check. If you want to check the credit of Honeywell unlisted shares at your end, you can check it in the broker’s application. However, it may take T+2 days to update the status.
Over the last few years, the unlisted share market has become quite big as more and more investors are becoming familiar with the high volume profit and low risk in the market. As a result, the average ticket size has been reduced from 5-10 lacs to 30-35K today.
As per data collected on March 06, 2023, Honeywell electronic devices and systems had a $131.5 billion market valuation, putting it at 99th place among leading companies in the consumer goods and conglomerate industry.
As per our annual forecast report, Honeywell electronic devices and systems has a median target of 220.00 with a high estimate of 265.00 and a low estimate of 185.00.
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