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Want to redirect risk to your investment? Unlisted Shares and Pre IPO Shares can help you explore different risk dynamics and diversify your portfolio significantly. Stockify is a leading company facilitating quick and fully compliant buying and selling of unlisted shares in India. Along with unlisted shares, you can also sell and buy ESOPs and Pre IPO Shares. At Stockify, you will get an unbiased and in-depth analysis of almost all major unlisted shares in the industry. From technology companies, finance, and healthcare to retail and solar energy, our team does homework for you and ensures you invest your hard-earned money in the best-unlisted shares in India. Whether you need to buy unlisted shares or look for certified unlisted shares brokers to sell unlisted shares, get in touch with our team or check out our vast portfolio below.

Buy Unlisted Shares From Top Healthcare Companies

With a record growth at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of around 22%, the Indian healthcare industry seems to surpass the most prominent healthcare systems in the world, appealing to veteran investors. If you want to invest in unlisted shares from healthcare stocks, here are the top-performing unlisted stocks from the healthcare industry. Care Health Insurance Ltd Religare Unlisted Shares | PharmEasy Unlisted SharesAnglo French Drugs And Industries Ltd Unlisted Shares.

Buy Unlisted Shares Of Top Financial Services And Securities Companies

If you are looking for shares with a perfect balance of risk and reward, finance is the stronger market right now. With commercial banks holding more than 64% of total assets in the financial industry, the financial sector is showing great signs of growth. Want to seize profit before its growth? Here are the best financial shares in the unlisted share market right now. HDFC Securities Ltd Unlisted Shares  | HDB Financial Services Ltd Unlisted Shares | Mobikwik Unlisted Shares | Five Star Business Finance Ltd Unlisted Shares | Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd Unlisted Shares | Arohan Financial Services Unlisted Shares | Utkarsh Coreinvest Ltd Unlisted Shares | Fino Paytech Ltd Unlisted Shares | Hero Fincorp Ltd Unlisted Shares | Capital, Small Finance Bank Ltd Unlisted Shares | Motilal Oswal Home Finance Ltd Unlisted Shares

Buy Unlisted Shares From Best Technology Companies

With a higher rate of growth, margins, and scalability, technology shares have become investors’ first and foremost choice. Looking to upgrade and expand your investment portfolio? Here are the best unlisted technology stocks in India. Lava International Ltd Unlisted Shares | Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd Unlisted Shares | Tata Technologies Ltd Unlisted Shares | Adtech Systems Ltd Unlisted Shares | Hexaware Technologies Ltd Unlisted Shares | Aricent Technologies Ltd Unlisted Shares | Ixigo Le Travenues Technology Ltd Unlisted Shares

Unlisted Shares From Top Exchange And Fund Management Companies

Since commodities and hedge funds are against inflation, they have become the most preferred choice for investors across all industries. Check out the best-unlisted shares from exchange and commodity companies. Esop Unlisted Shares |  National Stock Exchange Ltd Nse Unlisted Shares |  National Commodity Derivatives Exchange Ltd Ncdex Unlisted Shares | MetroPolitan Stock Exchange MSEI Unlisted Shares  | Elcid Investment Ltd Unlisted Shares

Buy and Sell Unlisted Shares of Top Manufacturing Companies

With millions of opportunities opening up in the evolving manufacturing industry, the industry attracts investors looking to diversify their portfolios with minimal risk appetite. Boat Unlisted Shares |  Merino Industries Limited Unlisted Shares |  Esl Steel Ltd Unlisted Shares |  Indofil Industries Ltd Unlisted Shares | Studds Accessories Ltd Unlisted Shares.

Buy Unlisted Shares From Food and Beverage Companies

Planning to strengthen your stock market portfolio? With a growth rate of 14.2%, this industry is significantly appealing to short-term investors. Here are the best performing unlisted stocks from the food and beverage industry, predicted to gain 5x return on investment. Bikaji Foods International Ltd Unlisted Shares | A V Thomas And Company Ltd Avt Unlisted Shares |  Mohan Meakin Ltd Unlisted Shares |  Kurlon Unlisted Shares |  Indian Potash Ltd Unlisted Shares | Bira91 B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd Unlisted Shares.

Buy Best Unlisted Shares From Solar Energy Companies

The Indian renewable energy sector is the world’s fourth most attractive energy market, poised to grow at a CAGR of 8% by 2027. Here are the best solar energy stocks in the unlisted market right now. Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd Unlisted Shares | Nayara Energy Ltd Essar Oil Unlisted Shares |  Vikram Solar Ltd Unlisted Shares.

Get Assured Return On Investment On Top Unlisted Shares From Retail Industry

From food to electronics and accessories, India’s retail industry thrives rapidly. Check out the high-performing stocks in the Indian retail industry. Reliance Retail Ltd Unlisted Shares | Mayasheel Retail India Ltd Bazar India Unlisted Shares.

Invest In Highly Profitable Pre IPO Shares in India

Grab the golden opportunity to multiply your investment by investing in Pre-IPO shares. Here are the best pre-IPO shares in India with assured return on investment if you want a long-term investment. Chennai Super Kings Unlisted Shares | Kannur International Airport Ltd Kial Unlisted Shares | Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Mkcl Unlisted Shares | Cochin International Airport Limited Cial Unlisted Shares | Roots Multiclean Ltd Unlisted Shares | Oyo Rooms Unlisted Shares.

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