How Does CSK Make Money? CSK Business Model Explained in Detail

World’s biggest cricket championship, Indian Premier League (IPL), is going on, and out of 10 teams, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is one of the most favourite teams. With a flabbergasting performance, Chennai Super Kings won 4 IPL titles in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021. The primary reason for loving CSK is the overall performance of the team and the team’s skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Due to the constant worldwide support and love, Chennai Super Kings has attracted potential investors for investing in the CSK unlisted shares, as it became India’s first unicorn sports franchise. The stock prices of the Chennai Super Kings continuously fluctuate according to market trends. 

According to Forbes, the valuation of the Chennai Super Kings in 2022 was $1.15 billion, with total revenue of $41.2 million. Furthermore, the team’s operating income was $14.8 million. The amazing financial stats reveal when to buy CSK unlisted shares and diversify your investment portfolio. But what are the total revenue streams of the popular IPL team? Stride with us to learn the detailed business model of Chennai Super Kings.

An Overview Of The Most Loved IPL Team – Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings is a well-known IPL cricket franchise team founded in 2008 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. India Cements Limited owns the IPL team Chennai Super Kings through the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited holding company. However, at the beginning of 2015, the CSK team was suspended from playing in the IPL due to the involvement of its owners in the 2013 IPL betting case; however, CSK won the 2018 IPL title in its comeback season. In 2018, the Brand Finance report revealed that the brand value of Chennai Super Kings was around $65 million, and it was the most valuable franchise in the Indian Premier League.

The CSK team is one of the most successful and valued teams in IPL history. M.S. Dhoni, a skipper of CSK, is one of the most successful captains of all IPL seasons; under his captaincy, the team has played a total of 9 finals and won 4 out of them. Since then, it has been a record in the history of IPL, which is unbroken till today. Moreover, the winning streak of CSK is not limited to IPL; CSK has also won the Championship League Twenty20 twice, in 2010 and 2014. The CSK team is owned by the Managing Director, Vice Chairman and CEO of Indian Cement Company, N Srinivasan. Here are the Chennai Super Kings share details as of March 31, 2022.

Chennai Super Kings’ outstanding shares 379,425, 004
ISIN of Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares INE852S01026
Face value of Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares Rs. 0.1 Per Equity Share 
Chennai Super Kings Share Price Rs 168 per share
Lot size of Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares 1000 Shares 
PAN number of CSKAAFCC8730K

The outstanding financials and diversified revenue streams of the Chennai Super Kings have gained significant attention from people who want to leverage the IPL by purchasing Chennai Super Kings shares. Check out the Chennai Super Kings share price today if you want to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in CSK unlisted shares. 

Income Sources Of Chennai Super Kings

The business model of Chennai Super Kings consists of multiple revenue streams. The IPL cricket team makes money from sponsorships, merchandise, broadcasting rights and sources. All the revenue streams by which the Chennai Super Kings make money are – 

Media Rights

BCCI generates substantial cash from the broadcasters after selling media rights to OTT platforms. After deducting its share, a large portion of the revenue is shared among all the IPL teams. Selling media rights generates 40-50% of the revenue, which is the primary source of revenue for the IPL franchises. Chennai Super Kings is the second most successful IPL franchise, with four winning titles. By selling media rights, CSK earned ₹201.65 crores during the IPL 2022. Furthermore, the total revenue from media rights will rise to ₹400 crores in IPL 2023.


The second largest income source for the Chennai Super Kings sponsorship revenue contributes around 20-30% to their total earnings. IPL has two kinds of sponsors – brands sponsoring IPL and brands particularly working with the IPL teams. The BCCI takes the money from the brands sponsoring the IPL, and after cutting down its share, it distributes 40-50% of it between the IPL teams. Additionally, the brands that work with the IPL teams do so to increase their visibility and endorsement. Currently, Chennai Super Kings partners with leading brands like TVS Eurogrip, Reliance JIO, Equitas and Gulf Oil.

Stadium Ticket Sales

Contributing approximately 15% of the overall revenue, and ticket money is one of the essential income sources for the Chennai Super Kings. Moreover, teams can diversify their income source by contracting third-party food and beverage sellers to set up their stalls in the stadiums during the match. The CSK team owners select the ticket prices, and a fixed percentage of the total income generated by ticket sales is shared with the sponsors and BCCI. The remaining amount goes into the team’s pocket. The M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, the home ground of Chennai Super Kings, accommodates 50,000 spectators, and the ticket prices are between ₹1500 and ₹3000.

Merchandise Sales

Merchandising is a retail business that involves selling company products directly to consumers. Research And Markets report shows that the sports equipment and apparel market in India was more than $28 billion in 2022 and will rise to $40.6 billion by 2027. In 2022, Chennai Super Kings partnered with ‘playR’ as their official global merchandise partner. As per the agreement, ‘playR’ will take care of the manufacturing and marketing of the merch. Moreover, the merchandising company will also make CSK’s outfits and cricket equipment and create artistic clothing and designs for the CSK fans. Chennai Super Kings earns money by collaborating with merchandising partners, including Coca-Cola, ICICI Bank, Hello FM and Sunfeast.

Prize Money 

The prize money seems to be huge, but in reality, it isn’t. When compared to all the income sources, it is a very small amount that a team gets to win the series. In the previous IPL seasons, the winning prize was ₹46.5 crores, out of which the winning team received the significant chunk, that is ₹20 crores. And the runner-up receives ₹13 crores. The loser of the qualifier 2 match is awarded ₹7 crores from prize money, and the loser team is given ₹6.5 crores from prize money. However, the BCCI announced an increase in the prize money by 20-25% in the IPL 2023, but the actual prize money for the current season is not yet declared. Chennai Super Kings being the most successful teams in all the IPL seasons has significantly earned the maximum amount compared to the other IPL teams.

Should You Buy CSK Unlisted Shares?

Being the most loved and successful teams in IPL history, Chennai Super King’s unlisted shares are the best way to diversify your investment portfolio and earn high ROI. The current price of CSK’s unlisted shares is ₹168 per share with a face value of ₹0.10 per share. For more information about CSK unlisted share price and Chennai Super Kings IPO, you can use Stockify, an online brokerage platform ideal for buying and selling unlisted shares. The expert traders at Stockify provide you with all the necessary details about stocks like EBITDA, EPS growth, revenue report, etc. Connect with us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chennai Super Kings

Q1 – Who is the current owner of the popular IPL team Chennai Super Kings?

Ans – N. Srinivasan owns the Chennai Super Kings team.

Q2 – Is CSK listed in the stock market?

Ans – CSK is not listed in the stock market, but you can buy CSK unlisted shares using Stockify.

Q3 – Are Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares worth buying?

Ans – Yes, CSK is the most successful team of IPL; buying its shares helps you diversify your portfolio and help you gain significant investment experience.

Q4 – How can  I check CSK share price BSE?

Ans – Using an online brokerage platform like Stockify, you can check the Chennai Super Kings stock price and CSK pre-IPO shares details.

Q5 – From where can I buy CSK unlisted shares in India?

Ans – You can use Stockify, the leading online brokerage platform, to buy and sell unlisted shares. Connect with the experts at Stockify to begin your investment journey.

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The four times IPL winner Chennai Super Kings business model is explained in detail. Learn more about CSK unlisted shares and Chennai Super Kings IPO.


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